Coconut Water: Everything You Need to Know About the Summer Staple

benefits and side effects of coconut water

Sipping on some fresh coconut water is the best way to get relief from the scorching summer drink. Wholly pure and natural, fresh and rejuvenating and endowed as well with a host of goodness, the humble mildness of what is elixir almost in character beats even the most popular of cold drinks hands down. Not that it is any less coveted itself as well in its universally appealing taste and instant refreshing properties. But that’s also partly the reason why many of us might not even known that coconut water too can have certain demerits.

Coconut water in this specific sense of the term generally refers only to the water of tender green coconuts, the meat of which also is a delight in itself. Even then, it is beneficial for the greater part and the adverse effects are generally mild or not so widely occurring. But that there exists the potential for certain conditions to be induced by an overconsumption of this global beverage means that one needs to know the effects of what might unfavorably follow.

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The reputation of coconut water also isn’t just confined to the health benefits of it. Topical as well can be the avenue through which it endows also beauty upon the human. Half of the beauty benefits are already availed through the sips upon this delicious drink but the more assertive claims in this regard are lesser know. And that’s itself speaks volumes about the soulfulness of what coconut drink lends through its every serving. Here’s exploring the specialness of this nutritionally nuanced natural refresher-

Storehouse of Nutrients

The composition of coconut waters occurs as an unsurprising but whopping still 95% water and 4% carbohydrates, with small amounts of protein and fat as well as vitamins and minerals. In contrast, it is low in calories and sugars which explains why it is the ‘safest’ option when it come to quenching the intense summer thirst.

benefits of coconut water
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Coconut water is also one of the best food sources out there that replenishes the lost electrolytes of the body. Boasting a wholesome electrolytic range with potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium all summing up significantly this naturally occurring beverage is what makes it so effective in satiating the human’s aggravated need for liquids during the hotter days of the year.

Coconut water also attends to concerns of what classify greatly as being health-centric. It is particularly the antioxidant and cytokinin content of the drink through which the all rounded benefits occur such that accords it a status that is maintained year round as well. And with such an amalgamation of necessary nutrients and minerals and vitamins and everything, it is no wonder that this most natural variant of coconut drink serves as an instant energiser as well.

Readymade Detox Drink

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Coconut water is delicious in itself no doubt. The naturally occurring salty and sweet combination of flavor through which plays also a certain nuttiness makes sipping upon it an experience unparalleled. It also is convenient in that one can simply drink it right from the coconut itself. Building upon such ease of access (even when being limited in availability) would also be the many qualities of what makes it a detox drink.

Unlike other detox recipes that call for at least the juice to be pressed out of the ingredient to become the drink that can flush out all toxins from the body, coconut water is already shining and sparkling in all its panaceatic glory on offer. Particularly through its content of phosphorous, coconut water helps detoxify the human body. It also would be some play of the antioxidants though through which the liver and kidney is made to function optimally such that the detoxifying route itself is made all clear. Add to it the digestive properties of what is indeed the leading plant-based water available for sale worldwide and coconut water works wonders for healthy living.

Healthy and Beautiful Skin

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The nutritious essence of coconut water lends itself to each part and every organ of the human body. Its hydrating nature replenishes not just the lost water but also helps with the entire physiological process of what healthifies the appearance of the skin. Promoting collagen production is also what leads to beautiful skin and coconut water by virtue of aiding the mechanism of collagen synthesis emerges thus as a recipe for youthful beauty.

The antioxidants present in coconut water helps fight off free radicals which is yet another ploy for skin to glow and shine in the ultimate beauty of health. It also reverses the process of ageing, or more accurately reduces the visibility of such signs that screams out your true age through fine lines and wrinkles. Specific as well is the role played by its Vitamin C content that naturally brightens and lightens and cleanses skin. It can even be able to thwart off acne causing bacteria on account of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Hangover Cure

tender coconut water
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A drink to offset the effects of one too many drinks the night before? With coconut water on offer, the answer is a resounding- and relieving yes!

Derived out of its immense capacity in hydrating would be such benefits of coconut water that would assert as being the perfect anti-hangover drink. The minerals of what had been discounted by alcohol are sufficiently restored by this drink well equipped in dealing with even the most severe of the hungover headaches. The oxidative stress brought about as an alcoholic effect is also tended to by sips or even gulps of this most natural of beverages even when it does you additional good by holding back even tendencies to throw up.

Weight-Loss Aid

Weight loss of course is never a matter of only one dimension. But even in such spread of its dynamics, coconut water lends itself particularly well to this much pursued human want. The very fact of it being a natural drink that is low in fats and sugars makes it obviously the healthiest as well as the most unfattening picks when you need to sip on something. Coconut juice’s rich nutritional profile also ensures that the dietary requirements of the body are also met to certain extent through its consumption. The drink is also known to be an appetite suppressant which points further to the legitimacy of it being definitely an agent that aids every dedicated effort in weight loss.

Destressing Agent

coconut water for beauty
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The physical stress of fatigue is indeed relieved through drinks of tender coconut water but it also is the more pressing concern of stress as psychologically experienced that can be considerably lessened in its impact by this wonder beverage. The connection might be far-stretched and not exactly occurring in the manner of what therapy might enable but the universally refreshing connotation of coconut drink makes it render a calming effect on the human. Some leisurely sips upon a coconutfull of water might help induce the calm feels by transporting you perhaps to that tropical wonderland of which it is a star element. Even otherwise, the healthiness of this beverage might be what makes it attain such essential functionality.

A Natural Beauty ‘Product’

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Coconut water can very well be substituted for face washes or even to work as toner, and work better than most manufactured or derived beauty brands. The reason of course is the different naturally occurring vitamins and minerals at play which is why it can also be used as an ingredient of facemasks and even hair masks. It can even afford substantial amount of protection against sunburn and tan and is found as a component in many specially formulated products.

Whether one chooses to use it as a face mist or dap cotton soaked in the water all over their face, the beauty benefits hold in all cases of applicability. Light and natural, coconut water is also used to treat and sooth mild skin irritations even as it can also serve as makeup remover, moisturiser, cleanser, dark circle remover, blemish reducer, and in pretty much any and every capacity you need it to work across.

‘Potion’ for the hair

Coconut oil has been long regarded as supreme when it comes to fixing hair woes. But considerably effective also would be the generally delicious water of the fruit in attending to hair issues. Much like its namesake oil, coconut water too can be applied directly to hair of any and every type. It helps with everything from lengthening and strengthening  hair while also stimulating its growth. It also is a natural conditioner and hydrator and anti-dandruff agent that makes for softer, smoother, silkier and overall healthy hair to proudly top off your person.

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The scalp is particularly taken care of by a good coconut water massage with itchiness, dryness, flakiness et al accounted for in that administering. A hydration spray can be yet another identity for the beverage to rule over your head and hair which even completely repairs damaged tresses. Consuming it also yields some beneficial effects even as the standalone potency can also be followed up by making coconut water cater as one of the many ingredients that find incorporation into your hair care regimen.

Side Effects

Despite its many amazing health, beauty and wellness benefits and even in its appeal of a naturally hydrating drink, coconut water too can put on display the other less favorable side of its profile. A potassium overabundance would be the most prominent case and cause of what might induce kidney failure or loss of consciousness among others. These indeed are aggravated effects but even rare instances of the harmful would only witness nothing more than mildness of triggering some allergic reaction or inducing laxative and diuretic effects for instance. The range though can be sufficiently large in bearing such possibilities of both lowering and increasing blood sugar levels, electrolytic imbalance, stomach issues in case of copious consumption. People with certain existing health conditions though might experience such issues and side effects in greater assertion of seriousness.