7 Things only Young Parents can Relate to


Parenthood is an entirely different stage of anyone’s lives. Days will completely change after becoming a father or mother. Taking care of the new born in the family is not less than a war. The war which begins with the day you welcome the newborn into the family.

The perception of the 21st century is entirely different than previous one. These memes can relate to every situation that you face during your parenthood.

1. Become a superhero for your kid

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Its not easy to become the superhero for your kids. Learn new things from the movies you love to watch. And most importantly, try to incorporate unto yourself all those habits you would like to pass on to your child. After all, the child is the father of man.


2. Learn new techniques to tackle down the problem.

handling kids
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Its never easy to handle every situation that your child creates. You have to be creative to do so. Fussing about all things difficult will obviously not be the solution to your problems. For all you know, kids can outgrow you in an instant when it comes to being fussy. So brace yourselves for all life’s gonna throw at you.

3. Become a friend, not the boss.

parents as friends
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If you still think that you are the boss of the family, probably you aren’t. With a kid around, if you think that you are the priority even now, then perhaps even you need to grow up dude!

4. Remember, they are not like you.

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You can relate to this situation very well. You might be all cool and stuff. But when the baby comes along, be prepared to face the reality that they will outsmart you. Like, every time!

5. Sacrifices are the key to Success.

Source: The Cantina Crew

Be ready to leave the quality time with yourself. Remember, you aren’t just parenting a child. You are even living half their lives.

6. A crying kid is the worst nightmare.


Waking up at nights are always a nightmare, and to do that with a kid wailing their lungs out right onto your ears.. that’s some serious nightmare!

7. And finally,

Parenthood and childhood

Double check all of your Insurances and make every document clear. Kids are a source of unabated nuisance and believe me, they can be truly vicious at times. So be on the safe side and make sure you have all your essentials under cover.

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