10 ways to make a passive income from home

Making money online is always a weak point for many people, but many others have succeeded in it make earning a passive income throughout this. If you are one of those who want to try their career in the online sea, then this post is just for you.


While talking about make money online, we must consider blogging first. Let me tell you my side of the story. I was blogging from 2012 for various sites, and eventually, it changed my life, Blogging is the primary way to make an excellent passive income.

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The idea of blogging evolved from back when people used to store their journals online using the internet. Later it is developed and become technically so strong. Now, blogging is one of the significant ways to make money online, and people are earning a tremendous passive income throughout this.

Write an ebook

If you are good at writing, then you might start an ebook. In India, the business of ebook is not that strong, but in the US or other Foreign Countries, ebooks are one of the most significant trends.

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If you want to establish a career in the field of writing, then go for this. There are many platforms to share your ebook, and you can make a perfect amount of revenue.


Have you heard about Bhuban Bam, Technical Guru aka Gaurab, Mumbaikar Nikkhil?

If you I must tell you their part of the story. They charge more then 5 figure for promoting a product because they have that much of followers and which is us.

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YouTube might be a good career option if you have that courage to make videos for people. If yes, then you are getting late because many of your competitors are ahead of your in this race.

Freelance Photographer

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If you are good at taking photos, then you should try freelance photography. Where you will get clients from various platforms even Facebook and then your journey will start as a freelance photographer.

Content Writing

Content writing is an art. If you are good at it, don’t let it go down. Because sooner or later you will repent about what you did.

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Many publishing houses need you as your writing skills are excellent. Try contacting them and offer them your quotation. You might get the best deal out of it.

Freelance Developer

Many of the people are very good at coding. But the fact is, they used to become jobless due to some unwanted reasons. But freelancing can give you better than a full-time job.

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All you have to do is, sharpen your knowledge over time to stay creative all the time.

Online data entry jobs

data entry
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Data entry is also one of the trending jobs that you can do from your home. There are lots and lots of data that need to be uploaded to the digital platform. So, data entry is one of the best sources of Passive income for you.

Affiliate marketing or drop shipping

The next level of Blogging is Affiliate marketing and Dropshipping. Many established commerce companies want someone to promote their products. To do this, they dilute a few amounts of that specific product with you. The is called affiliate marketing.

drop shipping
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Dropshipping concept is the little bit different. Where you will create an online store and sell others products and redirect that shipping addressed to the actual mar cent site and made revenue with that.

These concepts are very new for India, and you can grab a great deal to earn a passive income.

Freelance Graphics Designer

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If you are good at creating good graphics, then Graphics design is one of the best ways to make a passive income. Graphics design needs lots and lots of creativity. If you are very much comfortable, think that you get good talent.

Create Online Course

Online Courses
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Teaching online or becoming an influencer can be an excellent option for you if you are good at creating contents that make sense for others. There are platforms like Lynda etc. where you can teach your virtual students.

This is one of the Good options for making an excellent passive income.