7 fun things that we used to do while in college

college kids
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College years are perhaps, one of the most enjoyable phases in any person’s life. The romance in the campus, the freedom in the air and the bonds that are fostered within the confines of the ‘college aura’ are undoubtedly moments to cherish forever.

But while college is all fun and exciting, the tediousness tends to set in every now and then. For anything in too much tandem is as good as monotonity, and that invariably tends to drain off all excitement.

For a moment, let’s just drift away into those wondrous experience of our own time while in college. True, we used to all frolic about as happy teenagers while soaking in all the new found wonders of the yet undiscovered world. Basking in the freedom and glory as ‘liberated’ young people out there to ace life, we were among the most ecstatic of the lot. And yet when boredom invariably took us over like any other, we took resort to some really insignificant but totally fun ways of unwinding.



Admit it, we all have tried this particular one while being bored for the umpteenth time as some prof went about with his seriously weary lecture. And while acing this really ‘no- joke’ stuff is not a child’s play, we all have yearned to one day be the ultimate pro at this ‘skill game’. No wonder, pen flips are totally engrossing and seeks to dissipate the dullness with its captivating play.


First pens and now copies. Were we really studying while in college, you wonder. Well, yes but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And our sturdy friends just did more than enough to alleviate our mood and uplift our spirits so that we could slide on with this very essential happening of life.

The spin is similar to the flip, but the copy needs to be balanced on fingers, and not between them. For they don’t happen to be as slim as the devices that ink them down!


Ahem. This sounds professional, but is not. If scribbling away artistically on the last pages of notebooks as we tried to make sense of the knowledge that was being imparted counts as doodling, then definitely we did doodle!

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For us with an ‘innate sense of hackneyed creativity’, our portraits dwelled on anything, from animals and birds to arts and craft to the abstract retellings of our imagination, our artistic spirits soared as we went wild on and about with our masterpieces!


fashion sketches
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For every female student having somewhat of a penchant of  not taking recourse to the prevalent style of fashion, college lethargy provides the scope of designing statement pieces as per their customisation and imagination. So what dots the landscape of gullible paper sheets and the like are mind blowing detailings of sexy silhouettes decked up in inventive dresses that would give any aspiring fashion designer a serious run for their money.


secret captures
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Clicking pics of the prof even as you try to concentrate on what the heck is going on in the classroom is matter for some serious fun. And what you get are hilarious shots that will humour you to no end and will provide amusement for life. Perhaps not the most proper thing to do, but then to err is human, you know!



You might argue, munching away while in class is so school- like. But believe me when I say that the thrill withholds itself universally, irrespective of the environs you choose to try it in. And treating your ever so volatile taste buds to sumptuous feasts while not getting caught counts among one of the true blue tingles of life.


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Passing off secret messages while maintaining anonymity is one of the most fun things to do while in class. No doubt, it provides respite from your boredom but is also one of the most interesting things to do. And the turn of events it leads to provides even more scope for further humor.