10 things that can be found in every girl’s hand bag

things in ladies bag

Women have captivated human senses from time immemorial. Be it as beauties or as mysteries, femme fatales have been the most enigmatic of God’s creations. And for lesser mortals like us, the secrets that remain enshrouded within the confines of a girl’s handbag has also been source of much suspense. Read on as we proceed to debunk one of the most speculated queries of time.



Well, no prizes for guessing this one. At least a kajal and a lipstick will be a definite presence in any lady’s vanity bag. And this is only the bare minimum. You can go on to include a lot more- liner, mascara, compact, foundation, primer, moisturizer, lotion, lip balm, assorted creams- basically your entire makeup regime. Also your haircare and skincare regime if you so please.

Not that we step out under prepared. But just in case we need a, er, you know, a brushup just to uplift our mood. You can never know!

Munchies and Crunchies


For those of you who aren’t as weird as the most of us, hunger pangs are as real a thing as mood swings. So whether be it to cure those sudden outbursts of mood depravities or satisfy those unbelievably devilish cravings, we need to keep our bags stuffed. Chocolates come on priority list 1, followed by chatpata mixes, cookies, dry (or fresh) fruits and everything else you manage to pack in. Also, chewing gums make for an interesting add on to your fare- filled plate.

Pepper Spray


This one’s for the world out there. With real time safety and security still a distant dream especially for females, it’s imperative to have an armor at your disposal. Obviously then, pepper sprays are the preferred choice. Being highly efficient when it comes to functionality, or in case it’s home made, to supplement munching worries, take care to never forget your pepper spray at home.

Or in case you think spraying pepper even on those immorals is kinda inhuman, you have other ‘safer’ options on hold. Keeping a sharp cutter handy therefore explains how vanity bags remain prim and proper with all those sharp edges around (pun intended)!

Cards and cash


Self explanatory, isn’t it? Purses and bags are meant to hold ‘value’ and you do need cash to go about your errands. No matter how digitised our dreams may be, cash still precedes all importance. Even then credit and debit cards, as well as a host of mall membership cards are a must to take care of our impulsive urge to go therapy shopping.



The world is a bad, bad place. I mean, a germ filled place. Anything you come in contact with has invariably bacteria and germs skimping over it. So staying safe and keeping healthy necessitates that we carry a sanitizer around. Makes for an absolute find in any girl’s vanity bag!

Old receipts

old shopping receipts
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A whiff of nostalgia is ever present in any ladies possession. Old shopping receipts, chocolate wrappers, used gift wrappers that might remind of someone or something special will greet you if you happen to peek-a-boo in your girlfriend or mum’s dainty bag.

Phone accessories


The technology driven world of today calls for some power source to be at your immediate disposal. Power banks and/ or chargers therefore take up some space in our carry along. Plus, earphones are a must have too, specially with all those hullabaloo around. Whether it’s to cancel out the chaos, dim out the world of existence (really) or simply rewind with some music after a hectic day, earphones are another omnipresent entity in a lady’s world inside her bag.

Umbrellas and scarves


Under prepared we seldom are. So whether the weather forecast claims the probability of heavy rains or the wrath of the blazing sun, an umbrella has us covered. Also when it’s a bit too windy on the outside, or if you want to not let your freshly set hair go haywire, that scarf tucked up somewhere in your handbag definitely will come in handy.


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Whether it be to wipe off the dust and grime off your face on a sweltering hot day or to freshen up before you step out with your friends right after work, wipes are essential. And though for some of us it can be included in the list of make up essentials, we believe that these humble damp pieces of cloth are more than just touch up stuff.

Photo identities

photo ids in wallet
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Keeping photos and IDs in your wallet or purse might seem a bit old school but believe me they tend to serve much purpose. So just in case your purse is lost, you have a real chance of getting it back if it manages to not end up in the hands of the wrong person. Or if you can pride enough in not being someone accustomed to misplacing their stuff (unlike me), then you can still keep polaroid pics in your purse to take long loving glances at your family when you miss them.