Why the King of Noodles Maggi Always Remains an All-time Favourite

Oh Maggi! The international brand not only brings to mind the dear packet of noodles for Indians.

The word MAGGI accompanies a plethora of emotions. The simple packet of Maggi not only satiates the taste buds but is also a feast and a heavenly sight for the sore and tired eyes that looks longingly at the famous yellow packets that are stocked at various stalls along the roadsides.

The reputed brand is the brainchild of Julius Maggi, an entrepreneur of Switzerland. He founded a company Maggi in 1884 after taking over his father’s mill. The company soon become a manufacturing giant of ready-to-eat food items and became quite a hit among the busy, working families.

Maggi was acquired by Nestle in 1947 and even though the world’s largest food and beverage company manufactures different varieties of ready-to-eat food items under the brand, still in this country, Maggi always remains synonymous with noodles.

The reasons why Maggi is adored by every Indian –


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Maggi is the saviour of every hosteler. Social media posts have proclaimed Maggi to be the national hostel food of India. Why not? Maggi becomes a source of innovative medium for every hosteller to display his/her culinary skills. From thinking of every possible way of garnishing that simple bowl of Maggi, it actually becomes a sort of nutritious meal for everyone. That simple bowl provides such a refreshing taste from the boring meals given by a hostel. Every hosteller will fondly reminisce about the events of the memorable hostel days surrounding Maggi. From completing difficult assignments to staying up late nights preparing for projects and exams, hostel life is ruled by the king of noodles.


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When guests arrive and there is nothing special to cook or if we are not in the mood of doing so, Maggi comes as a winning snack to serve at that time. Over a hot bowl of Maggi, Indian families  have numberless gossips over a variety of issues and the king of noodles surely ensures that we have a lively and entertaining time with our guests at the dining tables. Maggi brings families and relatives together which is one of the chief lessons of moral science imparted by our elders that is, to stay together. A bowl of Maggi satisfies guests fully and it becomes a source of wonderful hospitality.


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During long distance car or bus travel, the Maggi Cuppa noodles comes in so handy and also becomes a money saver. After all, restaurants charge huge amount of money for food. So that Maggi Cuppa noodles not only saves our money but also satisfies our hunger and is such a cheap and perfect hungry appetiser. The king of noodles will also ensure that our travel budget is spend entirely on enjoying valuable sights and sounds for our planned trips and we come back with a bagful of memories and knowledge.


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After we go home, tired and exhausted after a hard day’s work at office, Maggi comes as such a super lifesaver. Just boiling the noodles in hot water and adding the heavenly masala that comes enclosed within the packet and voila, a steaming bowl of noodles are ready that not only satiates our taste buds but is a feast for the five sense organs. It also saves us our precious time that we need and give us sufficient time to prepare our important presentations and yes, a perfect food item before we need to rush to our important meeting at the office.

No wonder then over the years, so many advertising gurus have marketed Maggi in such a creative way that it is totally worth it. That bowl of Maggi has been advertised over the years in so many awesome ways. Two minutes are after all is surely an ode to the all-time favourite legendary ready-to- eat food item-MAGGI!


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