Not samosa enough? Who cares, 2020 mein corona ke ilawa sab manjoor hai!


Irrespective of how the lockdown has fared so far in controlling the spread of the coronavirus, it sure is doing wonders at making gourmet chefs out of basic Maggi people. Social media is flooded with how routine cooks and even actively mageirocophobic folks are churning out everything from rotis to biryanis to snacks to sweets with utmost elan. And while Dalgona coffee indeed had been the talk of the food town for some time now, ‘innovative’ enthusiasts are there seems to have their spirits up and about even when their arms quite clearly are in splits after all that Dalgona mehnat!

So continuing the weird food saga of 2019, and of many previous years hence, gracing social media handles is now a icy sweet take on our very ol’ samosa! The stuff of exotic pleasure even in its most humble essence, Indians devour platefuls of samosas with an appetite that can put any man eating giant to shame. And to think that this jigar ka tukda of the masses would be subject to such cold treatment and social media wouldn’t wage a war against it would be utter bllasphemy!

oreo ice cream samosa
Source: Viral Bake

That’s exactly how netizens reacted to the latest offering on the samosa horizon. As a particular oreos and ice cream stuffed samosa went viral on the internet, desis went all wacky at this outrageous interpretation of the Indian favorite. From considering it an attempt at samosa harassment to banning the ‘chef’ behind this invention from the kitchen, die hard lovers of spicy samosa with chutney could not contain their fury over the sweet state of affairs.

Of course there also are those who took it all in good taste. And frankly speaking, this one does not sound even a bit outrageous to me. I mean in a world that pairs pineapples with pizzas or make halwas out of onions, this is not even close to characterising as an abomination. In fact, pardon me if you will, this in fact sounds like a sheer delight!

For all those greedy sweetbuds residing forever at the tip of the tongue, cookies and cream samosa sounds so much like an indulgence. If only however the brain behind the stuff would not have had the audacity of categorising it as a samosa. Because irrespective of how much sweet love we might cherish, some things are best savoured spicy and savoury. Like there’s little that can beat the combo of samosas or pakodas with chai on a rainy romantic evening.

Allowing therefore for all goods and evils, we can really grant ourselves the allowance of some ice cream and cookies stuffed inside a dough and deep fried to perfection to titillate the senses. The only problem here seems to be the christening. Like famous brands that had to go a change of name before they could achieve fame, perhaps this fusion feast also can do a little tweak around about its name. What about calling it a cookies and cream pastry or a thanda meetha pakoda for that matter? I mean, there always is place to pave the way for a middle ground. At least for the sake of the love of food, the sincerest love of all!