Embracing the sinfully sweet route to health


It isn’t everyday that life hits you pleasantly with such revelations of amazement that has everything to do with the things you like the most. But when it does finally, and to such extents that promise to be a life changing endowment of knowledge, setting you up for a more pleasurable experience of life itself, it indeed underlines once again the belief of life being wonderful in all its amassment of worth, worldly or otherwise.

Gratifying therefore in its immense trove of sweet offerings is a life that only few can celebrate without a slice of cake to dig into or a plateful of desserts to munch up in all their sinful deliciousness. Because no matter how much we might be left full after that big handi serving of biryani or rattle up all the taste buds in our mouth through a panoply of the most meaty dishes every Christmas, the cherry on the cake happens to be always the best part of all things food, saved therefore for the last to make the eating experience one fulfilling not only for the tummy, but also for the soul.

While desserts are inarguably the best part of every meal, or even the best meal by themselves, there exists a certain hullabaloo around them. In their scrumptious essence and indulgent taste, desserts have come to earn a reputation that is equal parts fulfilment and equal parts folly. From being asked not to overdo them to being advised to ditch them altogether if possible, desserts appeal as negatively to the health of the body as positively as it caters to the sense of taste.

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But the best things in life being sweet, it’s impossible and of course undesirable too to not gorge on these sugary sweet treats of calories and fats and guilts and that which of course seems to stem so much from divine origins in their aroma and taste and vision. Which is why the very instance this somewhat oxymoronic premise of ‘benefits of desserts’ revealed to us as something that might change our lives forever, we pounced upon the next plateful that sat there daintily, with its range of appealingly colored and flavored sweet and sinful goodies even as we continued to scrounge the internet for the truth behind it. And to our sweet surprise, as it turned out, desserts indeed do reside in their own world of goodness, and one that does not only have to do with what they look and taste like, but also what they are like at their core. So if you too are someone like us who would only be let better off by yet another excuse to eat your dessert, read on for here we are rounding up reasons why you can totally go for that digging in the brownie bowl!

Desserts can be nutrient dense

Starting off with this rather startling fact about desserts being packed with nutrients might convince you that we are here to scam you up, but choosing the right dessert options means that you indeed are signing up for a dose of nutrition as well. A lot of dessert options like apple pies or carrot cakes or banana loves or peanut butter cookies essentially embody also the nutrient composition of their composite ingredients. So for someone who doesn’t go bananas over bananas, a multigrain banana bread might be an ideal way of including all such benefits of the fruit in their diet.

In fact all types of desserts that are based on fruits or dairy endow you also with the benefits of what make them up. To that extent, desserts can even be seen as an essential part of every diet. It’s of course necessary however to keep in mind the portion size so that the benefits of the good does not get outnumbered by the calories of the other constituent ingredients. It also is better to go for homemade, freshly baked options since you can be sure of exactly what you are treating your body and the taste buds with.

A happy you is directly proportional to a ‘desserted’ you!

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There’s no any second thought on this- desserts indeed harbour the enormous capacity of igniting happiness in everyone. Because our sweet cravings present always as a means of indulgence, it guarantees the happy feelings of having reaped a reward which is the psychological manifestation of the dessert benefits. But there’s even a food based stemming here at work that explains why you invariably begin to view the world in much beauty after savouring that decadent piece of chocolate cake. As foods that contain a naturally high percentage of carbohydrates, desserts help the brain and body produce such chemicals as serotonin that contribute to overall emotional well-being or what can be interpreted as giving you the happy feels. Happiness after all is a very essential component of life that goes a long way in determining the quality of life you live. In therefore allowing yourself the delight of a mouthfeel of desserts you are only enriching your existence all the more.

Desserts are a healthier breakfast option than what you might think

Another sounds too good to be true fact about desserts is that while they might not be really healthy per se, they surprisingly make for a good breakfast choice vis-a-vis the other preferred alternatives. First because calories are easier to burn when they are consumed early on in the day because you have the full day to remain active in your routine. But also because a treat you give yourself first thing in the morning, the dessert satiates not just your tastes but also your mind which is why you experience less cravings and more gratification throughout. Starting off the day right with a meal that you really enjoy is what sets you going for the entire duration of it. And in rewarding yourself with such a divine indulgence can be all the motivation you need to stay pumped and alert.

That said though, breakfast desserts should not be an everyday affair since then your body would be conditioned to have only something sweet and indulgent early on. But whipping up a sweet palette more often than you are allowed to is quite feasible, especially when you choose to make your own desserts- say whole wheat pancakes with honey or some dark chocolate cookies to pair your coffee with for a breakfast that gets as indulgent as it can. The energy from the sugar rich meal provides you the punch to keep you going in good spirits and in less feelings of hunger.

Desserts help with weight loss

No way, you might be screaming after this ridiculous sounding proposition of desserts being responsible for weight loss rather than weight gain as infamously attributed to. But when you indulge well within your limits, your sweet nothings can be the way to the very end you had been shunning desserts for. Because desserts tend to be so decadent and celebratory, people relish every morsel of it, savouring its every bite and swallow that leads to enhanced satisfaction, that is so much a vital element for weight loss, given how it is more a matter of mind over body. Anyway, cutting out on sweets is one of the biggest reasons why most people fail in their dieting pursuit. Allowing yourself therefore optimal access to desserts is very necessary so that your emotions and your waistline both retain their ideal state.

Desserts make you fat fit

One rather contradicting aspect related to desserts is that despite their reputation to the contrary, they can be in fact goading you towards a more fit and active lifestyle. This is because when you make the choice to have your dessert, your conscience also manifests itself in such power that pushes you to actively pursue your exercise regimen so that you make up for whatever you had rewarded your body with. That also might be a way to allow yourself the luxury to not restrict yourself when it comes to further sweet indulgence because that is something you love so much to not let it slip away from you at any cost whatsoever. This leads to a two fold process of living the best life- one, you are not starving the soul of what it desires and two, you also are letting yourself reap the benefits of exercise, accentuated further in its pursuit by your own willingness.

Desserts can boost your health

Apart from catering to the pinks of your emotional health, desserts can also help you with the physiology of your body. This however is one benefit of desserts that concerns with one exclusive category of it- chocolates, especially dark chocolate. While the aphrodisiacal properties of chocolate are well known- and taken advantage of as well- the benefits of dark chocolate extend way beyond the pleasurable.

Moderate consumption of the antioxidants rich slab of dark chocolate go a long way in promoting heart health, reducing the risk of stroke and therefore of early death. In addition, the anti inflammatory properties of dark chocolate also help with overall immunity of the body as well as with reducing also its insulin resistance and lowering blood pressure while improving brain function. Dark chocolate is also as good for your skin as not only it keeps you happy to lend the glow unto you but also protects it from the harsh rays of the sun. With a range of such benefits that spell wonders for your health, you don’t really need any other reason to go indulge in your favorite kind of dessert- the sinfully dark chocolatey dessert temptation.