5 Fascinating Things that are Unique to Lower Assam

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Namoni Axom (Lower Assam) is famous for its amazing heritage,culture and traditions.But here a few unique things that can only happen in Lower Assam:

Putla Naas

String puppetry is performed in Lower Assam with distinct characteristics. Also known as putla bhaoriya,this folk art form was widely popularised by Shrimanta Shanka Dev, a social reformer who used “putala nach” to spread Vaishnavism.

Moh Kheda

Moh Kheda geet, are mainly sung during the autumn season on a full moon day.This tradition of singing has been followed since years with the believe of chasing mosquitoes.

Nagra Naam

Nagara nam is another major performing art form of Assam. It is a kind of choral singing. The troupe of nagara nam is constituted with a group of people in which there is no definite number. Usually the troupe consists of twenty five persons. The nagara and the bhor tal are two essential instruments for a nagara nam performance.

Oja Pali

Oja pali is the most ancient and the most distinctive form of folk drama. Here oja means the master and pali means the assistants.The party of oja pali usually consists of five to six persons. The master of the party who is known as the oja recites verses from the scriptures to the accompaniment of gestures and body movements, while his assistants who are called palis repeat the verses and provide accompaniment with cymbals and regular musical time with their feet.


Source: Uncisal

Dialect particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group. One of the major dialects of Assamese is Barpetia dialect, spoken in Barpeta district, situated on the North Bank of the river Brahmaputra in western Assam, locally known as lower Assam.


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