The 50-50 emotions of your life

50 50 emotions of life

There are certain things in your everyday life that always puts you in a dilemma and bounds you to take a decision between two very strong & conflicting emotions of life.

Here are few of them:

Travel – See the sunset OR Rest your tired bones

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Travelling is fun indeed. But when you are worn out from a day long rendezvous of fun and frolic and exhaustion, all you yearn for is a cozy, snuggly bed. At the cost of witnessing a spectacularly beautiful sunset. So what would take the backseat- sleep or sight? You decide!


2000 rupee note – To pitch OR Not to pitch

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Pitching for a solid 2000 rupee note is a real struggle if you consider how much pains you have to undertake to obtain smaller denominations out of it.

Last french fry on plate – To eat OR To starve


Eating the last french fry on the plate or leaving it for your friend (out of courtesy of course) is one of the realest conflict you have to encounter very often in life. The restraint you have to exercise to not let your hands grab that prized piece of the last fry calls for some serious self control!

To watch one more episode of  your favorite series OR To go to sleep because you have early morning college or office tomorrow

binge watching

Boy, is there anything nicer than binge watching your favorite shows during the night? But leave fun aside because hell yeah, you need to sleep early so that you can trudge to work early morning. How so entertaining!

Spending time with your BFF OR Spending time with your family.


Bonding with family is perhaps one of those luxuries you can afford only once in a while. And what if your bff also make plans to hang out with you on that exact same day and date? You are up for some serious brain rack.


To wear the latest collection in your closet OR To wear your favorite piece


This one cracks up a dilemma like no other. Struggling to get out of the comfort of your good old jumper to try on that new dress hanging in your closet is sure shot recipe for some conflict. And drama!

To go out for a long drive with your crush OR Go for a movie with your crush

long drive
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Pretty rewarding it is to go out with your boyfriend on a long drive or snuggle up close and comfy as you enjoy a movie with him. But what if you have to choose between either of the two? Indecision would never have been more pronounced!

watching movie

When your friend prepares delicious biryani on your diet day – To eat OR Not to eat


First things first- you should never be friends with someone who decides to prepare your favorite meal on your diet day! I mean that’s gross injustice. So you are left pondering whether to ditch your diet or ditch your (best!) friend instead!


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