Why has Momo always remain an eternal favourite for everyone?

Who doesn’t love the hugely popular dumpling Momo? Although there might be some who likes to tell the world that they can’t bear the dry and outer texture of Momos, the reality is that the same drama queen can’t resist the charming aroma of the dumplings wafting from the corner of a street and if their friend goes there to enjoy a piping hot plate of the ever succulent delights, they also can’t curb themselves from tasting one or two from their pals. By rolling the Momos over a variety of chutneys, people always gulp it down in one or two bites and finish it up with the delicious soup that is often served at the end. The best thing about this soup is that it always serves the goal of pleasing the tongue and stomach unlike the ones prepared at home which is mostly lacking in taste but not all in the category of nutrition. Apart from being sold like hot cakes for every second of a day in every street corner of India till the late evening hours, the restaurants also does popular business with this dumpling mostly as a food item in the starter category. However, it cannot be denied that Momos taste more heavenly out in the streets amidst the colourful everyday scenes and noise of the outside world. Being an eternal favourite snack of the Indian youngsters in the modern era, it is indeed curious as to how Momo, which had its origins in Tibet or Nepal came to be a version of regular comfort food in India. A popular theory is that Momo came to India with the influx of Tibetans into India. It is assumed that the Tibetans, who fled to India after the annexation of Tibet by China, made Momo popular as they began to settle in various corners of India like Dharamshala, Sikkim, Ladakh, Darjeeling, Kolkata. Moreover, the word Momo is derived from the Tibetan word Mog Mog which means a filled bun. Another story that is widely believed is that it was the Newar merchants of Kathmandu who brought the recipe from Tibet during their trades. Although the exact history of Momo might be blurry, the taste of this dish is certainly heavenly.

Here are the reasons as to why Momo has always remain an eternal favourite-

Eternally affordable snack of all seasons

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At a time when our purses or pockets are almost empty of notes of rupees but still the awful stomach reminds or make us feel the constant hunger pangs strongly, the first thought that comes in our minds is to go to the nearby Momo vendor and chomp down a warm plate of steaming Momos that would come fresh and looking majestic in all its glory from the steamer before our eyes. With a minimum amount of Rs. 30, we can enjoy a plate of delicious Momos that has been filled entirely or stuffed fully with nutritious pieces of chicken, mutton or the delightful vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Unlike other street food items which are prepared immediately in the open at a cheap price and are mostly served cold, Momos are served warm right from the steamer and literally gives a kind of warm sensation to the whole body once it goes inside the mouth. With its enticing aroma lifting out every kind of blues from the mind , its deliciousness soothing our taste buds and its nutritious fillings making us feel deeply satisfied gastronomically, Momo is indeed a piece of Heaven on Earth available at a low price.

A perfect snack good for providing the ultimate hospitality

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If you are the one who is pestered constantly by a friend for giving a treat for a birthday that always remains pending, there can be nothing better than providing him / her hospitality with a plate of Momos from the nearest street vendor. Again, if you do not feel like cooking for the huge number of guests that have randomly turned up at your house in the odd hour of the day, there cannot be a better solution than buying some Momos from the nearest location and providing them with the best hospitality. A plate of Momos constitutes four or five small sized dumplings and accompanied with a spicy or sour chutney. As the size of a Momo makes it easier for everyone to bite into it quickly and eat it up sooner, it always make people secretly yearn for more. Moreover, the tasty fillings of a Momo wonderfully complements with its soft and steamed outer texture making an eater get swooned away with the burst of flavours. Therefore, when a number of tiny flavor bombs are served to delight a guest’s or a friend’s heart, mind and yes, the stomach, it will certainly make them feel that they have got a type of royal hospitality from you. To treat yourselves too to some good food at a low price, the answer always remains – A PLATE OF MOMO!

Appetizer for all seasons

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To quickly fill up a hungry stomach mid-way while going out at the time of an urgent task, you can always turn to Momos for solving the woe. After a plate of Momos have been served to you, you can easily gulp it down in no time with the tasty chutney and make the last piece of morsel more delightful with the swallowing of the spicy hot soup. With a satisfyingly good meal, you are always ready to go off to do your duty in a happy mood. Meanwhile, when you find that you don’t have too much money in your pockets for tucking into a nice lunch in your office desk, you can always order a plate of Momos or go out to have one. With Momos being sold in every street corner at a low price, the question for finding something to eat always get solved when the sight of a vendor with a large and beautiful picture of Momos in his / her stall appears before our eyes. Moreover, the sight of the vendor readying Momos in a number of plates for his / her ever growing crowd of customers makes us secretly feel more hungry and the pangs of ravenousness will only die down till the last morsel of Momo goes into our mouths.

Abundant in taste and variety

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Vegetable, chicken, mutton, paneer, cheese- the list of Momos is endless. Whatever be the filling, the truth is that the taste of a Momo always remains classic. At the time of sadness, Momo is always there to ensure that its taste somehow elevates the mood of happiness of a person. Meanwhile, a superior self-treatment for a happy occasion always remains the Momo too as it is available at a low price and of course could ensure that a human being becomes jubilant with it.

Now you know why pictures of Momo is always shared on social media with the hashtag #Momoislove.