Scooping out 9 reasons why you are totally allowed some ice cream this winter!

ice creams in winter

You don’t need any reason to scoop yourself some ice cream in any season of life. But for enhancing the feel good vibes that slurping an ice cream will guarantee bring on to you, we have all the convincing you would ever need for an extra serving. Here’s reasons galore why you should totally stay loyal to your ice cream addiction even in the winters-

Ice cream warms you up!

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This might sound insanely ridiculous but we are just so thankful for this as well! Because of it’s high calorie count, ice creams actually ends up warming the body in the long run. Gorging on some sinful scoops of this super sweet dessert can feel cool to your tongue but what it does to your body is the dramatic opposite! The carbohydrate content in ice cream is visibly high, so to digest all of those carbs and the associated calories has your body taking so much effort that it warms up! In fact ice cream can lend you the heat better than soups that only feel warm to the taste but intensifies the cold later on. Whosoever knew we are so so better off with ice cream!

Ice cream tastes better in the winter

Winter Ice Cream Scoops
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Okay we might not be having the science to back it up but who cares about whatever scores with the taste? We say ice cream tastes a bit more heavenly in the winter is because it then becomes the proverbial forbidden fruit! And with so many seasonal variations that the ever versatile, deliriously delectable ice cream has on offer, you can’t really negate us!

Be it fruity flavours or festive fiestas, ice creams are so refreshingly different every winter. And you have an exciting range of exotic options to choose from. Eggnog ice creams are an absolute Christmas favorite while other flavours that amply serve the celebratory spirit stem from maple and rum, brown sugar and salted caramel, cinnamon and candy cane, apple and kiwi, and what not. Your winter ice cream platter definitely is a different dish up of divine desserts!

Winters also ward off the creamy messiness

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However a lover we might be of ice creams, we absolutely hate that dripping mess of drizzling stickiness as it makes its way down our fingers and hands upto our elbows and where not! Which is why there cannot be a season more perfect than winters to absolutely gorge on some of the deliciousness! With winter temperatures keeping the melting mess at bay, you can enjoy your cooling treat at a pace that just suits you best- to your heart’s content and at your luxury. Anything for chomping down on a nice intact treat even if it means being snubbed and despised for it! Sure the proof of the ice cream is in the melting but we can as well do without any of your science. Again!

Ice cream soothes down the sorest of throats

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I don’t care how on heaven or earth ice cream does that wonder thing to your sick as hell throat. As long as it helps me get rid of that uneasy clamour up my thought, that too while being an absolute fantasy, I surely am up for some ice cream remedy any and every time of the day, season, year or even my life! Because cold and sweet foods provide relief to that nagging discomfort of pain explain exactly why some ice cream scoops are all the love you need to spring back to health.

Because some foods taste the best with ice cream!

There’s no way you can be arguing on this one. You might be a die hard brownie buff or a forever enthusiast of digging into hot gulab jamuns. But you know the altogether different level your cravings can catapult into the moment you add a nice, rich scoop of cool ice to it. Sizzling brownie with ice cream is a classic dessert recipe as is a chocolate ice cream sandwich. And there’s no reason why you should just stick to the conventional when it comes to indulging in something as sinful as the scoops. Go out of the way to do up your hot beverages and comfort foods with just a dollop of the creamy coolness and melt away into fantasy foodland! Winters or not, ice creams are definitely a forever fan favorite.

Ice cream can help with weight loss!

Whaaaat? Calories for weight loss? Sounds too cool to be true. But it indeed is a fact that ice creams help shed off excess weight which is however basically an extension of its warming effect. It’s the calcium in ice cream that is responsible for promoting a slimmer waistline, like all other calcium rich foods can be proud of. Of course the strict portion size matters a hell more when it’s a treat you are counting on to serve your purpose. But as long as we can still harbour health without sacrificing scoops, we are more than coolly contented about it!

There’s even a thing called the Ice Cream Diet!

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With its goodness in not hampering the weight loss determination, it isn’t surprising that there’s even a diet that runs on ice cream! The magic however lies elsewhere- every effective diet dwells in a balance of proportionate consumption and exercising. And the ice cream diet in its recommended ice cream portion every day helps with not having to leave you craving and starving for some divine deliciousness. Because it earns you the right to treat yourself every single day, you perhaps remain more committed to the Ice Cream Diet and end up losing more than you take in.

Ice cream stimulates the brain

cloud ice cream

As if we needed to mention it so explicitly. With its ample mood boosting abilities, ice creams are just the perfect recipe to instant happiness. Because it perks up our mood and satiates the taste buds, ice cream indeed can stimulate the brain like no other thing in the world ever can. Specifically when you lick up some ice early morning it rewards you like no other because it has your dopamine levels on a high. It might also be the pleasure of the right start to the day or the simple adage of good food meaning a good life but ice creams do indeed can have you up and about for the day in just an instant! Dietitians or even your mom might not recommend ice cream for breakfast but with all the life blues to deal with you sure can sneak out secretly with one!

Ice creams boost immunity

Okay so ice creams help with a sore throat, helps in keeping you warm and you still can’t believe it is immunising enough? You have got to though anyway. As one of those fermented foods that help keep your guts and respiratory system health, ice cream definitely works wonders with the immune mechanism of your tortured body. What’s more, ice creams have also been found to reduce carcinogenic risks while of course endowing more strength to your bones and rendering unto you all the goodness of milk which you otherwise abhor. And there’s still lot more to rave about but we can’t because we are rather busy screaming for some more ice cream!