Soul satisfying servings of the signature strawberry sensation

strawberry desserts

If there has to be one fruit that redefines the very delectability of desserts, themselves dainty and delicious, in no uncertain terms and in all universality then there sure is no second opinion about the absolutely overwhelming reputation of strawberries in this regard. A forever classic pairing with chocolate that evokes the sensation of taste and the emotions of love alike in its every perfect assertion and pertaining to such traditions as undisputed in its status as the strawberries and cream combination, this is a fruit that is dessert itself in its rich flavour and richer reception. And this is a fact substantiated by pretty much every single sweet slurp that strawberries has managed to make their own by virtue of lending their essence to just about anything they are made to shine through.

Resplendent anyway in its luscious red sight and succulent in all juicy smacks of what it resides in is the strawberry that is just the ingredient one needs to whip up treats sweeter than no other. A look into how this scintillating fruit of nature sums up indeed the true taste and euphoria of sugary sweetness and conjures up the world of divine desserts-

Strawberry Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream
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One of the most classic flavours when it comes to enjoying the absolute summertime treat of the ice cream, the strawberry prominence is one that rules still the realm along with other equally classic tastes even in the face of fancier trickles being the norm now. Not just in appreciation of its refreshing revelation though, that so perfectly complements the summer craving for juicy freshness in cooling colors, the mildly pink burst of strawberry assertion is steeped also in legend and history of its origin and cultural leanings. This only substantiates the popularity of what continues to be one of the most common ice cream flavors and in such extents that necessarily occupies its own ‘strip’ of presiding within the as classic fore of the Neapolitan ice cream.

This of course is no fancy some specific dish but strawberry ice cream still is a delight to lick upon in all its many facets equally appeasing of the senses. With a legacy that dates back to at least the year of 1813 and in such prominence of debut that saw it served at the second inauguration of the fourth American president James Madison, created by his wife First Lady Dolley Madison, the strawberrish tinge of the ice cream is well established for a couple of centuries now.

But there seems to be some dispute here as well as some accounts date the flavour even earlier to 1744 when it was believed to have been served by Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen at an ice cream social he organised. Whatever its course through history though, the strawberry taste is one veteran of the icy ilk that we simply cannot have enough of, ever.

Strawberry Delight

The sure delight that strawberries are needs no reinstating in all certainty but with a preparation as proclaiming of its definite dwelling in such prominence, one sure would hold the Strawberry Delight in high esteem instantly. And in a manner that validates indeed the sheer deliciousness of what is essentially a salad- a dessert salad at that. Not just strawberries though, every single ingredient of what whips up this spread of lusciousness is in itself a recipe for indulgence. A graham cracker crust layered with a spread of milk and whipped cream and cream cheese with strawberries and strawberry gelatin, often times even accompanied by additions equally delightful like marshmallows and ice creams and walnuts and canned fruits, this is a delight in every sense of the term indeed.

Fuss free in its no cook identity and utterly delicious and as refreshing in its chilled essence, the Strawberry Delight is what makes salads not anymore the disgrace that it is popularly perceived as. It however is not only this largely American preparation that the name alludes to. A Persian recipe refers instead to berries dipped in liquified sugar and flavored with rosewater and vanilla by this sinful arousing of the senses. Either way though, the dish stands true to its delightful assertion which is no surprise of course with the sheer succulence of the strawberries lending themselves to it.

Fraisier Cake

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Pretty and sumptuous being what occur as the dual characteristic of both strawberries and desserts, it is fitting indeed that one of the many stunning manifestations of this spectacular ingredient as a moreish sweet serving entails from the land classic in its curating of some of the most exemplary desserts. Very evident in its core composition of the strawberries what with the very name fraisier being a reference to the French word for strawberry, fraise, this is a rendition of something already celebratory as a cake as an even more enticing visual in prettiness so obvious with the strawberry essence embedded within.

Traditional and classic a treat entailing out of land as gorgeous as the end product itself irresistible indeed to be gorged, this occurs as a delightful genoise base cake infused with strawberry syrup and topped with creamy mousseline cream with of course the crown jewel of the strawberries asserting their beauty in impeccable halves of their luscious beings for a platter in presentation that is exquisite and exotic much like the status of its defining ingredient itself.

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A definite summertime treat to relish both in the juicy deliciousness of the sweet strawberries flowing through its every crumb as well as in the very sight of it being so pleasing an aesthetic assertion for the senses, radiantly red and wonderfully white, the Fraisier cake is as true a wholesome strawberry dessert as can be, embodying every element of its signature essence in freshness and vibrancy and delicateness and of course the forever feel good flavor of this globally fancied fruity favorite.


A traditional cocktail hailing from the country of England, the bloodhound yet again emerges as very distinct strawberry offering in the hue and associated naming of it. Quite simply, this is a strawberry martini that brings together such primary ingredients of gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, and crushed strawberries together for a drink serving that outdoes indeed the not so defined history of it. Because while the origins of the drink has been credited to the Duke of Manchester in the 1920s, a mention of it had occurred by the year of 1907 itself which makes it not so definitely established a cocktail in beginnings.

Similar is the tale of its perception in intake, that which quite scores over its appearance in fun fruity flavor to actually deliver a surprisingly potent, strong taste. What though makes for a trait of its character as sure as can be is its exclusive strawberry ruling, furthered across its essence in mixing to also show up as prominently in its distinct strawberry garnishing.

Little Scarlet

A striking name for a strawberry preparation that gets as sweetly stimulating as it can, Little Scarlet is a namesake jam prepared from that certain variety of incredibly rare and prettily again petite strawberries. The assertion of it is as prominent as well even when one does well not to wholly consumed by the all enigmatic appearance of its stunning shade. In its intense sweet aroma and popular cultural seating, this is a culinary winner that has had everyone captivated- from occupying the choices of the royalty as per the Queen Elizabeth II preference as well as in finding fictional unfurling with none other than James Bond made to harbour a fancy for this food.

Quintessentially British a product rather than being something more generic as many of the other culinary preparations, this is a jam produced out of a strawberry variety as much as five times smaller than the ordinary commercial produce. But what makes for an interesting facet of experience unique to the Little Scarlet is it being a species actually from North America even as the jam making particularity is specific to a certain area in Britain. A novelty indeed in its being and a strawberry thing more than standing up to the stature of the fruit’s association with all things sensuous, this variant of the strawberry jam makes for quite a sight in its spreading!

Strawberry Bonbons

A treat residing in not just the impeccable relish of the trademark strawberry taste but also steeped in the rich reserves of nostalgia galore, strawberry bonbons have been the curious sweet curated by man out of nature’s already quirky candy held so much in fond memory by the beholders of its ‘feel’. A French invention perhaps sometimes of the mid 1800s but immensely popular in America and specifically during the era of the Depression, these were strawberry puree filled hard candies that encompassed so much the essence of the aesthetic fruit that even its packaging mimicked the color and pattern of them. Though not so much a phenomenon now as they used to be back then since they are rarely available anywhere, strawberry bonbons had been a special indeed strawberry confection that made these divine fruits all the more loved in their entirety.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry cakes might be widely popular a pick in favoritism for many cake lovers but within that range it still is but just another of the many flavours that cakes can be made in. Not so ‘ordinary’ though is the reputation of the strawberry shortcake which makes it more strawberrish an assertion in specific listing of such dishes. Somewhat crumbly and crisp much like shortbreads are, the strawberry version of this iteration of the cake emerges thus as a treat equally worthy of relishing all attention that it captures.

Generally known to be a North American specialty, the strawberry shortcake though might be more appropriate an European invention, specifically a English one in at least some version of it. With the earliest recipe detailed in a 1588 cookbook, much, much before the American craze for it was documented in print, it strikes as quite surprising that the British claim tends to be not so empathetic nor the American claim strongly contended.

Back then the dessert was made from biscuits or scones and strawberries and was served with butter and sweetened cream. More modern preparations find expression as sugared strawberry slice layered shortbread with whipped cream making for its filling and/ or topping. Even beyond such interpretations, there exist also a Japanese type that relies instead on sponge cake as the base for what is a popular holiday dessert in their country, establishing thus the worldwide relevance that all things strawberry definitely avail for themselves. Irrespective of its origin though and not considering even the tweaking of its essence, strawberry shortcakes still are as pretty and popular and palatable as strawberries themselves.