5 Coffee Personalities Revealed- What Does The Hot Drink Says About You!

Coffee Personalities

Ever thought that your steaming cup of coffee would speak about you and your personality traits? One of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee in its various brewed avatars, finds enthusiasts across the world and tells about his/her personality and traits. Let’s find out what the brewing beverage says about you.

Instant coffee

You are : Miss/Mr. take it easy!

You prefer and make everything around you quite comfortable and convenient. Nothing in the world can bother you and you don’t like wasting time on nitty-gritties of life. You are happy in your own world and serious about your own stuffs. Rest of the things are not important to you. You find instant happiness in each circumstance that you come across.

The making: Add a teaspoon of instant coffee mix to hot water or milk. The granules dissolve instantly and easily. Add more milk and sugar to taste. To make it more flavourful, add a cocoa powder or sprinkle some ground cinnamon over your coffee. Have it anytime for a caffeine kick.


You are: A go-and-get kinda

‘Go-and-get it’ is your attitude towards your way of work and life. The pure concentrated form of coffee and its love make you a hard worker who at times needs a little extra push and motivation.  You are a no-nonsense person and prefer to sit down for your tasks first. When things don’t go your way, you tend to go moody and a little curt in your behaviour.

The making: A ‘without milk and sugar’ coffee will kick start your morning to give a wonderful feeling throughout the day. It’s made by forcing boiling water through finely-grounded, packed espresso coffee in an espresso machine. When brewed properly, it will have a golden and creamy layer on top called crème.


Source: Hy-Vee

You are:  A risk-taker

You are fun loving, happening and adventurous. You are passionate about everything in life. You are creative and bindaas about everything. Being a happy go lucky, you look for fun all the time and can’t stand boredom and monotony. You are a favourite with everybody and spread happiness around. Self-love is your priority too.

The making: It will give a chill-pill to you with its creamy and frothy flavour. Blend coffee, water, milk and ice to form a creamy coffee milkshake. Whipped cream for topping is optional for some extra fun and flavour. You can also try it with dollops of vanilla ice-cream. Have it anytime for a quick energy fix.

Indian filter coffee

Indian filter coffee
Source: MasalaKorb

You are: A scheduled person

You are a meticulous planner and a perfectionist with anything you do. Well, we can say Type-A personality with your deeds and daily activities on the personal and professional front. The Madras filter ‘kaapi’ lover in you makes you a routine person. Being extremely traditional you are happy with your schedule and won’t settle for anything than your usual stuffs. You hardly try experiment anything apart from your routine work.

The making: It’s made of freshly ground, dark and roasted coffee beans. They are usually Arabica, Malabar, Robusta or Pea berry beans grown across the Districts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnatka. Leave the coffee for drip-brew in a traditional metal coffee filter for few hours. The mornings or your afternoon snacks can have an accompaniment of an Indian filter coffee.

Irish coffee

You are:  Crowd-puller

The party starts when you dart inside the room. You are outgoing, charming, have a sense of humour and full of energy. You can stand out in the crowd pull of strangers; just like the Irish coffee when compared with its other aromatic counterparts.

The making: Pre-heat a 200 ml, heatproof glass by filling it with hot water. Once the water is warm, empty the glass. Add two sugar cubes to the glass, and then pour over coffee powder until the glass is partially full (3/4th). Keep stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. You may add 25 to 30 ml of whiskey to the coffee for your making. Float a layer of whipped cream over the top of the coffee by pouring gently over a spoon.

Your coffee goes a long way than just keeping you awake and fresh. So, the avid coffee lovers can take a peek into their personality while enjoying their artisanal and aromatic cup of coffee.

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