Bachelor / Bachelorette Party : The Modern Desi Pre-Wedding Ritual

A get-together party with some closest friends prior to the tying of the marital bond in order to have a gala time with each other has become the latest pre-wedding trend in India. Gone are the days when the showing up of your best friends at your house some weeks before the wedding in order to help with the preparations of your biggest day of a lifetime could mean just getting to spend good time with each other till the D-day is over and you are ready to start a new phase of life. Apart from giving you wonderful company as bridesmaids / groomsmen, the trend of giving a last moment surprise lavishly by your companions in order to motivate you to commence your new phase of life with sweet memories and loads of good wishes has gained immense popularity today. Known as the Bachelor Party if hold by the guys or as Bachelorette when conducted by girls, the modern pre-wedding party that has now been converted into a traditional ritual and added into the list of mandatory marriage functions, has sparked off in India since 2015. To show off some love for being the precious and supportive friend for years, your best buddies would leave no stone unturned and spent their hard earned money to pamper you and lessen the jitters that you may have due to your upcoming wedding. 

Here are some ways in which a bachelor / bachelorette party is enjoyed in India-

Taking a trip to a beautiful land

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Prior to taking the vows of spending the rest of the life together with another person, a short trip to some beautiful place with the best buddies in order to have a fun and relaxing time together has become a common scene today. With a vista of the blue sea seeming to stretch to infinite horizon or the serene hills covered with vivid greenery to keep you and your friends some company from the balconies / terraces of a hotel / resort or in the open area, bachelor/ bachelorette trips are a good way to reminisce the amazing memories of yesteryears. A plateful of some yummy delicacies and flavourful drinks will satiate the taste buds and stomach and make your company gossip over the latest rumours or events heard or turn back the pages of the memory book in your mind to recall some funny or memorable incident that you all have encountered together. Apart from a relaxing time, sightseeing becomes a more fun-filled affair when done together with the closest pals. From getting the encouragement to question the guides together for interesting tidbits of information about a place of importance to ignoring the questioning looks of others for posing weirdly together for the memorable photoshoots, bachelor/ bachelorette trips are indeed some pleasant times to have. Moreover, huddling together in a room of one of your companions in pyjamas and drinking some fine wine along with the mandatory shaking of legs or dancing together to some favourite songs is an event without which no bachelor/ bachelorette trips can be considered to be completed.

Hosting a single day fun-filled party

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The tradition of throwing a beautifully decorated party at a particular location for the would be bride / groom by their pals is one of the mostly followed bachelor / bachelorette party ideas in India. The prime feature of a bachelor / bachelorette party includes the mandatory cake cutting ceremony amidst a pretty backdrop just like the modern practices of every birthday party. After the cake cutting event is over, the fun sessions of gossiping over some drinks and snacks start. From discussions about the personality of the life partner to the advice on how to ace a married life like a pro, the gossip sessions of bachelor / bachelorette party are entertaining where discussions and advice seem to go hand-in-hand over peals of laughter. To host a special bachelor / bachelorette party for the dear friend is almost like throwing a surprise mini-birthday midnight bash in the hostel years ago where a series of plans had been made up so that he / she feels happier with your efforts of pleasing him / her. However, the planning of a bachelor / bachelorette party for your precious buddy is an emotional affair as you know that he / she would be moving to the phase of his / her life where responsibilities would increase and the commencement of a new family life would happen. Apart from ordering or baking a yummy and visually appealing cake for your friend, the preparation or buying his / her favourite food and drinks would make the bachelor / bachelorette party a hit. With your friend in a good mood, the energetic dancing sessions would turn out to be much more fun and the worries of pondering over the future would get washed away for some moments as everyone would whirl joyfully to the beats or tunes of the music or song.

Have a sleepover together

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A day of going over to your friend’s house to help with his / her wedding preparations and simply spent some good time with each other might be considered as an old-school way of having a bachelor / bachelorette party but is one of the classic and wonderful way of going and giving some comfort to your friend who might be feeling stressed by pondering over how his / her future married life would turn out to be. Moreover, it would also be a great help if you help out your friends’ parents with the wedding preparations as they are the ones who would remain busiest to ensure that the D-day of their child would turn out to be the best event they had ever planned in their lives. A sleepover session with your dearest buddy just before some days leading up to his / her wedding would be like reminiscing the old carefree fun-filled childhood days together and plan suggestions on acing the responsible future life strongly. With a week full of fun chatting and activities, a sleepover holiday is a beautiful way to make sweet memories together before starting a married life which does not include having to empty out your pockets for throwing a merry bash.

Indulging in some merry and silly photo shoots

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The plan of having a fancy dress photo shoot session just before a wedding is more popular with the ladies. With uniform dresses and doing some weird poses before a camera, the idea of a girl gang to do some bachelorette party photo shoots amidst some artistic or majestic background is a hot trend in India today. Meanwhile, the bachelor party photo shoots in a scenic location are also in prominence. Although the photo shoots of the traditional pre-wedding and wedding rituals is a must, the idea of having a special bachelor / bachelorette party photo shoot is to make some great memories together with our pals and recall the wonderful days when we look into the wedding albums in future. The bachelor / bachelorette party photo shoots are also a great way of sharing the story of a great friendship bond literally among our known ones by posting it on social media.