Beauty secrets from the world over

beauty secrets of the world

Beauty has always been universal and eternal. And so has been the pursuit of it. The standards of beauty are different for all and this preference for certain features and characteristic and traits over the others have led different people and countries and cultures to devise their own methods of attaining an expression of beauty that they find utterly desirable. Some of these beauty secrets today are well known the world over, while some others continue to prevail only locally, nevertheless working still the wonders expected out of them. From food and flowers to sands and muds and even slime, beauty secrets of the world are at least as diversive and interesting as the manifestation of beauty itself. Here are some such beauty secrets from different world cultures that might be worth trying out-

Rice Water

Given how much of a staple rice is in most Asian nations including China, it is not at the bit surprising that the Chinese masses have been relying upon the crop even in their beauty pursuits. Rice water is a revered beauty ingredient there, used extensively as a cleanser for the array of nutrients that it drains away from the rice upon washing. Rice water helps wash away the dirt and oil off the skin therefore making it a very popular natural remedy for getting rid off blemishes from the face.

Also to make skin smooth and soft and elastic, rice water has been finding favor among Chinese people since ancient times. Fermented rice water is also used on hair, to make the tresses long and shiny and is in fact the secret of the Tao women of the village of Huang Luo in China’s Guangxi Regi, recognised by the Guinness world book of records as the “world’s longest hair village”.


If its rice in the eastern ambits of geography, it instead are oats in the geographically western land of Brazil in America that serves as a food cum beauty medium in one. Oatmeal is the pick for the Brazilian masses when it comes to healing and soothing a nasty sunburn. By virtue of its antioxidant properties, oatmeal flakes are what Brazilians ‘bath’ in to relieve themselves of the sting and burn that a really severe sunburn can bring along.

Dominican Republic

Yet another ingredient of the culinary that is also as effective a beauty treatment stems from the pungency of garlic. The properties of this wonder spice work really well upon brittle nails helping them make stronger and shinier and longer as well which is why chopped fresh garlic is added to clear nail polish before applying them on the nails. Loaded with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, garlic might be offsetting for many in its really strong aroma but the pursuits of beauty does not allow anyone the luxury of worrying about something as ‘irrelevant’ as some slight discomfort to the olfactory!

Olive Oil

Olive oil might be no secret when it comes to exploring its beauty benefits. But one offbeat way in which it is worked into the beauty regimen finds expression from Romania where soaking nails in olive oil infused with vitamin A is their remedy for healthy and pretty nails. In fact, so ingrained is this routine within the realms of Romanian beauty that people there unfailingly adhere to this ‘custom’ once every two weeks.

Beach Sand

Hitting the beach in Brazil isn’t just a form of relaxation, it also is a wholesome beauty regimen in itself. Brazilian folks rely extensively on beach sand to scrub off cellulite from their skin, with also its effectiveness as an exfoliator and in stimulating the circulation of blood making for a really surprising but substantial beauty secret that is worth all the bucks but actually accrues to one completely free of cost!

Dead Sea mud

It is no secret that a range of muds find extensive use in the beauty world as an ingredient of face masks or sometimes as the entire mask itself. But a rather native Israeli way of embracing the muddy route to beauty rests in mud from the intriguingly world famous Dead Sea. Israeli people cover their bodies with the mineral rich mud of the sea and go for a dip in its saline water to give themselves a dose of the most natural beauty treatment there could be. This however would be a beauty secret that has found global expression as a number of Dead Sea mud enriched masks are readily available to cater to the exotic demands of beauty enthusiasts all over.


Another popular beauty secret today is the effectiveness of oatmeal as a face mask, which is something the world seems to have derived from a long standing Russian practice. In Russia, it is common for women to mask themselves in soaked and softened oatmeal mixed with other wonder beauty ingredients like lemon juice and olive oil for a beauty routine that shines indeed through their impeccable beauty.

Ice Cubes

The icy trait of beauty is a well established fact of effectiveness as is supported by our numerous hacks that involve a whole range of cool cucumbers or even a refrigerated spoon to instantly rejuvenate ourselves and attain a more youthful, radiant look. France however pursues the icy coolness trait of beauty a bit too literally as French people swear by ice massages as their secret to world famous beauty. Massaging the face and body with ice is an excellent way to beauty because it helps speed up blood flow that endows a healthy glow to skin.

Orange Juice
Costa Rica

For shrinking the pores on their skin, Costa Ricans have forever harnessed the innate goodness of orange juice that they mix with water and dab on their face with cotton balls. This though is a short term solution for a problem that is indeed a beauty setoff but even in the short duration of its working, the method is very much effective.

Snail Serum

The standards of impeccable beauty with their flawless complexion and fine skin and everything, trusting the Koreans when it comes to closely guarded secrets can clinch one a winner. And one such rather unbelievable but genuine secret that comes from this land of all things fine is the not very nice sounding stickiness of snail serum. But while the mucus of this rather unassuming creature itself can do wonders for your skin, it also is another Korean tip that just about accentuates the potency of this and numerous such secret beauty treatments. The Koreans believe in proper application of any skincare product, working upon a particular area at a given time in circular motions that however need not really be gentle. In fact it is a rather vigorous and pressurised motion of product application that holds greater potential to boost beauty.


Sweet and enchanting and pretty, daisies conjure up a world of beauty on their own. Which is why it is no wonder that these delightful flowers have come to manifest their own in the beauty world. In the magical land of Turkey, daisy water makes for a very interesting ingredient in the beauty regimen of women. Blondes in Turkey use the water infused with some of these pretty flowers on their hair as a highlight booster. Natural, intriguing and definitely beautiful, this is one remarkable way to pamper those glorious locks of blonde tresses with.


colombian coffee cellulite scrub
Source: Action Coin

The Brazilians might have been content with their sand filled beaches to rub off cellulite from their body. But the people of Colombia have a fancier way of dealing with those flakes of unwantedness marking their skin. In action is the forever versatile granules of our forever favorite cuppa of coffee, that is combined with brown sugar and used as an exfoliator. In thus helping to smoothen out the skin and also render it tighter, the Colombian coffee cellulite scrub is a rather exotic beauty hack.


Another wonder spice that features as a secret ingredient of beauty is the rich golden hued goodness that turmeric comes steeped in. While the benefits of turmeric for health are numerous, equally exemplary are its impacts upon beauty particularly when adhered to in the Indian way. So potent are the effects of turmeric on the skin that its application as a mere paste is enough to lend one a glow that mimics its bright hue. Also an antiseptic, turmeric helps to relieve the skin of many an ailment as well furthering its really remarkable explorations of beauty.


Japan’s famed variant of green tea, the matcha is one of the many standout culinary phenomenon pertaining to this nation that boasts a number of diverse elements in all aspects of its being. Equally pertinent is this green tea drink in being a wonder agent of beauty which imparts its aesthetic benefits indeed also as a beverage. But the Japanese use of matcha for beauty exclusively means that they also put this powder on their hair for maintaining its volume and shine. Together with some eggs and coconut oil, a matcha hair pack is the secret agent of the lustrous head of hair people in Japan struts off with.