Falling in love, glowing with it

glowing in love

A grateful appreciation of life, a hearty acknowledgment of the beauty of the world and an overall increase in zest for living- love prepares you for such experiences that makes for a wholesome time of existence. Waxed eloquent about by diehard romantics and more practical lovers alike- even by folks for whom love in the sense of its dreamy aura has not yet woven its magic into their lives, the vivid vagaries of love aren’t lost on any. Love indeed tends to make all things so much better merely by working its charm unto them. Such are the wonders of this thing called love that manifests in every facet of worldly existence, surely emotionally but quite surprisingly beyond also the realm of the intangible. Perceptible in the wide range of ways in which it affects the heart- in feeling as well in anatomy, love is worthy in every reiteration of it. But why just the heart, love can spell out its enamoring brilliance on well about anything that concerns those lucky enough to fall headlong into the deep entrenches of it. Specifically with the human body, love works its wonders better than any epoch making breakthroughs that medical sciences can afford, making it the proverbial elixir, the magic potion that enriches life. Love indeed reserves the power to make you happy and having you feel complete and fulfilled. But the dynamics of love also can afford such changes to your physicality that leaves you healthier, brighter and radiant to the fullest extent you can be.

The catch about love in fact is all in the physical aspect of it. Despite it being understood as a state of the heart or the mind at most, the inexplicable signs of falling in love are manifested in part through a wide range of changes occurring in the body. Quite blatantly, love isn’t anything more than a mere play of hormones and while this is a fact that might come to be disappointing in seemingly taking away the magic quotient associated with the flutters and the feels, it holds still in all its universality. Not just love though, every form of emotion that we tend to experience by virtue of being animate beings has us responding to the trigger of certain hormones, making therefore feelings more physiological an aspect of life.

With love in particular, this play of the hormones manifests through certain specific names that go a long way in determining the extent of effect it can hold on your person. Particularly responsible for this fantastical feeling of the flutters that reveals as love to us is the hormone oxytocin, very aptly known as the love hormone. A mood booster, this attachment hormone is what makes you feeling so much in love, romantic or otherwise, but a rather glorious way in which surges of oxytocin affects you is by endowing you with the blush in your cheeks, which then are indeed a draw from love, in some way or the other. While oxytocin does this directly by lifting up your mood and rendering you happier in love filled togetherness, it also does the same in more nuanced ways. An anti inflammatory agent that helps speed up the process of healing, oxytocin in increased quantity in a Cupid struck body means potentially less irritation and more glow.

Additionally, oxytocin also helps lower the levels of the stress causing hormone cortisol in you which therefore spells wonder for your health and beauty. Stress is one of the major causes of many skin and health related problems- from acne and breakouts to fine lines and wrinkles as well as dehydrated skin and a lack of sleep infused general tiredness and fatigue that shows up in your skin and health, stress seriously dampens your natural radiance and glow. By causing cortisol levels to dip therefore, love by means of oxytocin helps restore the youthful glow of the skin and enhances the innate beauty in you.

Despite however the exclusively love prominence of oxytocin, it isn’t the only chemical composition that caters to the lovely, gorgeous you when you are obviously head over heels in love. Also in action is another hormone, this time one that explains why you tend to feel so excited all the time you are in love. Falling in love is no less than an adventure for sure, with such skips of the heart and miss of the beat being parallel experiences in the realm of both which means therefore that love also means a rush of adrenaline through your body. While this adrenaline surge is one that causes you to feel so pumped up, the effects of it are as evident in your physical self as well. With every experience of the adrenaline rush, your skin gets bathed in a healthy glow, owing to the thousands of tiny capillaries that lie just below the surface of your skin becoming dilated, leading therefore to more efficient blood flow in your body. With increased blood flow, there also is an increase in the flow of its composite elements of oxygen and nutrient to your now even better nourished skin, explaining the youthful exuberance and rosy tint that characterise every single individual so happily wading in the magically gleaming waters of love. The role of adrenaline in building a healthier you is even all the more encompassing. As an appetite suppressant, the high levels of the hormone keeps you away from mindless snacking which is such a plus not just in helping you keep in shape but also again in endowing you that healthy glow that perhaps will have the entire universe falling in love with you!

Endowing that glow by means of hormones might be quite passive a way for love to assert its enormous power. Which is why this play of the hearts does also in a manner more assertive, by substantially reducing your blood pressure levels, which again is a great way to steer clear of a host of skin issues like premature skin ageing, acne, pigmentation and such other stuff that always tend to show up, however undesirable they might be. Lower blood pressure also spells wonders for your heart and your overall health as well, making for yet another of the umpteenth reasons why falling in love has been so cherished an experience in the human context since the advent of the times itself.

Returning to the universe of hormones though, a spectrum that cannot really be avoided when you are going gaga over love, we find this jittery feeling manifesting through a couple more chemical compositions inside our bodies. Love in its physical reiteration that involves warm hugs and comforting cuddles is also responsible for the production of serotonin. A key regulator of mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness, serotonin assists the body in its many vital functions of sleeping, eating and digestion, rendering you therefore more healthier an individual, the impact of which shows in your overall physicality. Equally effective is the love element of sex when it comes to that glow brought about by the tireless work of the hormones. Especially with orgasmic sex, the benefits tend to get even pronounced as it leads to a spike in the levels of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone levels in the body. DHEA helps improve the appearance of the skin by increasing its thickness and hydration while decreasing facial pigmentation. The passion of love expressed through sex can help clean out your pores as well, simply by getting your heart rate up that leads you to breaking a sweat.

benefits of love
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According love also the status of the intensely emotional experience that it is supposed to be has us deduce similar benefits attributable to it. Love means not just romance and passion but also understanding and support that which drives you to enact a range of positive lifestyle changes just for the sake of a love that lasts forever. Be it romantic, filial, platonic or any kind of love whatsoever, the feeling of affection is only pure when it lends you such confidence and motivation that has you wanting to emerge a better person. Translating as such mindful aspects of living that encompass a healthier diet, a more dedicated exercise regimen, a mindset rooted in more positivity and generosity and such other assertions that feel like love even when eloquently spelling such, this tug of the heart harbours the potential to nurture you into a different person altogether. In all its wondrous essence that brings the best out of you simply by gifting you one of the most treasured experiences of life, love sure is the best thing we do in the world.