Types of coffee you can try out to bring back the chaska to a winter date

Winters are the perfect time for romance and all things warm. Like love. And of course, coffee. And coffee and affection have always been so perfect a match that you always yearn for those dreamy coffee dates. But the same old coffee doesn’t do much to actually up the ante of your relationship. This winter, try then different types of coffee from around the world to enjoy the winter and your love with its perfect chaska!


If you want coffee in its truest form, then espresso is the shot for you!
A full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee made by forcing pressurized, hot water through very finely ground coffee beans, espresso is the perfect non alcoholic shot to get over your hangover.

But if you want to go even strong with your cuppa, try out the double espresso or Doppio, which are just two shot espressos and are also two times as much popular.


But if even the double espresso isn’t enough cure for your Monday morning blues, you have the Ristretto as your savior. Limiting the espresso shot in your coffee cup to get a sweeter, enhanced coffee with less amounts of water, Ristretto is the drink of addiction infused with caffeine.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee has to be among the most popular varieties of coffee in the world. And it’s not just the strong, dark brew that holds all the fancy in this wonder land; the left over coffee grounds also serve as a source of fortune telling. However, Turkish coffee being unfiltered, you can even choose to gulp down the coffee remnants. To gulp or not to gulp then remains the veritable dilemma of Turkish coffee culture!


Latte or cafe latte is for those coffee enthusiasts who love the brew sans the bitterness. Native to France, the cafe latte or cafe au lait is a frothy drink that is basically just espresso poured with steamed milk. Creamy sweet coffee that appeals with all those foam decorating the drink. So much of a delight.


Espresso plus frothy milk, that’s what cappuccino is. But didn’t we just say that about latte as well? Yeah, because latte and cappucino are both the same. The only difference being that cappuccino has more milk than latte. So this leaves latte with more foam than cappuccino. Balance, you see.

Irish Coffee

The intoxicating smell of coffee and the flavor of malty liquor, whiskey to be precise is what the concoction of Irish delight is like. Hot coffee infused with strong Irish whiskey, sugar, and a thick layer of cream on the top sums up this delightfully Christmasy drink, which however can also be consumed when the mood demands.


Halfway between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino, a mocha is just the perfect drink for those with an insatiable craving for everything sweet. Rich creamy and sweet, this thick brew with just a hint of coffee is the delightful syrupy coffee to indulge in.

Cafe Cubano

Another of the espresso shots enriched with thick layer of sweetened cream, Cafe Cubano is the coffee essential from Cuba. Flavored with the rich caramel taste of demerara sugar, Cubano is the perfect cup to get you going whole day.

Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopian coffee culture isn’t just elaborate, it’s one of the most interesting as well. As the probable originator of the coffee delight, Ethiopia celebrates coffee as a ritual. The Ethiopian coffee Yirgacheffe is one of the best coffees in the world and can be enjoyed hot or cold, as per your preferences. The fruity flavor and rich aroma of Yirgacheffe is a definite winner on any day. Hours spent in making the perfect brew in the jebena ensures that you get the most intoxicating cup of coffee to raise your spirits for the day.

Nous Nous

Half of a strong brewed espresso topped with half a glass of heated frothy milk combines to produce Nous Nous, very aptly meaning half and half. The half coffee from Morocco with a drop of sugar serving to enhance the sweetness of the glass, Nous Nous is definitely the perfect cup to spice up your idle talks.


However you might be loving your cup of coffee first thing in the morning, you cannot deny that too much coffee consumption can cause acidity. Here’s to the rescue- Cortado, with non- frothy warm milk to deliver a soothing morning drink.

Cafe Touba

Enough of sweet, creamy coffee. What about a caffeinated cuppa that is spiced with exotic cloves and black pepper? That’s exactly what the Senegalese coffee has on offer, not only as a refresher but also as a healing beverage. Offbeat, exotic and with traditional touches galore, Cafe Touba carries the characteristic essence of Guinea peppery seeds known as djar or grains of Selim.


Another coffee brew for those with a leaning towards all things alcoholic, Pharisaer hails from Germany. Strong coffee whipped up with heavy cream and rum served with sugar to taste would certainly be a treat to relish in the winters.

Espresso Romano

This of course is Espresso, all the way from Rome(ano). But thisn’t just espresso with milk or sugar. There’s a very breezy twist to this coffee-
mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and served with a small piece of lemon rind for a unique hit of flavour. Lemon juice is also infused into the coffee in this drink all the way from Italy.

Cafe de Olla

Another of the spiced coffees, Cafe de Olla is a Mexico specialty.
Spiced and simmered with a cinnamon stick and piloncillo, the Olla has to be prepared in a steel saucepan. This keeps the flavours intact and serving it in clay mug enhances the characteristic taste of the brew even more!

Kopi Tubruk

This uncomplicated coffee brews in Indonesia and is interpreted as the ‘collision coffee’. Ground coffee and sugar added to boiling hot water to prepare the drink that is then instantly cooled on saucer plates, Kopi Tubruk imitates strong Turkish coffee quite closely.

Cafe Bombon

This is a personal favorite! Spain’s delectable cuppa fuses our favorite coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Translating literally as candy coffee, this is a delight on so many levels. Not only it sounds fun, it also looks pretty! Typically served in transparent glasses to leave the wonderful layers of black and white on display, Bombon is the heavenly elixir of pleasure!

Korean coffee

Korea’s morning coffee doesn’t have a unique name, though it definitely is among the most offbeat of coffees the world over. But therein lies the twist, Korea doesn’t view coffee as only a drink, the morning cuppa is a breakfast in itself. Egg yolk combined with a pinch of salt, some pine nuts, walnuts and a drop of sesame oil might seem like the recipe for a perfect breakfast, and it very much is. But add coffee to the mixture and there you are- a cup of Korean coffee at your breakfast service!

Cafe Lagrima

An espresso shot diluted with milk and a drop of coffee, Lagrima would be the go to caffeine drink for those who are not too much into the robust flavor the red beans generate.

Kan Kohi

Canned coffee is the staple coffee you will find in Japan. As Kan Kohi, Japan’s coffee in cans is the most popular brew steaming in the country.

Cafe Sua Da

Cafe Sua Da, Ca Phe Sua Da if you prefer the local dialect, is Vietnam‘s interpretation of iced coffee. Coarsely ground dark roasted Vietnamese coffee beans sweetened with condensed milk (if you like it) forms the base of the Sua Da.

Ipoh white coffee

Ipoh in Malaysia produces the world’s best white coffee. No wonder then that Ipoh has emerged to be a distinct coffee type. Coffee beans roasted with margarine without any sweetening agents lends the coffee its lighter tone. However, the name is derived not from the color but from the roasting process of coffee.


Brazil has a preference for everything unique. Even in its coffee, Brazil simulates a brew that looks like plain black coffee, but with a different interpretation. Pre sweetened coffee infused with strong espresso shot brews up this bold dark caffeine drink.

Kahawa Chungu

Kahawa Chungu or bitter coffee is the way Kenyans prefer their morning beverage to be. Concentrated black coffee, often brewed over a charcoal stove in a brass kettle is what Kenyan coffee is all about.

Vienna Coffee

Strong coffee that is surprisingly sweet as well, the Vienna brew is bold and rich. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, this is one drink on the menu we wouldn’t want to miss.


Don’t get too entranced by the name, for this is how the Mysoreans spell their coffee. The local dialect calls this sweet milky coffee as Kaapi. Notwithstanding the sweetness however, this is hard coffee, stronger than even the espresso shot. Typical Indian preference for anything with a sting!

Kaafe Tung

Kaafe Tung is the traditional Thai coffee that is an extra sweet preparation of coffee. Hot coffee filtered using a cloth filter or gauze bag lends this aromatic brew its unique flavor.


Another of the few types of coffee that is served infused with lemon, Mazagran is Algeria’s penchant for cold coffee. The sweetened Mazagran is known as the original iced coffee and has been adopted differently by different countries particularly because of the appeal it holds as a refreshment.


Now this is a coffee with a difference. Black coffee served with chunks of cheese at the bottom of the cup, Kaffeost is a truly magical concoction. The dessert like taste of this variant of coffee makes it one of the most sought after in the world. Specially after meals, Finland’s Kaffeost is a sheer delight.


Colombia’s after meal drink is a coffee based beverage that goes by the name of Tinto. Black coffee occasionally mixed with sugar, Colombia chooses the concentrated Tinto to wash their food down with.

Vienna Coffee

Austria consumes its coffee cappuccino style, complete with milk foam topping. This is a specialty coffee drink, made with one espresso shot served in a large coffee cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam. A truly heavenly effort at luxurious relaxation.

Botz Coffee

Would you like Mud coffee? Because that’s what exactly Botz is. Israel’s not- so gourmet coffee, Botz is a hot drink made of of brewed grounded coffee beans in boiling water. The peculiarly comforting aspect of this drink is that it is prepared right in the mug from which it is supposed to be drunk. How homely!