Lesser Known Food Items that will Turn the Tables on your Fare

Food today isn’t about mere sustenance. It’s more of a health and lifestyle choice, rather than just a provision. But the same old boring fare might very well be a despondence to your taste. But worry not! For the unexplored realm is just one scroll down!


Herbal teas
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Tea rules the roost in matter of Indian beverages. For sure, you cannot do without your evening cuppa. But why stick to just black or milk tea, or even green tea for that matter? You may go for herbal teas- hibiscus tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, lemon balm tea and what not. You just name it, and you will get it!



Buckwheat granola
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Cornflakes might lend a great start to your day. Or do you prefer oats? But try ditching your typical flavors someday, and instead savor a bowl of quinoa or buckwheat groats, to also add that extra zest to your health.



mock meat
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Now this edible has  been mired in controversy. For die hard non vegetarians, prefixes and suffixes with meat just don’t work. But mock meat might turn out to be the perfect alternative when your taste buds are stubborn enough to disregard your plans of  a vegan weekend. Just replace your regular meat with plant based soy meat or even a wheat substitute and relish the difference!



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Nuts contain antioxidants, which can do wonders to your body. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds are great, but consider adding variety with a handful of Brazil nuts, Korean pine nuts or pecans to further your health gains.



chia seeds
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Even the humblest seeds of nature can provide you with massive amount of nutrients. Try chia or flax seeds, or the more readily available pumpkin or sunflower seeds to add that crunch to your meals. Now go nuts about seeds!



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Veggies are one of the most nutrient dense yet amongst the most underrated food choices available to us. While common vegetables abound, there are quite a few hybrids that needs to be devoured for their health benefits. Rutabaga, the probable cross between a turnip and cabbage, is an excellent metabolic and digestive aid, while also a significant blood pressure and cholesterol reliever.



petal icecream
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While you would still be counting your calories after that bowl of ice- cream, but edible petals infused dessert recipes may also provide your body with necessary bioactive compounds. Top that scoop with some rye or sorghum grains and you gain brownie points as well!