The most interesting viral recipes of TikTok

From the insanely famous Dalgona Coffee that kept the world together during the otherwise disruptive year of 2020 to the Girl Dinner craze emerging as the standout phenomenon of the current year, TikTok food trends have ensured that the ticking- tocking turns of time retain their own distinctive character. Here’s outlining the most notable of such edible trends to have originated within this unexpected realm of the creative-

Dalgona Coffee

Source: Jessica in the Kitchen

There’s no beating Dalgona Coffee when it comes to being the most prominent of TikTok food trends ever and yet. And while it might not be the first of such recipes to go viral, it indeed has been the one to covet most attention. The timeline helped indeed for this time consuming, even ‘labour intensive’ skill of cookery to find such fame. The idea itself was not anything particularly novel either in its origin or in technique. But in providing a world that almost ceased to be a certain succor, Dalgona Coffee will continue to be the one heralding this era of influencer approved edibles.

Of Korean ethnicity but that which bears resemblance to a generic Indian naming of pheti hui or beaten coffee, the nomenclature of Dalgona though is not a true marker of what it is. Dalgona is a Korean candy lending its name to the TikTok born coffee due to its resemblance in terms of appearance only. That however has not impeded its popularity in any way and the fusion identity rules still the food world for what it is (not).

Cloud Bread

Source: Pinterest

The very assertion of cloud bread is one of fluffy deliciousness- of a soft, squishy and pretty as well bake perfected in this world of the reels. But it isn’t just the aesthetics or the cutesy character that endowed upon cloud bread its fame. A low carb, high protein and gluten free recipe made up with a mere three ingredients, this pillowy make of deliciousness is a win in all aspects of its eggy and cornstarchy and sugary arising.

Cloud Bread does not need to be all cloudlike in its blooming immaculateness though as colorful conjurings too dominate the spectrum in pronounced popularity. Nor does it need to be definitely egg based even when it indeed is this element of identity endowing upon it the characteristic bounce and texture. Such versatility that is allowed for even while upholding its true nature is recipe enough for virality to set in upon cloud bread as the proverbial silver lining.

Decorative Focaccia Bread

Source: Forks Over Knives

Distinctive anyway in its character of enhanced fluffiness and its manifesting also as rectangular or square lengths of olive oil infused, and commonly herbed goodies, focaccia is one of Italy’s popular offerings. And with an identity that quite likens it to the global favorite of pizza, even when well predating this more contemporary culinary wonder, this also is a gastronomic giant itself. Introduce the power of creativity into this mix and there you have it- a TikTok trend worth replicating in all its dramatic flair.

Essentially encompassing a floral character because there’s nothing that quite speaks pretty like flowers, it’s easy to see why and how decorative focaccia breads took over TikTok. And that it bloomed as well in the spring of 2020 against a starkly contrasting setting of the raging pandemic just made this the ultimate trend to experience the true variety of life’s flavors. This expression of art still entailed out of as edible ingredients of veggies and herbs making this food show among the finer specimens of trends spurred by TikTok.

Nature’s Cereal

Source: Healthshots

Reinventing breakfast cereals seem to be a particular obsession with TikTokers and after the mini pancake cereal trend of 2020 that had people everywhere try out this DIY bowl in considerable painstakingness, a less exerting version needed to follow indeed this sorcery of the cookery. Thus would emerge the all natural, zero cook alternative of a ‘cereal’ that is unlike anything one would have expected it to be. Specifically emerging upon a platform as enterprising as TikTok where trends dominate on account of creative superiority as well as due to their DIY score, this combo of all natural ingredients served as an individual food preparation managed to rake up the interest of netizens in all its unpredictability.

An assortment of fruits substitutes the cereal while the milk is replaced by coconut water for a bowl that definitely looks appealing. And while people have their own views about this unusual combination with some going gaga over this concoction even as others remain skeptical, the recipe receiving a shoutout from singer Lizzo herself did ensure indeed that it is among the more notable food trends on TikTok.

Frozen Honey

Source: Curly Tales

Delicious or not, frozen honey is surely one of the wildest trends to have been on offer as food fare on TikTok. It’s as easy as freezing honey and taking bites out of it. The sugar rush obtained out of this more jelly like and not so much well freezed entity has been providing quite the high to many a curious souls ever since the social media platform has been stuck upon this candy derived once again as part of nature’s bounty. But with certain reports of sickness due to this copious snacking upon something meant to be only drizzly and toppable in its indulgence, this iced treat might not be so sweet in its viscous viral experience.

Custard Yogurt Toast

Source: Salty Side Dish Recipes

One of the more delicious recipes TikTok has blessed the world with is that of a certain easy and quick custard yogurt toast. A profusion of flavor assertions that also match up this aspect of its brilliance with a similar textural profile, this makes for a breakfast cum snack cum indulgent slice to sweeten your life with. A few pantry staples is all it takes to cook up this recipe which to be frank is so simple that it does not even feel like cookery at all. But experience the delight of biting into its crisp edges while soaking up also the characteristic softness of a classic custardy French toast and one would declare indeed that TikTok is the ultimate recipe book- one that delivers food trends as part of its fodder itself in immense popularity.

Water Pie

Source: Southern Living

Water Pie isn’t like the other TikTok food trends in that its basis of stemming is rather historical. And while a tweak upon the traditional definitely infuses new life into its arising and makes a new recipe out of an existing one, the premise of its hotshoting into fame isn’t much different. The original Water Pie was an invention necessitated by the circumstances of the Great Depression. TikTok’s take on this century old recipe of minimalism would perhaps not come to be if not for the COVID19 pandemic. But of course even these most austere of times could not lead the world to entirely fancy the simplisticness of the water pie. And thus there was the sprite pie lending an interesting spin to this humble ‘dessert’, that would have otherwise passed any attention if not for the new age power to go viral.

Girl Dinner

Source: Topdust

A food trend that is not just about a particular something but instead is an amalgamation of various items through which is curated a greater identity in lifestyle, girl dinner is the breakthrough 2023 revelation yet. In girl dinner is imbibed the idea of an all women eating extravaganza where the choices of food are no fuss, typically ready to eat entities.

Whether it be a selection of healthy salads or a platter of junks or a combination of both or whatever it is that one fancies, girl dinner embody the spirit of indulgence. In this unique expression of the many food trends streaming through TikTok, it isn’t just a moniker of edibleness that holds up the identity of eating. It instead is an affirmation of its indulgence, as good food being a necessary pleasure of life that the practice of girl dinner has validated and verified well beyond its commonly understood essence.