Not so popular pakoras that you need to pair your chai with this rainy season

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Love the rains or hate them, there’s no way we could be seeing them off without some spicy, crispy pakoras and a steaming cup of adrak wali chai by our side. You might be someone seeking to celebrate the romance or rue the dreariness of the rains and the absolute best way you can be doing that all is with some chai- pakora titillating your senses. Onion pakoras, veggie pakoras, chicken pakoras, egg pakoras are all fine but why not spice up your life with variety this rainy rendezvous around? Bringing to you some of the most unique pakoras that will let you live anew your dream life through the surreal essence of the showers!

Apple pakora

The quintessential Indians that we are, we have been chomping on sweet banana fritters all our life. Whenever there has been some bananas lurking around, too ripe and too many, we instantly mash and mix them up with some flour, sugar, water and deep fry them for a delicious treat ready within minutes. But never ever could I envisage in my wildest dreams that the same fate could be the tale of other exotic species of the fruit kingdom as well!

It therefore was quite to my surprise that I discovered a certain ‘apple pakora’ on the horizon. Bamboozled as I was by this very inventive amusement, I was baffled even further on finding out that these apple fritters could be sweet or savoury, as per your liking! And thus, my foodie life was salvaged.

The best part about apple fritters, or for that matter any of these fruit based crispies, is that they are so simplistic in preparation yet so indulgent in taste. You just need to coat the slices with a batter of flour and milk or water spiced with fragrant cinnamon and elaichi before you deep fry them in oil. Straight out of the frying pan, sprinkled with some sugar or drizzled with some syrup and into your mouth along with a cup of kadak chai. Now that I come to think about it while sulking at the rain outside my office, I know what I would term this palate of flavors hitherto unheralded- Bliss!

Rice Pakora

Before you chide me already for bringing even the staple rice into the snacky pakora, hear me out- it’s a pity to be missing out on this one. Think about all those rainy days when you have been feeling cold and miserable and there is some leftover rice in the fridge which unfortunately is not the lunch you are looking forward to in this weather. No worries, for you can still satiate your insane chai- pakora cravings even while claiming that you indeed did have rice for lunch!

You need to just mash up the rice really fine and add in all the pakora basics- gram flour, spices, chillies or even sauces if you so prefer, and fry fritters out of them. Throw in also some veggies into the mix if you really want to convince yourself that you are eating at least something healthy! Even when that would be somewhat deceptive, we are sure it isn’t half as bad as the pouring rain outside.

Ice cream Pakora

Ice cream Pakora
Source: Live Today

Okay, we know we are being far too outrageous with this one because there’s no way we could be conceiving ice cream as something called fritters! But we beg to differ as voraciously as we can if it grants us another legit excuse for snacking on our favorite treat ever. And given that the exotic sounding fried ice cream is prepared similar as pakoras are made, you can’t really dispute us with this. They also are crispy and crunchy on the outside, much like fritters are so we can empathetically proclaim ice cream pakoras as our own. They may not be the go- to especially on cold, rainy evenings but that doesn’t stop us from naming this really delectable desserts as one of the best pakoras on the misty horizon!

Green Peas Pakora

It would be us doing something offbeat if we say that you should try green peas pakoras this rainy time around because these winter veggies should disappear from the market by the time the monsoons are here. But fortunately or unfortunately, climate change means rains set in way earlier than they should which means you have a fat, real chance of frying some green peas pakoras the next time you crave for some with your chai.

Boil and mash the peas or grind them before you mix them with some quintessential pakora elements of gram flour, onions, chillies, spices et al. The best part about making pakoras out of green peas is that you can choose to shallow fry them if health is constantly on your mind. But if you do not want to foresake your indulgence yet, then go ahead and deep fry some as well for a treat that will make your love affair with the rains and chai a distinctive one.

Kaju Pakoras

Kaju Pakoras
Source: Gruhapriya

It perhaps would not be very fitting to name these spiced cashews as Kaju pakoras but they indeed are somewhat of what fritters tend to be. Whole cashew nuts take a dip into a batter of flour, rice flour, red chilli powder, ginger paste, salt, milk, chopped mint leaves and onions. These are then deep fried as fritters, which is a really popular snack down south in our country. Munch on them as snacks for a real experience of what addiction can be like or make these crunchies the next time it rains for a chai- pakora experience that would be unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

Pasta Pakora

Pasta Pakora
Source: India Today

Hands down the most exotic pakora the world could have ever come up with, this fusion food sounds almost impossible but once you have had a taste of these, you would be totally sold on this pasta variation. But inspite of how inconceivable it sounds, pasta pakora is no any different than its counterparts. Boiled pasta mixed into a gram flour and rice flour batter along with onions, chillies, spices and your usual pakora stuff which is then of course deep fried, pasta pakoras are a delightful way to eat your pasta specially when you crave for some Indian style crunchy namkeens to bite into.

And it’s indeed a plus that pasta pakoras can be had cheesy as well. A bit extensive in its preparation than the base version, these cheesy pakoras are made by first stuffing the boiled pasta with some grated cheese only after which they are coated with the batter and are deep fried. For a quick fix snack or one that is a bit more indulgent, pasta pakoras should be your new rainy day go- to.