Amazingly wonderful beauty benefits of salt

salt for beauty

Salt might not be among the most adulated of ingredients that you chance across very often in the world of beauty and health. In fact this element of everyday occurrence that is a staple in kitchen pantries and is popular as a flavor aider, is rather notorious for its detrimental effects on the human body. While a couple grains of salt is indeed a good thing to take, either in the literal or metaphorical context of it, the adage has always been to not venture far away from what is the optimum.

Salt has been known to yield numerous adverse affects on the physicality of humans, both in terms of its healthiness as well as with regards to its facade of appearance. And for sure, salt does manifest its negativities in very visible means as well through its prime way of retaining water in the body. Everything from that queasy uneasy look as well as feel of bloating to the unwanted puffiness or dark circles that appear under the eyes can be the effects of including too much salt in your everyday diet. Not to mention exclusive health complications like high blood pressure as well as heart concerns and many more such stuff from the arena of the undesired that salt in everyday excess definitely leads one to and that which reflects also on the state of your beauty.

Salt as an agent of beauty

And yet, despite the mostly unappealing affects that salt tends to have upon us, this commonplace ingredient of the culinary yields surprising benefits as well within the same coveted realms of health and beauty. These benefits likely to be extracted from the use of salt however does not pertain at all to the ingestible properties of it but works instead in means of application upon the body. Also important to note here is that it isn’t table salt but rather sea salt that makes the cut as being part of lifestyle choices outside the ambits of the kitchen. Which means that a dip in the sea from which salt makes its way can count indeed as a ritual in beauty.

Loaded with minerals and nutrients, sea salt is in fact one of the most natural as well as cost effective remedies for a wide range of beauty and wellness issues that invariably plague us all. From your skin to your tresses and also to some extent your state of mind, the human self can be largely beautified by the use of salt all over it making therefore this item of the ordinary a rather extraordinarily effective agent of dwelling in the healthy glow of eternal beauty. Following are the many explorations that make salt a great wonder of your beauty regimen-

Helps with Skin Conditions

Sea salt comes loaded with a range of skin friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium that help the skin to heal its way to health. With its anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties, magnesium helps with an itchy skin since it can reduce the moisture from the bacteria and fungi that contributes to this really serious issue. Particularly for people dealing with persistent skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or even something as commonly encountered as excessive dryness, inclusion of salt in their everyday regimen comes with added benefits.

Regular washing of the body with salt water that comes laden with all the necessary minerals help combat acne-causing bacteria and skin infections while also speeding up the healing process endowing you thus with a silky soft and smooth skin. The moisture reducing properties of salt help also with oily skin, by controlling excess oil production that which itself is one of the most effective ways to avoid a whole lot of skin problems and infections. Particularly with issues like acne that is generally caused by oil clogged pores, using salt water can be an effective remedy of reducing the extent and severity of such breakouts both by means of a balanced oil production as well as by impeding the growth of bacteria.

Gentle Exfoliant

One of the best natural exfoliants, salt makes for a remarkable ingredient to make its way into your beauty regimen for really impressive results. The irregularly shaped crystals of sea salt helps gently polish the skin off dead particles as well as the accumulated dirt and oil without resorting to the use of any chemicals to that effect. Helping thus to open up the pores of the skin through very effective cleaning as well as stimulating the circulation of blood, subjecting your skin to the effects of salt means that you allow it to better absorb moisturisers for an enhanced glow. Not just that though, the exfoliating benefits of salt also helps rejuvenate, brighten, tighten and soften the skin for a better shot at true beauty.

Rejuvenating Scrub

Besides acting as an exfoliator, salt scrubs help also with achieving a healthier skin. Which means that apart from effectively sloughing off dead cells and dirt from the surface, salt aids also the process of skin cell turnover which is the ultimate natural mechanism of keeping skin smooth, soft, healthy and all things desirable in the very glow of it. And despite hydration being something that you would likely not associate with salt, as anyone who have experienced the insanely parched feeling associated with a heavily salt laden meal would know, this amazingly versatile element of the natural world does indeed help to hydrate the skin as well to endow it with that added dose of health. This salt does through its mineral content that helps to restore the protective barrier of the skin and thus enables it to hold hydration.

Facial toner

While cleaning the skin through effective oil reduction and deep cleansing of pores is indeed what salt does to guide your way to smooth looking, healthy skin, it aids also another vital aspect of what drives the skin to glowing beauty. As a facial toner, salt helps as well to shrink the pores of the skin and allows it to breathe more freely, thus helping you feel fresh all day long. Add to it the oil sapping properties of a salt spray and you will hardly need anything more to look your dazzlingly refreshed best all through.

Skin Detox

Exfoliating, toning and smoothening out the skin are only the very basic benefits attributable to that salt wash you have been regularly swearing by. What salt also does is work its advanced way into the skin to detoxify it as well. With its excellent absorbing properties, salt helps suck out the harmful toxins from the skin by cleansing it thoroughly, bathing you in a radiance that makes you feel and look forever young and beautiful. And despite the complicated mannerism of its working, the detoxifying effects of a salt regimen are rather easy to extract. You just need to apply a thin layer of salt on your dampened skin and let it dry to let the magic ingredient greedily suck out all the toxic elements of it.

Relaxes the body and mind

If subjecting your skin to a salt wash is so effective to lead it along on the path of healthy beauty, then just imagine what a full fledged salt bath will do to your body. Soaking yourself in a relaxing salt bath is one of the guaranteed ways to wellness with not just physical but also mental benefits. A long soak in salted water makes your skin less susceptible to wrinkles dominating the expanse of it due to its ability to retain moisture.

Alternatively though, a salt bath is a also as effective at reducing water retention and thereby bloating in the body through the impact worked upon by its magnesium content which is quite a contradiction of what ails the body upon consumption of this substance of natural occurrence. Soothing puffy eyes brought about by excess consumption of salt can also be remedied by invoking its anti inflammatory properties upon application on the skin!

Not just the skin though, a salt bath also has similarly calming effects on the mind. One of the most relaxing agents that is composed with such properties that help the body heal naturally, salt is known to be a stress reliever as well. This particular aspect of a relaxing and rejuvenating salt bath is all the more enriching a component of beauty since it helps reverse or at least offset the impact that stress can have upon overall health and wellness.

Healthy Hair

Another surprising arena of working that salt encompasses is along the length and around the roots as well of your tresses. The properties at work are the same which means subjecting your hair to a salt treatment will do you well by absorbing excess oil, humidity and moisture from the scalp. In turn therefore, salt helps shrug off those dead flakes of skin so notorious in its prominence as dandruff from your head by ensuring that those white particles of nuisance do not stubbornly stick to your crowning glory.

Apart from regulating the sebaceous glands, applying salt on your head helps exfoliate the scalp and opens up the blocked pores of it, helping with achieving thicker and faster growing hair. And even if you cannot be bothered much about the health of your hair, a salt treatment will still hold you good in your style game as it is the surprising secret to flaunting those worthisome gorgeousness of beach waves. No wonder your hair always looks so damn good right out of a splash in the waves of the sea!

Whiter Teeth, Brighter Nails

salt nail art
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The effects of salt on teeth are not as lesser known, thanks to the numerous toothpaste ads that so evocatively draw out the presence of it in their products as a necessary ingredient of them. As a natural abrasive, salt helps brighten the teeth while killing also the bacteria in your mouth. But beyond lending you with a freshness of breath and a very gleaming smile, the benefits of salt trickle down all the way to your nails as well. In softening cuticles and strengthening and brightening nails, salt works its way in yet another surprising manner to emerge as the true epitome of all round beauty. Plus salt nail arts can be another manner to add style to your pursuit of beauty through this very genius ingredient in store!