An ode to oranges: singing paeans of the superfruit of the season

benefits of oranges

Vibrant and zesty (literally as well!), oranges indeed are the fruits to cheer through the winters. With a look that instantly enamors and a taste that is sweet and juicy to the tongue, there isn’t any reason why we wouldn’t be totally crazy for oranges. And the superfruit that it is, it’s also a bonus that oranges come with a whole basket of benefits for your overall health and beauty. Here’s listing a score amazing benefits of oranges that will have you gorging over a score more of these delectable beauties-

Promotes Weight Loss

Ever wondered what is about fruits that make it so very an essential component of a balanced diet? Or how every time you resolve to tone down your belly for the summer, your nutritionist asks you to turn to fruits for the solution. That’s because fruits happen to be very fibrous foods that have you feeling fuller for longer and thereby limits your eating. And along with the immense amounts of fiber, the real superfood that oranges are also means that they happen to be low in calories and high in water content. This translates particularly well for a body that is trying to cut down fat without too much drastic measures. Plus with their sweet, juicy taste, oranges anyway feel like more of an indulgence than a compulsion. What a win- win even in a weight loss scenario!

Protects and promotes vision

Rich in Vitamin A, C and carotenoids, the compounds that help in bettering eyesight by protecting the mucus membrane of the eyes and strengthening the optic nerves, oranges augur well for your vision. Oranges also help set off the damage that age tends to bring along for our eyes by preventing mascular degeneration as well as inhibiting the formation and development of cataracts.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol Diet
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While as a fruit oranges are healthy enough to not have any cholesterol content of their own, they however are armed with properties that can significantly lower the impact of bad cholesterol on your body. While the synephrine of oranges curb the production of cholesterol in the body, the phytosterols and fibres also found abundantly in this super fruit block the cholesterol from being absorbed by the cells in your gut. What’s more, not just the fruit, even the peel of oranges contain compounds called polymethoxylated flavones that can lower the levels of LDL far more effectively than even conventional cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Betters heart health

oranges for heart
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Indeed, in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol, oranges do help in protecting your heart. But in also promoting the levels of good HDL cholesterol in your body, it in fact ends up in promoting the health of your heart. Not to say how in helping with your weight and obesity levels, oranges indirectly augurs well for your hale and hearty existence. Rich also in potassium, magnesium and a host of other essential nutrients, oranges can improve your cardiovascular health immensely.

Lowers Blood Pressure

While the many benefits stemming from the high Vitamin C content of oranges need no retelling, there also exist other important nutrients and minerals in this very versatile fruit that equally spell their potency against a number of health disorders. One such element is potassium in which oranges abound thereby helping also with management of blood pressure levels. Also in its bioflavonoid manifestation in the hesperidin, oranges indeed do significantly reduce hypertension levels.

Alleviates Stress

A fruit so potent that the mere smell of it can alleviate stress, oranges definitely are the ultimate stress busters. While in their rich Vitamin C and citric acid encompassments, eating oranges provide your body with enough nutrition and vitamins that help lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, smelling the fruit leads to rise in the body’s level of the feel happy hormone serotonin. Also by lowering blood pressure, oranges already ensure that you are lesser susceptible to stress attacks. Either way both these effects ultimately bode well for a stress free existence and therefore a healthy life.

Fights Cancer

While most fruits are rich enough in antioxidants to be potential cancer set offs, the effects of oranges to this effect are pronounced even prominently. As a citrus fruit, oranges significantly cut down your risk of cancer in the digestive and respiratory tract with the presence of D-limonene in them. Also in the presence of the phytonutrient caretenoid exclusive to only some categories of fruits and veggies including oranges, they can also put you at lower risk to the overall chances of being affected by cancer.

Wards off kidney stones

prevents kidney disease
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Oranges, in all their citrusy existence, also can help in minimising your risk of developing kidney stones. The citrates present in the fruit are purportedly helpful in keeping the formation of stone in the kidney at bay by increasing the urinary pH value and citric acid excretion from the body.

Boosts immunity

Again bolstering the immunity of the human body is the phenomenal power of the Vitamin C content of oranges. In its numerous properties that help keeping your body healthy, it is obvious how oranges work upon your immunity. By promoting the production and efficiency of immune cells and also by fighting inflammation, oranges are the ultimate way to overall good health. From inhibiting infections to safeguarding your body, oranges does it all.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

With a low glycemic index, the superfood called oranges definitely are one of your best options to regulate blood sugar levels. Also in being a healthy and natural alternative to mid- meal snacks and an absolutely lip smacking one at that, eating an oranfge means that you are not just driving away bad health but also ushering more of the good of it. In its high presence of antioxidants and fibers as well as in its fat burning properties, oranges help keep blood sugar levels in moderation.

Inhibits anemia

orange fruit benefits
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It again rests with the essence of orange being a citrus food that it can help in fight off anemia. While it is iron that is the most essential component in fighting against low concentration of red blood cells in the body, oranges work to the same effect through a different approach. The Vitamin C and citric acid of these fruits classify as organic acids which help in the absorption of iron from the source and also in its assimilation into the blood.

Improves Blood Circulation

oranges are good for health
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The citrusy essence of oranges helps in better circulation of blood in your body as it helps in thinning of the same thereby leading to a smoother, enhanced flow. By strengthening the capillary walls and preventing plaque accumulation, oranges promote good blood flow and thereby also promotes heart and overall health.

Helps against constipation

benefits of orange for constipation
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While the high on fibre content of oranges definitely help with constipation issue, there is more to it than just meets the eye. Even Vitamin C also can do wonders to relieve you of constipation. Being a water soluble vitamin that has an osmotic effect in your digestive tract, vitamin C acts as a stool softening agent. Oranges also contain a flavonoid called naringenin that is found to have a similar laxative effect that can offset constipation disorders.

Helps with acidity

vitamin dense orange

This might sound surprising for a citric acid rich fruit like orange but the fact is that this superfood indeed does help with acidity. The Vitamin C of oranges work sufficiently well to detoxify your body, while providing relief from acidity and heart burn with their alkaline properties. This alkaline effects spells more benefits for your health that what you consider it capable of. Once oranges are digested and metabolised, they have that soothing alkaline effect on your body which spews protection from not just acidity but also some cancers and helps promote bone health.

Nourishes Skin

The many benefits of oranges that do wonders for a healthy you also reflection externally. Specifically when it comes to your skin, the nutrient dense oranges opens up a world of healthy goodness for it as well. The natural oils of the fruit help moisturise your skin while the high concentration of citric acid acts as a skin exfoliator. Not just that, even the peel of the orange can lead to glowing, healthier skin if you just rub off those rind grinds to enthuse yourself with even higher doses of Vitamin C. An orange peel mask can also help you to get rid of skin tan naturally.

Delays ageing signs

A citric fruit, oranges essentially come loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants that spell a range of benefits not just for your health but also for your beauty. The free radicals that are amply abundant in oranges help your skin retain its tautness and glow, thereby seeming impacting the process of ageing. From reducing the sagging of the skin to offsetting the appearance of wrinkles significantly by building up on collagen and elastin, oranges bode well enough for your skin to keep it healthy and have you looking young for longer than you expected!

Enhances hair growth

benefits of orange for hair
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Oranges also work miraculously to enhance the health of your hair. The Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E found in oranges help with hair growth. While eating oranges will necessarily impart all the nutrients to guarantee better hair health, you can even apply an orange paste on your hair for more pronounced results. The flavonoids and Vitamin C content of oranges helps improve circulation to the scalp thereby promoting the growth of your hair. In effectively setting off hair thinning and balding worries, oranges are the savior.

Silky and voluminous hair

Needless to say with improved hair growth and better hair health, oranges will make your tresses more voluminous. In addition to that, this superfruit also works well in rendering your hair shinier, lustrous and bouncier while also conditioning your hair. All you have to do is make a paste out of the oranges and you are ready to shine much like those rotund fruits of vibrancy!

Prevents Dandruff

orange peel benefits
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The peel of oranges also are effective in getting rid of dandruff. With its conditioning and exfoliating properties, the juice extracted out of the orange peels can help get rid of the dead flakes thereby inhibiting dandruff. The enticing aroma of the orange rinse also means that it have your hair smelling fresher for longer as well.

Benefits of orange seeds

While the benefits of the orange fruit and even its peel does the rounds of generic knowledge, it is also the seeds of the fruit that harbour similar potential. Like the fruit, the seeds too are rich in Vitamin C and chewing on them is as effective in promoting overall health as is eating an orange or extracting the benefits out of its peel. With its range of all encompassing benefits stemming from its equally all encompassing essence, oranges indeed are a worthy superfruit!