Types of beds to plunge into for sleeping, fantasising and dreaming

types of beds

Be it just laying on there daydreaming or plunging deep into its inviting confines for a relaxing experience in sleep, beds shape up as a world of their own. With an allure so enigmatic that has us make more than optimum use of these furniture eliciting the yawns and the drowsy desires of mankind such that we even ‘dine’ upon them at times while surrendering absolutely to that ultimate euphoria in curling up with a book in hand, beds are expanses harbouring the many fantasies of reality including of course the prime notions in sleeping and dreaming. For an entity so simplistic yet so wholesome, beds though exhibit equal variety when it comes to their designs and shapes and sizes and types and kinds. Here are some of such types that beds exist in that we knew not so much about-

Trundle bed

Beds designed to consider the constraints of space while attending impeccably to the functionality of them are entities very frequent in their coming to dot and decorate the sleeping premises in homes and house. Called trundle or truckle beds, these particular manifestations in duality consist of a low wheeled bed tucked away under the main bed and pulled out to reveal additional bed space on a lower level as and when the case might arise for its use. Pop up trundle beds also exist where both beds can be made to match up in their heights presenting also additional sleeping space but in a wider span of the overall.

Bunk bed

So coveted choices for children’s rooms and dormitories and hostels but also frequent occurrences in more grown up settings of sleeping as in ships and at the military are different types and kinds of what are collectively known as bunk beds. These are essentially beds stacked one or top of the other, the upper ‘berth’ of which is accessible by a ladder or stairs and made to measure such that occupants of either bed do not experience any discomfort in availing of the purpose for which these are designed. One special case of the bunk bed happens to be the loft bed which features a bed just in the upper part while the lower space is allocated to serve other functions in accommodating drawers or desks or the like.

Sleigh bed

Very namesake an identity in what it presents itself as visually is the sleigh bed made to resemble what we know as a sled or sleigh. Featuring thus a curved design on its foot and headboard to emerge as a grand indeed piece of furniture to sleep upon is this early 19th century creation undoubtedly aesthetic in its very premise in foundation. The traditional wood built of sleigh beds led them to demonstrate in rather finesse the extravagance of their curves. But modern day adaptations in such materials as aluminium or iron or steel has come to considerably limit the flaunt of the dramatics in design even when holding on still very evidently enough to the essence of it.


The most commonly known multifunctional piece of furniture noted in its alternate identity of the bed but asserting also as a couch is what we understand as the divan. Structured like a bed while seating in the cushioning of what one would link couches to is this piece that does not therefore strictly need to find its place in just the bedroom. In fact more often placed in living rooms are divans that yet again emphasise on the need for encompassing within itself the essence of storage so as to free up as much space as possible. Compact yet elegant and definitely stylish and substantial, divan beds make for a great option to scout out to sort both sleeping and seating needs at once.

Murphy bed

One of the more interesting designs of the bed that though stills make more than enough space for storage to fit in is the Murphy bed unique perhaps in also its naming after the creator of it. William Lawrence Murphy is who this bed takes after and is so much considering and considerate of the appalling lack of space in most modern settings that allows it thus to fold into the very walls of rooms and houses. Thus standing vertically when not in use, Murphy beds however need not essentially embody the essence of storage within them. But they still are very empathetic indeed assertions in the space saving arena which is what makes them a popular choice across bedrooms of not rather lavish dimensions.


Source: Paimona

A classic style of traditional woven bed hailing from the region of South Asia known for its repertoire of crafting wonders is the charpai literally translating as a four legged structure and one that is immensely simple and really ‘authentic’ in its construction. With a wooden frame providing the basis for the natural fiber ropes to find its weave in comfort and convenience alike, the charpai is a rather sturdy setup for people to commonly sleep in mostly napping during the daytime but also often used for deeper sleeping routines of night.

The tradition embedded in its essence as well as its ethnic emergence as a craft might be what makes the charpai a beloved existence in the regional context. But it also is its amazing benefits in health delivered through merely sleeping upon it that makes this really ancient piece of furniture a marvel that no technological innovation and/ or modern day invention can ever replace.

Polish bed

A really extravagant style of the bed and one that therefore is not so much a common occurrence in ordinary homes, confined rather to the grand rooms through which history flourishes in much splendor is a French style invention curiously called the Polish bed. A mid 18th century phenomenon, eloquently detailed then as the Polonaise after Louis XV’s Polish wife and alluding to that nationality because of the frills that reminded the French of the Polish dress, this appears as a small canopy bed definitely aesthetic to extents so as to manifest as centerpiece of bedroom furniture.

And while the presence of the canopy already ensures the definite dwelling of drama in this exquisite domain of elegance, it also is the additional flair of the curtained element topped also with an additional detail in as much prominence that further hypes up this feminine looking, romance inducing, beautifully striking specimen in not so much intention in sleeping as in flaunting as a bed nonetheless but draped in all glamour of the finery.


Despite its name alluding to the bed identity, daybeds actually are more multipurpose a piece of furniture that can be used also for lounging, reclining and seating apart from the very obvious functioning of it as a place for sleeping. Emerging as a cross between a chaise lounge, a couch and a bed are these functional and also stylish style of the bed most prominently that also earns bonus points owing to a couple of its common features. Typically possessing also a backboard through its entire length and even the sides in some cases, daybeds also tend to be relatively comfortable options catering to a whole lot of lifestyle demands all at once.

Poster Bed

A poster bed or more descriptively, the four poster bed is also one timeless entity marking the world of furniture and one that derives its identity from exactly what it is. Quite simply this is a bed with columns vertically mounted on each of its four corners that was probably designed for allowing a canopy to be rested over it for such purposes in hanging curtains to keep insects and the cold away from interrupting the pursuit in sleeping. At least of 16th century origins but finding mention much much before by more than a ten centuries earlier, the poster bed itself ascertains itself in different types and styles. From pencil posters to half posters and low posters, there are numerous variations characterising this particular form of the sleeping bed.

Half Tester Bed

A canopy bed essentially and deriving thus on that identity to qualify also as a poster bed, the half tester though is a very distinct bed style in the visual depiction of it. As the name suggests though, this is a bed featuring only half a canopy over the extent of just its headboard and also essentially resting on low legs as a uniquiety of sorts that is more striking an assertion in appearance than being exclusively functional an item in itself.

Ottoman bed

Ottoman bed
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More wholesome a piece of furniture and not so particular in its identity as a bed is the Ottoman hailing indeed from that very empire it so glaringly calls to mind. In fact so versatile is this rendition of the furnishing kind that is equally likely to find accurate interpretation as a footstool or a low couch or a small cushioned seat or a small table or a stool. What however brings upon it also the status of a bed is its ability in transforming into a twin or single sized bed when the occasion arises.

Even more amazing is the fact that there exists also a specific type of the Ottoman bed that tends to be accentuated still a handy furniture in its rather technological specification. Referring to a particular design of what emerges as the more general type of storage beds would be the Ottoman bed that relies on hydraulics to lift up its base to the edge of it so that the entire space underneath can be employed for optimum use in storage.