7 types of dry fruits that can boost your health

types of dried fruits

Dry fruits are the ultimate flavor heaven. While these servings of wholesome health are every bit delicious even by themselves, they are even more exemplary as complements. Think of your morning oatmeal bowl beautifully garnished with almond slivers or that platter of piping hot heavenly gourmet jalebi decorated with thin pista greens. Consider also the mawa cake with prominent chunks of cashews on top. Or visualise this time that heavenly kaju paneer curry waiting to be devoured in all its rich- pseudo creaminess. Indeed, dry fruits are that versatile in their essence. Healthy, delicious, enticing and addictive, dry fruits wrap up a world of goodness within themselves. It indeed is a bonus that dry fruits come in so many types for us to relish their distinctive deliciousness. Here’s the most popular types of dry fruits you should definitely incorporate into your diet for a generous dost of taste and health-


Perhaps the most popular types of dry fruits around owing to their ‘versatility’ are raisins. Delectably sweet and as nourishing, these dried treats serve to make up an array of tasty preparations even tastier. Halwas, pulaos, kheers, cakes, pies, cookies, chocolates- the raisin edition just serves to make every food a lot more richer.

Dried grapes in essence, these little sweet picks also come loaded with health benefits. Energy dense and rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals, raisins aid digestion, boost iron levels, and keep the bones strong. Weight loss is an added benefit that these tiny, wrinkly fruits harbour in their immense goodness.


In their nutty essence and crunchy taste, almonds are another of the more popular types of dry fruits. An excellent snacking option either by itself or in being the base ingredient for a number of other delectables, almonds are perhaps one of the most nutritious foods around. A handful of almonds everyday will do your body immense good, even promoting weight loss. These cholesterol free munchies are great for your heart and gut, as well as for your skin and hair. They also are as effective at keeping your blood pressure and sugar levels in check which means you finally have something to nibble away on without worries!


We might go nuts over cashews but turns out this addictive dry fruit is indeed a seed! That however does not rob the unique tasting fruit of any of its health properties and deliciousness. Rich in protein, antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium et al, they should classify as one of the healthiest treats around. Rich also in heart healthy fatty acids, cashews also prevent the formation of gall stones while being a potential staver of deadly diseases like cancer. And they taste as delicious roasted and toasted and seasoned as they do raw or as flavoring agents in cookies or dry fruit cakes or even in a wide range of delectable Indian curries. And in their star essence in shaping up one of the most favored Indian sweets, the kaju katli, cashews sure are the ultimate dose of taste and health.


In their sweetness, dates can very well overpower raisins to emerge as the most favorite types of dry fruits. A prominent Eid specialty, dates are extravagantly celebratory as well. No any less prominent is its massive encompassment of benefits that render you healthy every time you bite into one. From helping with digestion to strengthening the nervous system, beautifying the skin to enhancing the bones, dates do it all. Rich in iron and vitamins and of course a wide range of natural sugars, incorporating a few of these sweet delights into your regular diet will do you a world of good.

But what perhaps make dates an exceptional dry fruit like no other is it being a really excellent hangover cure! What’s also as spectacular about these rich red servings of health is that they can be as effective an agent of weight gain as of weight control. In such diversive delightful dualities, dates are definitely the dry fruit to devour!


Prunes are dried plums and make for a wonderful dry fruit even when they are less popular in this part of the world. Known for their laxative qualities and therefore most preferred in treating chronic conditions like constipation, prunes however are more versatile a health agent. The benefits of this fruity fable extend to its effectiveness in treating liver disorders, particularly in being a traditional remedy for jaundice. Other benefits include contribution to bone health and heart health, while also being excellent supplement for your hair and skin.


Particularly a wintry delight in India, pistachios also are another of the types of dry fruits that complement their exotic taste with as exotic health benefits. In its Vitamin B6 content, these green goodies help your body build up a strong immunity which is all the need of the hour now. Besides, these hard shelled but dainty delicacies also imparts health to the heart and skin. Also in keeping your blood sugar and blood sugar levels in check, pistachios are no less than any superfood. It helps also that this delightful munchie contain the highest amount of antioxidants among nuts. With ample fibre content as well, pistachios are also as helpful agents in fighting off weight gain and effectively dealing with gut health. Pretty and petite yet powerful, pistachios are the perfect palate pleaser!


Perhaps one of the tastiest but most underrated types of dry fruits happens to be the humble groundnut. Also savoured as the peanut, this form of dried deliciousness comes enclosed in a shell that has its own appeal of cracking into. Roasted, toasted and salted peanuts have to be one among the more popular types of chakna as well to complement every celebratory weekend drink. This however does not mean that this widely available and much cheaper dry fruits comes sans without its benefits.

A delightful topping to your assorted salad bowl or as appreciated an ingredient in a number of confectioneries, peanuts are high in protein and healthy fats while being low in carbs. Also a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins that boost the brain and the body, these are extremely beneficial for overall health. Groundnuts helps also with stress and anxiety due to the presence of the amino acid tryptophan. Or even otherwise, in revving up your good ol’ tryst with the alcoholic beverage, peanuts take more than enough care of your spirits as well!