Weird Food Combinations that You need to Try ASAP

weird food combos

Variety is the spice of life. And if your taste buds are bored with all that ‘regular’ foods, you might try out some of the weirdest food combinations around the world. They might be delicious or outright outrageous, or simple or exotic, but trust me, they will never be bland. So brace yourself and stuff your mouth with the choosiest food combos that will seriously take your tingles in for a major upheaval!

Chocolate Sauce or Nutella on Pizza

pizza with nutella
Source: Food Reporter

This might make quite a good blend if you consider trying a regular Margherita with no toppings whatsoever. Only cheese, and loads of cheese coupled with sweet heavenly Nutella already sounds drool- worthy!


Rice with Ketchup and Bhujiya

Rice with Ketchup and Bhujiya
Source: MangoBaaz

 A typical Indian meetha- teekha tadka to bland boring rice can provide just the right punch to your lazy dinner menu and can prepare you for some serious indulgence!


Cheetos and Milk

cheetos and milk
Source: Tumblr

Milk is meant for cereals, you would say. But try loading your milk bowl with a packet of Cheetos and you will be drowning in this delicious combination of milky cheese!


Fries with Honey

Fries with Honey
Source: Pinterest

If ketchup can balance the saltiness of your fries with its chilly- sweet flavor, so can honey deal with them with its own sweetness! This might sound insane to most, but for the die hard sweet cravers, this might just be the ultimate snacking option!


Peanut Butter and Mango

Peanut Butter and Mango
Source: Kitchenbowl

 Peanut butter is love for many. And mango is just the most loved fruit. So combine the two and relish the deliciousness of this spread to plunge even deeper into love!


Oreo and Orange Juice

Oreo and Orange Juice
Source: Zpore

 I wonder how this will taste, given that the flavor of Oreo is deeply imbibed in everyone’s heart and soul as the perfect accompaniment to milk, but going by the recommendations of folks who have actually tried this weird combo out, this might not be such a bad experience after all!


Salt and Pepper on Apple

Apple with salt and pepper
Source: Uno

 Salt on apple does really enhance its taste, for most things sweet and salty complement each other. But sprinkle a dash of pepper on those luscious salted apples the next time and you will soon develop a fondness for this lovely couple!