The Sunday Brunch : India’s Bestest!!


Brunch…a term said to be coined in the year 1895 in Britain to explain a Sunday midday meal…a combination of breakfast and lunch. The word first appeared in an article written by Guy Beringer in the “Hunters Weekly” where he writes that “ brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting…it puts you in a good temper..and it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week…!!” The popular magazine “Punch” picked up his article and the word brunch thereafter spread to the Americas by the 1920s…

The early British history of what the brunch actually contains is not very clear though some food historians claim those English brunches to be an amalgamation of the meat hunted and brought to the table. The American brunch got its start from the requirements of the late night train travellers who arrived too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. The hotels catering to these travellers reinvented the brunch to cater to their needs since almost all local restaurants remained closed on a Sunday.

The brunch that we experience today is probably influenced by the brunch culture of the eighties with American sitcoms flashing this exuberance of food consumption, enhanced further by the images of the long stemmed beverages laced with alcohol…a daytime breach…a lazy Sunday afternoon filled with food and intoxication…what more would we want…the culture spread throughout the world and stayed on…but do you know the best part of brunches??? It need not be served in the best of restaurants or hotels, a brunch is equally enticing prepared and served at home with love…

India and its cosmopolitan cities offers a wide array of these Sunday extravaganzas of food and drinks…here are some of India’s best brunches to try once in a lifetime….

Mumbai wala : 

The Little Door :

A quaint little blue door in the bustling lanes of Andheri, Mumbai…a little out of place…maybe…but they are offering four hours of unlimited food and alcohol..yes you heard it right you can guzzle as much as you want or can…forget its a Sunday..forget its Andheri…head for the Sunday brunch or drunch as they call it at The Little Door, Mumbai…it’s worth the visit!

Food offerings range from unlimited pastries..stuffed mushrooms..bacon wrapped prawns…pesto calamari…shak shouka…go nuts pancakes..cheese torte…the list goes on…alcohol is also unlimited beers…sangrias…cocktails like the “Podka” which is a pomegranate and vodka mix and the red velvet cocktail which is a champagne and beer based cocktail served with a scoop of watermelon!!

The Little Door Sunday Brunch is from noon to 4pm every Sunday.

P.S : Its called the Sunday Boozy Brunch at the Little we need to say more!!!

Delhi wala : 

Guppys :

Although the name carries a punjabi by nature type of flavour, Guppys is a Japanese bar and kitchen located at Lodhi Market, Delhi. The look and feel of the place is quirky with an array of Japanese artefacts, an open courtyard and a live sushi counter. Guppy’s Sunday brunch is a table brunch where all the food served is prepared fresh and served for you at the table…it saves your travel time to the buffet table and back!!!

Food offerings range from the Miso soup to Sweet potato Teriyaki skewers…udon noodles…spinach gomae…salmon tataki…tamagoyaki…variety of tempuras and fresh, melt in your mouth sushis…alcohol could be your bottle of your favourite wine..the Gari cocktail which is a Japanese ginger infused vodka drink…or the regular melon brush martini!!!

The Guppys Sunday brunch is from noon to 3.30 pm every Sunday.

P.S : The Rain Drop Cake which went viral on the internet is a Guppy’s’s a clear jiggly dessert served with palm jaggery and roasted soyabean flour!!!

Kolkata wala : 

Fatty Bao :

Forty dishes to choose from…live DJs rolling out some awesome retro music…and the backdrop of the one and only VM..the Victoria Memorial…what more would you ask for in a lazy Sunday afternoon??? The Fatty Bao located at Camac Street, Kolkata has all these to offer and much more…it offers you a large staring space…those huge windows to look out off while chilling to your favourite tune…the food and drinks of course comes default and unlimited…

Food offerings range from raw papaya salad…herbed grilled chicken skewers…samba fish…the dim sum trolleys…seaweed, asparagus, salmon sushis…soba and somen noodles…alcohol is of course the red and white wines…the fruity sangrias…and the cocktails infused with Japanese ginger..the Gari Fuzz…and a watermelon and vodka shot..the Call Me Rose!!!

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#Repost @thekolkatafoodie with @get_repost ・・・ Dancing Prawns: The name literally is what the dish is all about. When they talk about dancing, they do not mess around. The flavours literally makes your mouth dance. Stir fried prawns tossed up with bell peppers and onions and charred up with a sticky chilli jam. The chilli jam is where all the flavours come from. The dish is not too hot but perfectly spicy. If you are a spice lover and love seafood, this is simply made for you. A wonderful appetiser to kick off things with. Price:Rs.425 Location: The Fatty Bao, Camac Street Area ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ For more delicious product updates keep following The Kolkata Foodie Instagram: @thekolkatafoodie Facebook: link in bio Zomato: @thekolkatafoodie9 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #kolkata #kolkatafoodie #asianfood #sokolkata #bestoftheday  #delicious #food #foodart #foodaddict #foodporn #honestreview #instayum #instagood #yummy  #kolkatafoodblogger #foodblog #foodbloggers #southeastasia #goodfood #prawn  #tasty #indianfoodblog #dimsum #iphoneonly #fusionfood #oriental  #foodtalkindia #likeforlike

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The Fatty Bao Sunday brunch is from noon to 5 pm every Sunday.

P.S: Doraemon’s favourite dessert the Doriyaki (black bean pancakes) are served at the Fatty Bao!!

Bengaluru wala : 

The Big Brewsky: 

Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Sarjapur Road
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Phenomenal beer…exquisite food…stunning space…absolute entertainment…that’s how they describe themselves..the Big Brewsky!! As the name says the place is actually big, spreading across three floors with a fish pond somewhere in between. The Big Brewsky is a must visit place for a perfect Sunday brunch as ambience is everything here…a perfect lazy, laid back feel with an abundance of food from all over the world and of course the self brewed phenomenal beers…located on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru this restaurant also serves up as a micro brewery..!!!

Food offerings range from the potato nest dimsums…beer battered onion rings…the pizza with chicken and broccoli, jalapeño toppings…the Big Brewsky Special Biryani Murgh…alcohol is mostly the freshly brewed beers…the Belgian Wit…Rauchbier..Coffee Stout…Golden Ale…they do have a range of cocktails too…like the Three wise men and the Russian Dare shots!!!

The Big Brewsky Sunday Brunch is from 12.30 pm to 1.00 am every sunday.

P.S : The Big Brewsky concocts a special black cocktail on request…a deadly combo of the first crafted gin of the country – the Greater Than mixed with activated charcoal!!!

Happy Sunday…Happy Brunching..!!