2021: The Latest Assamese Songs Trends: Hip or Hype?

Assamese Songs Trends

Hey! How are you doing? Music, that transcends time, is undoubtedly the most powerful art form, we are mesmerized and enthralled by its magic, lost in a world of sounds and rhythms. And Music matters.

Why? It changes our mood, enhances our feelings, and makes everything going all around us better. Well, music has been a constant companion for as long as mankind has been around. With the help of smartphones, internet and the right apps like Spotify.

So, today let us introduce you to the Assamese music industry that has grown vividly and vastly in the past few years. The Assamese culture is steeped in tradition and is one of the most colorful in the country.

There is no other way to describe the beautiful culture of Assam than to say that it is simply amazing. From the traditional attire, the festivals, the food and the music; everything is mesmerizing.

Music is a great art form that has entertained people across the globe for centuries; it will continue to do so for centuries to come.

There are millions of songs to choose from, but some of them rise above the rest and become part of the collective consciousness of the mass population.

In this blog we’re going to share a list of some beautiful latest Assamese songs, popular Bihu songs and a list of talented Assamese singers.

History of Assamese songs

From Charya Geet in the 8th century to Bhupen Hazarika in the 21st century, Assamese songs have a glorious history of more than 1,200 years.

The entire journey of song from Assam was inspired and enriched by great figures such as Sankardeva and Madhabdeva and their Borgeet; Padma Nath Gohain Baruah, Satyanath Bora, Laxmi Nath Bezbaruah, Chandra Kumar Agarwala, Amarendra kalita and other members; and pioneers of modernity, like Bishnu Rabha and Jyotiprasad Agarwala.

Over the years, Assamese songs and music have featured different stages of evolution and evolution, marked by the national spirit, the humanitarian spirit, and therefore the Assamese aesthetic spirit.

And did you know? The first Assamese song which hit the Youtube India Music Charts was “Neta Song (Assam Election Song)by Axl Hazarika.

Furthermore, a famous traditional song named “Kamrupiya Lokogeet” originated from Assam, a folk music. This was developed during the reign of Kamarupa Kingdom and has been sung since immemorial. This song was all about human emotions, especially of commoners.

Popular Singers of Assamese Songs

assamese musicians
Source: Music Malt
  1. Zubeen Garg
  2. R.D. Burman
  3. Anuradha Puadwal
  4. Laxmikant-Pyarelal
  5. Jagjit Singh
  6. Shakar-Jaikishan
  7. S.D Burman
  8. Madan Mohan
  9. O.P Nayyar
  10. Jatin Pandit
  11. Mahendra Kapoor
  12. Talat Mahmood
  13. Romen Barua
  14. Prabin Saikiya
  15. Dipen Baruah
  16. Romen Baruah
  17. Suez Bardoloi
  18. Mridula Das Dewan
  19. Hiren Gohain
  20. Jeetu-Tapan
  21. Pulak Banerjee
  22. Runumi Bhattcharya
  23. Neel Akash
  24. Achurjya Borpatro
  25. Montu Moni Saikia
  26. Kusum Koilash
  27. Vreegu Kashyap
  28. Debajit Borah
  29. Gitali Kakoti
  30. Chayanika Borah
  31. Angarag Mahanta
  32. Dilip Gogoi
  33. Diganta Khaund
  34. Nikunjalata Mahanta
  35. Pranabi Ram Barua
  36. Monglolsing
  37. Jiten Deka
  38. Hemen Hazarika
  39. Anima Choudhury
  40. Lokeswar Deka
  41. Mrinal Choudhury
  42. Anju Devi
  43. Sannidhya Bhuyan
  44. Rajnish Saikia
  45. Mrityunjoy kakoti
  46. Adam Mahfuz
  47. Bhargav Ojapali
  48. Aakangkhya Das

If you know any other talented singers, let us know.

Latest 65 Best Assamese Songs

Here is a list of top 12 new generation best Assamese songs. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the latest music? If you happen to know any other popular Assamese songs, do let us know.

Be ready to put them in your playlist. And indulge yourself to these melodies of new generation Assamese songs.

  1. Xullo Son

By Debabrata Gogoi and Rajnish Saikia

  1. Xihoron

By Sannidhya Bhuyan and Adam Mahfuz

  1. Motoliya

By Sannidhya Bhuyan and Aarxslan

  1. Motoliya 2.0

By Sannidhya Bhuyan and Aarxlan

  1. Dur Duronite

By Bedobrata Gogoi

  1. Alakananda

By Shankuraj Konwar and Tonmoy Kyrpton

  1. Mur Bukur Ful

By Yaman

  1. Jipaal

By Sannidhya Bhuyan, Tonmoy Krypton and Abhi Saikia

  1. Jipaal 2.0

By Sannidhya Bhuyan, Tonmoy Krypton

  1. Xarodi Nikha

By Sannidhya Bhuyan and Tonmoy Kyrpton

  1. Ongkita

By Shankuraj konwar

  1. Nixa Nixa

By Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Tumi Xubaxh

By Sannidhya bhuya, Nikhil Jyoti Sarma and Nibir X

  1. Modhulogon

By Deeplina Deka

  1. Loi Jaa

By Basshole and Kaysee

  1. Klanto Xomoy

By Bhaskar Opswel

  1. Bhobai Nasilu

By Deeplina Deka and Jubin Garg

  1. Baat Sai Sai

By Yaman and Prasant Das

  1. Aaxha

By Abhi Saikiya and Arindam

  1. Hepaah

By Bhargav Paul

  1. Keteki

By Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Dolisa

By Deeplina Deka

  1. Jibon Mur

By Vicky Das and Sharat Gogoi

  1. Unmona

By Tonmoy Kyrpton and Anannya Choudhury

  1. Moloya Baideo

By Achuriya Borpatra

  1. Nodir Dore

By Ellana and Bhaskar Opswel

  1. Smriti

By Bozropat Music and Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Moupiya

By Shankuraj Konwar and Maitrayee Patar

  1. Mogno Moi

By Adam Mahfuz

  1. Anubhabi Hiya

By Amarendra kalita, Karan Das, and Koushik Sarma

  1. Xunoyona

By Debarata Gogoi and Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Upaxona

By Saurav Hazarika and Zenith Gogoi

  1. Tai Kot

By Debabrata Gogoi and Sens3i

  1. Maaz Nixa

By Debabrata Gogoi and Aarxslan

  1. Nakhyatra

By Abhi Saikia and Shankuraj Konwar

  1. Xubaxona

By Tanveer Masoom, Muhurta Hazarika, Zenith Gogoi, NYRRON, Madhujya Dutta

  1. Ragini

By Abhi Saikia, Kangkan Rabha, Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Mone Bisare

By Pincool, Rajnish, Arshad M Rahman

  1. Tupal

By Bhaskar Opswel

  1. Xubakhi

By Nibir X, Gourisnkr, Mrityunjoy kakoti

  1. Nilanjana

By Shankuraj Konwar and Kadambari Kashyap

  1. Tomoxa

By Ranish Saikia, Debabrata Gogoi, Sannidhya Bhuyan

  1. Soku Juri

By Firesense and Nikhil Jyoti Sarma

  1. Tai Muk Eri Gol

By Karan Das, Aditya Nath and Jitrz

  1. Boroxar Smriti

By ABHILEKH, Tanveer Masoon, and Arunav Sarmah

  1. Otit

By Dyou, Karan Das and Madhujya Dutta

  1. Nikha

By Rajnish Saikia

  1. Aha Na

By Dyou and Barlina

  1. Onatma

By Dyou and Nesel

  1. Xopun

By Arin Siam, Nibir X and Nikhil

  1. Unmadona

By Arin Siam, Dhiraj k Nath and Himanshu Saikia

  1. Fagun Tumi

By Bhaskar Opswel and Aakangkhya Das

  1. Prem Ragini

By Dipayon and Firesense

  1. Stobdho Mon

By Bhargav Ojapali

  1. Xorog

By Dabangaraj

  1. Bhoi

By Anhelix and Kongkon

  1. Xorotor Xondhiya

By Avinav Hazarika, Gourinsnkr, Sens3i and Himanshu Saikia

  1. Bhabona

By Rahul Sutradhar and Bikash Saikia

  1. Morisika

By Raud and Ranamit Sarma

  1. Premor Sila


  1. Boi Boi Jai

By Bhargav Ojapali

  1. Ujagori Nikha

By Sannidhya Bhuyan and Tonmoy Krypton

  1. Bohemian Mon

By Gautam Kaushik

  1. Kompito

By Tridip kakati, Nikhil and Prasant Das

  1. Mataal Xopun

By Xenokrypt, Sannidhya Bhuyan and Rkaroid

Popular Assamese Bihu Songs

Bihu songs are the soul of Assamese people. The Bihu songs are an inevitable part of the Bihu dance. When the whole Assam celebrates the arrival of a new year, the most important part is the Bihu songs. As Bihu songs represent Assamese culture.

Bihu encourages people to be merry which in turn brings prosperity to an individual.

The Bihu songs have been in existence for hundreds of years. In the past 5 years or so, the Bihu songs have started gaining popularity across the globe.

And undoubtedly people of Assam love to listen to their local language Bihu songs, while the rest of India is now slowly getting acquainted with it.

These are the songs that are sung by local musicians. They are very popular among the masses of Assam and they comprise various genres.

Here’s a list popular Assamese Bihu Songs

  1. Tok Dekhi Mor Gaa by Abhishruti
  2. Kunja Lata Kapauphul by Zubeen Garg and Rekha Saikiya
  3. Sirili Sirili by Zubeen Garg and Tarali
  4. Moilong Moilong by Zubeen Garg and Zublee
  5. Nimitang Nimitang by Zubeen garg and Sushmita Baruah
  6. Ehali Gorue by Papon
  7. Roi Roi Roti by Abhishruti
  8. Aghonor Pathote by Papon
  9. Bihu Jujonaa 1 by Papon
  10. Oliya Boliya by Jishu Raj
  11. Pohile by Neel Akash
  12. Maghor Bihu by kallol Borthakur
  13. Morom Xani by Licha Dishtri with Achurjya Borpatra
  14. Swag Bihu by Dikshu
  15. Husori by Papon
  16. Nasu Nasu by Dikshu
  17. Jape Dim by Zubeen Garg
  18. Morom Logai Logai by Zubeen Garg
  19. Hatot Dhori by Zubeen Garg
  20. Kerumoni Thuriya by Abhishruti
  21. Kordoi Sokola by Abhishruti
  22. Bati Bhorai by Zubeen Garg
  23. Krishna Moni by Zubeen Garg
  24. O Seni Mai by Babu Baruah
  25. Moran Bihu by Nilakshi Neog
  26. Dneoe Di Sarile by Sharat Sharma and Shiv Prasad
  27. Torali by Achurjya Borpatra
  28. Ou kumalia by Khagen Mahanta
  29. Tumi Bru by Neer Dipankar
  30. Kinu Sawonire by Neel Akash

Assamese Music Genres

music of assam
Source: Sahapedia

Assamese music includes various popular and modern musical genres, and its artistic base comes from Assamese history, culture, and ancient traditions.

Recently, since the late 1980s, pop artists have modernized their music according to local popular needs.

A basic feature of Assam’s indigenous music is that its downgrading is similar to East Asian Music, which distinguishes it from folk or mild forms of music in other parts of India.

The melody is in a pyramid structure and always uses a pentatonic scale, similar to other Asian traditional music such as China and Mongolia.

There are several types of music genres and we have categorized them into three sets; devotional, indigenous traditional folk and popular.

  • Devotional
    • Vivek
    • Dihanaam
    • Harinaam
  • Indigenous traditional folk
    • Bihu
    • Bhawaiya
  • Popular
    • Goalpariya Lokogeet
    • Kamrupi Lokgeet
    • Ojapali
    • Tokari Geet

The Assamese musical scene has grown over the past few years. We hope you enjoyed our article about the Assamese musical scene. With this knowledge, we know that you can appreciate the music being produced in your area.

So, what are you waiting for? Start listening to the latest hit songs.