10 Instances you can relate to if you are a 90’s kid

Those glorious days of 90’s…..

Here are few instances that only  90’s kids can relate. Some which you’ll be mostly like “been there done that”and few are new for you to discover.

When buying tapes was a thing , you played the tape-recorder & you were a total pro on how to use a pencil to get the tape fixed.

 use a pencil to get the tape fixed
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Those fat landlines,and the struggle roaming around while talking on it.

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English was really getting compulsory at school & everyone felt darn cool while speaking it.


When evenings for the entire family would be Star Plus.

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Reading and re-reading the editions of Rangoli,Suppandi, Archies, Chacha-Chaudhary & Tinkle.

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When you started using fountain pens in the 6 th grade was your big leap of faith.

writing with fountain pen
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The car of the entire generation – Maruti 800

maruti 800
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Acted super cool while fake smoking candy cigarettes.

sweet cigarettes
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When you see this you know this means “There’s something wrong with the TV.”

no tv-signal
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You know what a MILTON water bottle is.


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