13 delightful treats to make your Christmas holidays a food-full affair!

christmas recipes
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With Christmas just around the corner, houses are filled with delicious aromas of mouth watering fares to celebrate the festive season. Be it crusty bakes, creamy puddings, delicious meats or spirited brandys, Christmas wafts in the air bringing yuletide to the soul. In this part of the world however, traditional Christmas treats are somewhat of a rarity. Try then these 13 effortless festive recipes to ring in the Xmas celebrations this year!

Crushed pea & mint dip with carrot sticks

Carrots do not spell out Christmas or any celebrations for that matter. Unless it is carrot pudding or carrot tart, these orange veggies rarely ring a bell in the world of delicious food. And specially carrot sticks, they don’t even sound appetising. Yet, try pairing these veggie twicks with a dip that combines crushed pea with the chutney favorite mint and you are set to rack in all the hunger with this out worldy flavorful burst of appetiser.

Roasted salt & paprika almonds

Now this is one particularly simple treat for a grand Christmas feast. And yet, it’s worth every bit of flavour it brings on to your palate. Almonds are perhaps one of the healthiest nuts around and at the same time they are uniquely tasteful as well. And to have these rich decadences steeped up in salt and flavored with the strong pungency of paprika lends it a different dimension of taste altogether.

Eggnog Coffee Punch

What’s Christmas without eggnogs? The most common yet most fancied of Christmas delights, an eggnog is not only the perfect festive treat but also a perfect recipe for the cold winters. And when it’s a generous dash of the strong, intoxicating flavor of coffee infused with this rich Christmas indulgence, the result will definitely be the most delectable of the lot.

Find the recipe for the most exquisite eggnog coffee punch here. And in case you were also searching for the perfect homemade eggnog, we have still got you covered.

Spiced Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy

Doesn’t Christmas bring in the festivities at just the right time of the year? The warmth and cuddle of human bonds that this festival celebrates completely offsets the chill in the pervading air. And in case you are someone who likes to amble on alone, you need not worry about staying cold. The classic hot toddy drink will spruce up your holidays in a way you haven’t imagined before. And with the spicy cinnamon touch to the traditional hot drink guaranteed to spice up your winter evenings, this should be a real treat to the senses.

Hot toddy Christmas cake

So if the hot toddy is so much of a favorite drink for people the world over, then why should you only gulp it down? Try ‘eat’ing the liquid in the form of a cake that is enriched with the delicious aroma of the liquor with all its spices elevating the traditional Christmas cake from delectable to sinful!

(Dipped) Gingersnaps

Cookies are undoubtedly the spirit of the Christmas celebrations but this December 25th, why not go for some cookies that are exquisite and a bit salty? These soft, chewy biscuits aren’t just savoury, they also lend the punch of ginger to make your evening tea time a blissful affair. And if you want to go the extra mile and dip your gingersnaps in some white chocolate, then go, indulge yourself!

Buttery Pan Rolls

Celebrations are meant for humongous treats, yet when you feel down and out with all those rich offerings, you can turn to this simple recipe for comfort. Dab your rolls generously in butter (so that you justify the name and the celebrations of course) and watch in delight as the fluffy breads rise perfectly in the warmth of the oven. Now that’s an experience!

Cheddar Green Bean Casserole

Delicious classic casseroles have forever been a favorite in Christmas. And with this particular recipe that is delightfully creamy and smooth, loaded with cheese and a whole lot of veggies, your celebrations could not have been anymore guilt free!

Milk-Braised Pork

Extensive dishes of meat and pork have forever been the fan favorite in every holiday buffet. The milk braised pork recipe uses milk as a base to let the pork get smothered and succulent, so that you land up tempting juicy shreddings of ‘milky’ pork on your festive laden plate.

Cucumber Roasted-Beet and Pistachio Salad

So now you have the appetiser, the cake, the drinks, the bread and the pork all stacked up on the dinner table. How about a quick salad as the side accompaniment? And trust me, this isn’t even just a dish to decorate your plate. This unique toss of veggies and nuts is tasty enough to disappear from your plate in one go!

Peanut Butter Pops

Peanut butter is definite love. And when it’s sinfully loaded with oodles of chocolate and cream cheese to build up adorable Christmas time pops, you just can’t resist them. The reason why they figure in our list of Christmas time favorite treats.

Almond Puffs

Well a second almond based treat on the menu sounds too much of an effort towards health. But when the taste is not being compromised upon, why complain about the dainty almond? The almond puff has been a Danish delicacy and is one of the most sought after Christmas delights. And for a recipe that is so rich and essential to the tradition of a Christmas brunch, the flaky puffs are actually a delight to make and bake.

Honey-Caramel Popcorn

Popcorn is a favorite time pass munchie all around and yet this humble snack does not create much of ado in special menus. But the honey caramel popcorn can prove to be a surprisingly offbeat offering this Christmas. And while caramel popcorn is very much one sweet treat that everyone relishes, the addition of the honey in this one only beautifies it further. Aesthetics plus the gastronomics for the perfect festive treat.