Deliciously drinkable ways to cool off in summer

traditional summer drinks of the world

Summers calls for recipes that are juicy and refreshing and cool in their being. And what better than drinks and beverages specially squeezed to offset the hot weather to celebrate the glories of the season? From fruity flavors of icy medleys to exotic essences of traditional tastes, satiating the summertime spirit can be quite an experience in indulgence. Here’s listing some really special takes on how to ward off the heat in both sweet and savory pouring of freshness-


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Thai iced coffee is what it essentially is but it is by no means anywhere near your regular glass of cold coffee. Oliang literally means black and iced and while it would be a reference to the most basic form of the drink, the options exist in delecting it up further. Milk and condensed milk account for the upgrades but even in its ‘ordinariness’, this Thai concoction is a taste steeped in some pleasantness of surprise.

The coffee aroma is prominent indeed, that which complemented by a flavor profile of quite unexpectedness makes this Thai offering emerge as a gastronomic specialty. ‘Starring’ ingredients of grains and seeds like cardamom, corn, soybeans, rice, and sesame seeds that are infused along with the brown sugar sweetened coffee decoction, oliang smacks of an unmissable smoky flavor derived from these high roasted elements of definite uniqueness.



Standing for an entire category of sweet and chilled Filipino drinks is the identity of samalamig that impresses with a variety of tastes and flavors imparted through that conjuring. Typically sporting also some jellies or nata de coco in their serving even as tapioca and sago pearls form also definite visions of these drinks, it however would be the cold nature of them occurring through the icy elements of either some cubes or shaves that endows upon samalamig the cooling quality of its absolute enjoyment. Pretty to look at and delicious to slurp are these gelatinous mixes of some of the most native ingredients of the Philippines delivering thus an exotic taste and feel of the archipelagic country.


India’s very own smoothie, lassi is one of the drinks most indulged in the subcontinent. A rich, creamy blend of churned yogurt with salt and spices or sugar and fruits, this is a particularly healthy and tasty treat in northern India. Smooth enough in consistency to inch close to the smoothie distinction, lassi is traditionally drunk out of special tall glasses or out of smaller kulhars that which distinguishes further the Indianness of its encompassing. Simplistic in preparation yet as elaborate as possible in its many styles and types, this instant energiser and cooler can also quite easily lull you off to sleep with its heavy dose!

Agua fresca

Agua fresca
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Fresh waters might be what the term Agua fresca alludes to but Mexico’s range of non alcoholic drinks are a summertime staple in all their fun, fruity essence. They though are not the usual water diluted fruit juices popular the world over as refreshing drinks. Agua frescas boast also apart from a medley of fruits such ingredients as cereals, seeds or even flowers and leaves to ensure that all extracts of nature’s bounty are served as the ultimate option in quenching the thirst of the world’s parched souls.

Light and refreshing such that complements also the generally spicy Mexican food, agua frescas are an essential component of the culinary in many Latin American countries. The diversity of their flavor as determined by the chosen ingredient in what curates the many assertions of similar identity also make agua frescas a more favourable option to sip away to one’s heart content.

Morir soñando

This perky beverage from the nation of Dominian Republic has to be by far the most adventurous of all summertime specials to sip on. The very name of this evocation is one of intrigue indeed, spelling as it does a literal reference as ‘to die dreaming’ even when the essence of its embodying is nowhere as close in alluding to the still eeriness of life. Instead, the concoction emerges as a fun splash of milk and orange juice which makes for an exciting combination of hearty refreshment. No wonder this drink of unconventional appeal has also amassed popularity outside its native region to account for chilled glasses in other Caribbean and Latin American countries. The taste assumes quite a character through the other ingredients of vanilla and cane sugar topping off this amusing mocktail of sorts.


Deriving a cool identity from the cool itself ingredient of yogurt, this Turkish summertime drink would strike as being some version of the Indian chaas. The fermented dairy product of yogurt is diluted with iced water and seasoned with salt for this drink also therefore referred to as diluted yogurt, and even rendered ‘fresher’ for some mint herbs for added effect. Despite its essence understood in flavors of yogurt, the traditional preparation of ayran used to involve milk in fact as the base ingredient.


Ingredients as ‘dramatic’ as smoked plums and rock sugar conspire to cook up this traditional Chinese beverage of both health specific and refreshing properties. Translating as sour prune drink and boasting a flavor profile that smacks of sweetness and saltiness in addition to the proclamatory sourness, Suanmeitang is one of the most common as well as one of the oldest of summer drinks in China. A digestive aid apart from being a coolant, it is indeed the medicinal properties of this originally wholly natural drink that makes it even more indulgent a staple of the hot weather across the nation.


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Horchata itself can be interpreted as a type of non-fruit based agua fresca but so wonderfully delicious is its expression that establishes the case for a singular eloquence of goodness. And yet for all its refreshingness, the Mexican staple passes off as well as a wintertime indulgence in and even beyond its territorial boundaries.

The Spanish version of the drink is made with soaked, ground, and sweetened tiger nuts. This pours as part of the offering also in some West African countries while in many parts of America, melon or sesame seeds or white rice constitutes the base. Infused with a dash of cinnamon and often flavored with vanilla as well apart from some other ingredients that essentially compose up horchata in a sweet creaminess, this thick beverage of an enjoyable nutty flavor and smooth texture is one of the most decadent ways to enjoy the beautiful summer days.


The globally popular lemonade receives an even refreshing spin with an Indian essence to account for the difference in what identifies as shikanji. Hailing from the northern part of the country but relished everywhere in close regional variations is the classic nimbu paani. A sweet and salty concoction of lime juice and water is just the perfect refresher for the hot summer days. Zesty in its spices that which splashes it in a taste of uniqueness while being cooling to the core, this is one of the summer drinks that everyone must try in its quotient of the extra.


A ‘natural soft drink’ that is made from the juice of the fruit of the myrtle-leaved orange tree, Italy’s serving of chinotto makes for a delightful discovery of the scorching summers. Imparting a bittersweet taste that which quite matches up to dark hue similar indeed to cola, the Italian peculiarity strikes also in its ingredient of quinine! Elsewhere though the commercial production of the beverage allows for sweeter undertones to prevail but asserts still its uniqueness in such prevailing of identity.


From the nation of Guatemala emerges an even more inventive soft drink that assert as ‘self made’. But keep aside its feature of the soda water and cimarrona is actually just a limeade that is so classic in its rule across summers everywhere. Not really unique then in offering, cimarrona though deliver a somewhat different flavor in its soda profile to ensure that it does not fall flat despite all the commonplaceness in which it occurs.


Sipping on some drink of a stimulating vision in its deep color while soaking in the sights and beauty of what constructs the Greece landscape sounds like such a pleasantly summery proposition. Pleasant indeed is the actual experience as well of what flows from the glasses of a rich cherry hue, derived from the very fruit that makes up the beverage. Sour cherries are pulped and juiced and sweetened to produce an authentic version of the visinada brimming with the exuberance of its energy and beauty of what characterise also the pristine vistas of a Greek geography.

Cold Hot Chocolate

The genericness of name might not be impressive enough, nor the ‘traditionality’ of a cold hot chocolate convincing in that regard but the irresistible flavor of this classic wintertime beverage has led us to take liberties in imposing upon it a cooler charm. And thus we have the celebratory feel of Christmas take over with an iced version of delicious hot chocolate to relish. The cold hotness of this oxymoronic assertion might present as a case in flavor perplexity but chocolate being the favorite that it always is, this turns out to be the most indulgent of summertime treats ever.