9 benefits of beard that you must know if you are thinking about growing one

benefits of beard

Now that No Shave November is on and you have yielded in to the ‘demands’ of the season, it might do you well to keep that very manly mass of hair on your face. ujj believe it or not, there are more than enough benefits to growing a beard that you could have ever thought about. Here’s enumerating 9 such vital benefits which sporting a beard will allow you to take advantage of-

Beard makes you more attractive

Perhaps it is the rugged look that beard brings upon you or the general perception that you aren’t man enough until you have a beard, but beards indeed make guys look more matured. And needless to say, more masculine. Beards therefore obviously make you the center of attraction, provided you know how to shape them right and keep them clean, which can help you (and others) raving about how hot you are! Beards even make men feel attractive themselves and they indeed do look every bit of it. There’s nothing like a well maintained beard with the scruffs and the edges that just elevates your desirability to a different level altogether!

Beards are nothing but an extra layer of protection from the cold


There’a reason why it asks not to shave in November and not in any of the other months. Because with the onset of winter, a beard can be your most handy asset to keep the chills at bay. It helps the cold from not settling on your skin thereby ensuring that you don’t lose out on the warmth and also don’t fall prey to the dip in temperature. And a beard might in fact feel like the most snug comfort you can ever experience. And also because the onset of the cold spells doom for your skin because of the associated dryness, it’s your protective beard that can help you stay as fresh and snug even in the winters. Plus it also ensures that colds or coughs are a less common occurrence since you have ‘someone’ (=something) to keep you warm.

The benefits of beard also extends to blocking out the sun’s rays and the associated harmful effects


Contrary to popular perception as how beards may be very unhygienic, a face full of hair in fact bears greater health than you might imagine. Beard acts as a protective layer for facial skin which can therefore help men have relatively better skin.

Facial skin is particularly affected by the harmful rays of the sun, whether it be manifesting as something as simple as chronic sun damage or something fatal like skin cancer. Beards however block out upto a whopping 95 percent of the ultraviolet rays that cause such disorders, thereby rendering you almost immune to them.

Naturally then a thicker beard is what you should be striving to grow if you want maximum protection from the sun. Too much exposure to the sun causes saggy and wrinkled skin, which is very much avoidable, at least in the face if you are one of those dudes adhering to No Shave November. Significantly, a beard can also help offset your risk of contracting skin cancer since you would be virtually unexposed to the sun even when you are whiling away the entire day under it!

Infections also tend to be lesser pronounced at the beard’s mercy

If beards are effective enough in staving off something as powerful as the sun’s rays, it sure can do wonders in keeping infections at bay. Because however gross it might be but bacteria do indeed live and even breed on your skin day in and day out thereby making it impossible for anyone of us to be infection free. A beard however indirectly helps in making at least a portion of your skin free from the impact that bacteria can have on your skin.

The facial skin that remains covered under the beard for long periods of time is definitely smoother than the other parts of your face. Because shaving leads the bacteria to spread and cause acne and numerous such infections, not to mention cuts, breakouts and ingrowths, it’s indeed wise to let your beard grow unhindered. In fact shaving also generates more pronounced acne flare ups and even worsen your existing acne disorders. To the extent that beard can help you boast smoother, healthier skin, the benefits of sporting a beard are indeed phenomenal.

Your throat and gums also owe it all to the beard

Beards also help with keeping even throat infections at bay. Because with that ‘protective mask’ on, air- borne bacteria cannot find an easy way into your mouth. This means that you become less prone to such diseases that would otherwise have easily afflicted you if you were completely bare in the face. In the many ways in how beards help avert colds and other such infections, it is not very different to nostril hairs perhaps. Also, by keeping those bacteria out of your mouth, beards can also promote better gum health!

Beard can even help untrigger your asthma!


One of the lesser known but more potent benefits of having a beard is that it even bodes well for respiratory disorders like asthma. The facial hair helps by acting as a filter thereby distorting the allergens from finding their way into your respiratory system. Needless to say asthma and allergies are warded off to a considerable extent for people who sport a long, luxurious beard.

No shave November? Speak about being the anti- ageing ambassador!

The many benefits that a beard can encompass bodes particularly well for your appearance and facial appeal. Unsurprisingly therefore, beards can have you feeling and looking younger. Because sporting a beard means you tend to have a blemish free, healthy skin, it indeed endows that youthful look on you even while vying for you to appear more matured and confident. And it’s an undeniable truth of perception that the younger you look, the younger and better you feel. That’s human psychology- good vibes have you living in a happy state of mind and body which again augurs well for your better perception of the self. This indeed is the classic case of the good bringing in the better and the better. With an improved health and more positively received appearance- and of course all the right feels, a beard helps you in staying younger all throughout.

Allowing your beard to grow adds on valuable time to your schedule

It isn’t just the benefit of having a beard but also the luxuries of not having to shave off one that works equally well for your physicality and even existence. It might sound ridiculous when we choose to enumerate the amount of time men ‘invest’ in shaving off their beards but many studies indeed have proved that having to deal with the regular hassle of shaving takes away quite some time off your schedule.

On paper, that might sound like just some little traction of your day but in perception it is undeniably worthy of your greater and more important pursuits. You can shave off this argument as being one perpetuated just for the sake of it but you cannot alter what it means for the benefits of allowing your beard to progress in all its natural glory. Also by warding off shaving, you tend to cut out not just on time and expenses but also protect yourself from significant infections and other such repercussions.

A beard also helps to retain the moisture in your skin


Ditching the shaving kit also ensures that your skin holds on to the moisture by virtue of the beard you so flaunt. Because shaving opens up the pores in your skin, it tends to suck out all moisture out of it.

Also, continuous runs on the delicate facial skin with those edged, super sharp razors means you are already damaging your skin more than you can afford to. By constantly ‘nourishing’ your face with such shaving foams and lotions and after- shaving creams that indeed have a hell lotta chemicals in them, you are already draining your battered skin out of more and more moisture. This results in dry and flaky skin, easily perceptible to rashes and infections. So when you indeed do grow a beard, it helps to keep you and your skin protected. Also since beard oils and creams work on the facial hair and not on the skin, it ends up leaving your beard better groomed and your face better nourished naturally.