These types of chai can make you feel like Desh Ka PM!

types of chai tea

Tea is one of the charming addictions of life. Delightfully flavourful blend of natural wonders, a cup of tea relaxes you like no other. And with our own Prime Minister as enigmatic a man as the versatile cup of chai itself, we really need no more elaboration on our national drink. On the occasion of International Tea Day, have a taste of the 10 most exciting varieties of tea from around the world-

#1 Masala Chai

No matter its enormous negative health effects with all those calories, Indians love their tea to be rich and creamy. Heavy on milk, loaded with sweetness and blissfully infused with a blend of indigenous glorious spices, masala chai is the soul warmer, the mood healer, the coolant and all things you aspire to be!

#2 Rooibos Tea

If you want a tea that looks as refreshing as it tastes, then this bright red concoction is just the thing for you. Native to South Africa, rooibos tea has achieved much popularity for its array of health benefits that it nestles within its deep auburn hues. And anyway, who wouldn’t like a tea that looks as strikingly alluring as this one? Hearts for this one. Plus, the malty, earthy flavour of rooibos is a welcome add on to the intoxicating world of this divine beverage.

#3 Butter Tea

Tibet’s butter tea, locally known as po cha, has to be one of the most flavourful of teas around. Piping hot tea made with yak butter, milk, salt, and boiling water sounds like a wonderful combination and to relish this heavily loaded brew in the harsh climate of the mountainous region definitely counts among one of the blessings of life.

The butter tea is perhaps one of the most interesting of teas, for tea is generally consumed sweetened or bland. And to come up with a variety that breaks away from the tradition, the salty Tibetan po cha has definitely much to offer.

#4 Matcha Tea

Matcha is Japan’s unique way of consuming tea. Finely milled green tea powder gives off an earthy, leafy and slightly bitter flavour- the Japanese’s preference for their cuppa. Interestingly, this version of the green tea can also be consumed with milk as per your wish, in which case it becomes the matcha latte. With all benefits of green tea, the Japanase go for balance in taste as they seek to cut out the biterness of the brew by relishing it with some sweet.

#5 Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is one of the prettiest flowers, so it isn’t any wonder that hibiscus tea with its bright pink hue is also one of the most elegant of beauties in the tea world. A herbal tea that incorporates the benefits of a caffeine free tea concoction, hibiscus tea is typical to the Egyptian mainland and is a specialty at the traditional weddings of the majestic land.

#6 Noon Chai

A rather interesting variety of tea that is particularly appealing is the special pink chai of Kashmir. Known as the noon chai, this tea tradition is prevalent also in Pakistan and is a terrific comfort in the harsh weather of the region. A special blend of tea that includes a mix of pistachios, almonds, salt, milk, and spices, this signature brew is a real treat for the senses.

#7 Bubble Tea

Now that’s an interesting name! Bubble tea might even be a mocktail of teas, with tapioca pearls infused barley tea being a rather exciting combination. Not convincing? Try this tea equivalent of the caffeinated frappuccino and you won’t lose this flavor for the rest of your life.

Popularized in Taiwan, having a bubble tea is an experience in itself, with the mildly flavoured chewy tapiocas at the bottom of the glass lending the perfect contrast to the sugarly sweet barley tea over it.

#8 Cay Tea

Tea is called cay in Turkey so no prizes for guessing that cay tea is the signature brew here. Served in pretty small tulip shaped clear glasses to admire the hue of the tea and to be able to consume it while it is still hot, you don’t have to worry about the time of the day to gulp down your cuppa in Turkey. However it isn’t just the frequency of consumption of tea in this part of the world that is baffling, the tea tradition is equally unique as the tea is prepared using a double tea pot called a caydanlik.

#9 Blue Tea

This isn’t just a wonderful exotic tea, its so particularly calming as well. Not just its peaceful blue color but also its antioxidant loaded properties make it the perfect detox drink. For all health conscious people, this woody-flavoured tea is the perfect detour to unwind and unravel health, all at once.

And who wouldn’t love a color as majestic as this royal blue variant of tea has to offer? Its a definite delight in more ways than one.

#10 Yellow Gold Tea

Tea has always brewed warmth and comfort with its humble treads into human lifestyle. So when we come across a kind of tea that is gold-plated, we would only be raving at the extravagance. It is exotic, it is lavish and yet it is so delicate. The (obviously) most expensive tea in the world used to be a favorite of Chinese emperors. Each tea bud is lavished in 24 carat gold, which once infused, yields a delicately metallic and floral aftertaste that is unforgettably ethereal.


However your day might be, tea always makes it better! Happy International Tea Day to you!