Amazing benefits of aloe vera for health and beauty

amazing benefits of aloe vera

The motherly spirit that nature nurtures, it is unsurprising that we have been blessed with such endowments that are wonder troves of spectacularity. One such very essential plant that freely inhabits the earth is one of the wonder plants, aloe vera. The plant of immortality, as per the ancient Egyptians, aloe vera has persisted with its age old charms of being a holistic delight. A really prominent presence in the repertoire of traditional medicine, aloe vera is now becoming a remarkably visible presence in the sphere of not just health but also beauty. The medicinal and cosmetic properties of this spiky green plant have been widely explored in the modern times to amazing effect. Here’s enlisting some of the many reasons that make aloe vera a true wonder of the world-

A complete source of vitamins and minerals

benefits of aloe vera
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While aloe vera is mostly raved about for its beneficial beauty effects, this wonder plant is also as potent a health booster. The benefits of aloe vera expand way beyond the realm of its application on skin and hair, encompassing also amazing health benefits.

Aloe vera is high on powerful antioxidants, the compounds that are the most efficient in protecting your body from diseases. Apart from this, the aloe gel also is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, sugars et al. While the antioxidants help fight free radicals in the human body thereby potentially preventing the growth of cancerous cells, it is also the age of the aloe plant that considerably influences this life saving property.

The immortal plant is also a particularly rich source of a host of vitamins. Vitamins A, C, E, B12 as well as nutrients like folic acid and choline are abundant in aloe vera. Also, aloe is a vital source of 19 of the 20 amino acids essential for the human body. Making the plant a part of your regular diet will therefore ensure that you amp up your body with the required nutrients that can help keep illnesses at bay. In its numerous antioxidant and antibacterial properties, aloe vera is a true antidote.

The wound healer

Aloe vera is also particularly beneficial in the healing of wounds and burns. The gel of the aloe plant has significant impact on collagen synthesis, which is a very vital requirement for wound healing. From increasing the collagen content to changing its composition, aloe vera helps in accelerating wound contractions thereby helping with healing. In its anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties, aloe vera also helps first and second degree burns heal faster. Aloe vera also helps inhibit bacterial activity on cut wounds and scars thereby ensuring that there is little chance of infection.

A natural skin healthying agent

aloe vera for skin
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The effect of aloe vera on rebuilding collagen spells also wonders for your skin. The active production of collagen by your body is what keeps skin looking taut and young. It prevents fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening your skin and keeping it supple. In firming and tightening loose skin, aloe vera is a winner. In addition, the many vitamins and minerals amply present in aloe vera also provides your skin with the essential nutrients thereby helping it to retain its glow and youthful essence. Also a natural moisturizer, aloe vera helps in rejuvenating the skin by scrubbing off dead skin cells and keeping it healthy and clean.

Helpful against diabetes

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A common ailment arising out of lifestyle choices or genetic disorders, diabetes can be a tricky health complication. As blood sugar levels rise and insulin levels fall in the body, diabetes can pose a serious risk to health. Aloe vera however can help combat this condition by boosting the body’s production of insulin. As a traditional diabetes remedy, aloe vera is widely lauded for its ability at lowering the absorption of sugar into the gastrointestinal tract. In enhancing insulin sensitivity and in preventing sugar production, the aloe plant extract can be an essential aid as an anti diabetic agent.

This efficiency of aloe vera in treating diabetes also comes around with a secondary effect. The anti inflammatory properties of the spiky plant means that it helps in wound healing. Wound healing being a slower than normal process in people with high blood sugar levels, the anti diabetic property of aloe get also manifested to this extent. By lowering inflammation, aloe vera can also help improve natural insulin levels of the pancreas by stimulating the auto immune system.

A potent digestive agent

Aloe vera acts also as an aid to digestion. Yet another draw on the many traditional uses of aloe vera is its potency as a digestive agent. The many enzymes present in the plant is what makes aloe such a good case for proper digestion. Specifically, it is the eight enzymes present in aloe vera that help with the breakdown of food, thereby aiding digestion.

Also because good digestion helps with regular bowel movements, aloe vera does more for your digestive health than just ensuring nutrient assimilation and absorption. A natural laxative, the 96% water component of the aloe vera plant makes it particularly beneficial in achieving also a healthy bowel. Aloe vera has proven to be beneficial in relieving constipation symptoms, helping with relaxing the tissues and stimulating the bowels by increasing the water content in the intestines.

Oral health promoter

A lesser known but not any less significant benefit of aloe vera corresponds to oral health. From helping with basic oral hygiene to spelling wonders for overall dental health, the potency of aloe as an effective health agent is myriad. Aloe vera helps in reducing dental plaque thereby helping keep tooth decay and gum diseases at bay. Gum swelling and bleeding are offset by the regular use of aloe vera based products while aloe vera mouthrinses can help maintain fresh breath. The gel of the wonder plant is also helpful in treating mouth ulcers or canker sores. From reducing the pain of such lumps to inhibiting them altogether, aloe vera contributes significantly to a healthy mouth.

The weight loss wonder

Among the natural agents that help with weight loss, aloe vera is a total wonder. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and water, aloe vera is one of the healthiest foods around. A significant aid to better digestion, aloe vera also enhances your body’s metabolic rate. It also helps combat water retention that offsets the additional kilos you put on due to bloating. Also a natural detoxifier for your body, aloe vera juice helps you keep hydrated thereby flushing out toxins from your body that can typically offset weight gain.

An acne staver

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Aloe vera gel works excellently on acne breakouts as it does on a myriad of skin problems. The anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties of aloe gel work in tandem to help reduce acne and also prevent further breakouts. Aloe also contains zinc, a mineral that helps with a blemish free skin. Zinc helps reduce the oils secreted by the skin glands, thereby providing lesser scope for acne breakout. Additionally, the zinc of the aloe plant also helps in repairing the skin tissue that has been damaged by acne.

A relaxer for the eyes

The extract of the aloe plant has wonderful benefits not just for your health and beauty but also on your lifestyle induced conditions. Aloe vera is often used in the areas of the face around the eyes for a host of effects. Rich in fatty acids and amino acids, aloe vera when applied around the eyes help treat dark circles or relieves swelling and puffing. The anti inflammatory effect of aloe vera also translates in being an effective alleviator of dark bags by relieving and nurturing the underlying skin tissues. By reducing fluid retention and toxin accumulation particularly in the sensitive area around the eyes, aloe vera helps keep your eyes healthy and right.

An anti tanning remedy

The many bio active compounds present in aloe vera make it one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of skin tan. They help inhibit the tyrosinase activity that which leads your skin to tan while the many antioxidants and nutrients of the plant ensure that it reverts also the inner damage done by too much exposure to the sun. By reducing excessive pigmentation, aloe vera helps you achieve your natural skin tone while nursing it back to health.

The hair benefitter

The all encompassing benefits of aloe vera transcends beyond its effect on skin and health to also benefit your hair. The many nutrients present in the plant make aloe vera an excellent stimulator of hair growth. The plant helps particularly in moisturising dry hair with its high water content and abundance of vitamins and minerals. It also helps that aloe is rich in a avriety of amino acids, that which helps with shiny and healthy hair. As a natural hair conditioner, aloe vera helps reduce frizz thereby easing out the dry look of hair. From helping with hair loss to treating the underlying conditions as dandruff and and an itchy scalp while limiting but retaining the oil secreted by the glands, aloe vera is the ultimate hair nourisher.