Simply standing for healthy living

benefits of standing

Good health is something all of us want to be blessed with or even achieve through our own habits and changes incorporated into the ways we live because there indeed is no happiness that a life lived in the pink of health guarantees. But while the route to good health might be simple, it isn’t the most easiest of all to tread upon. The requirements through which our health can evolved to be good and better and the best might be many but they are very often minimal. Simple adherences to following a proper diet, an active lifestyle, a dedicated exercise regimen, all in such measures that call for moderation and not any drastic change needed to be effected in our ordinary everyday routine can be more than sufficient at whiling away life in utmost fulfilment. And yet, we very often fall short of meeting such requirements of health and happiness because we deem such measures to be difficult to follow

Our fetish for junk food has us believe that we cannot possibly do without them. While the tediousness we believe exercises to harbour essentially has us rather make compromise with the standards of our life and living. In face of such stark misinterpretation, it comes as a relief that the natural way of life has always been generous enough to be blessing us with such means and resources that are effective and easy to carry out and maintain as part of our daily schedule and without any added effort made therefore. Consider for instance your food choices that are indeed spoilt for making a pick from natures granary of luscious fruits, juicy greens, tempting meats and just about anything for that matter. Exercise though might be an exertion given that physical activity is not something that makes for an indispensable element of the modern way of life. But even very simple, routine activities of walking and running counts as exercise and goes indeed a long way in keeping us fit. But even if the wondrous nature of something as effortless as a walk sounds like too much draining of your energy, then there’s still another way for you to pursue for allowing yourself an even fairer shot at life and liveliness.

And this particular charting pertaining to being the path of a healthy enough life is the most simplistic of all ‘exercises’ that you can possibly perform. Or that you would indeed need to because that’s just how essential this mode of health is as being among the most basic of life’s leanings. If the sweats trickling down your body after a fast paced walking extravaganza is offsetting enough for you, forget the endurance of running or the dedication of hitting the gym, then all you need to do is simply stand! No, not a complex headstand or an intricate handstand- all those would be too offbeat, we understand. Instead, a simple enough, ordinary stand upon your two feet you have been blessed with should do the trick, and fairly enough at that as well. Turns out, standing up for one self, both literally and metaphorically, yields more than enough power to make it count no matter the particular aptitude of its assertion.

The key though of course is to stand in optimum and not in extremes of its working, like for the entire day every single day of your lives. Indeed, as with all other requirements of a healthy life that stipulates moderation as the key, whether it be in leisure or in exertion, standing as exercise too is effective if you stand it out for some two to four hours per day. But in being an activity not in motion, the very simple act of standing can turn out to be more difficult to perform that even walking and running because indeed the exertion of boredom is always more tiresome than the one of labour. Making standing therefore a exercise feasible enough to drive your pursuit of health calls for consciously making it a part across such walks of life in which you can indeed eke out some room for this activity to occur without disturbing your regular daily schedule.

Most of the professional work that we are designated to do in this world of the digital allows for more than enough scope for the body to comfortably settle down. Sitting on chairs, reclining on sofas if the now debatable luxury of work from home entails still to one or even more ergonomically imprecise positions that indulge the body in seeming comfort but are more than disastrous for the position of it in the long run are the order of the day. But the human body being designed instead for standing and walking and running instead of sitting and slouching, it would make much more sense if we revert to this natural position in which we are expected to exist most of our lives. To understand also the benefits of standing for the human body, it perhaps would be more appropriate if we begin instead by understanding the many ways in which prolonged periods of sitting can harm our physicality in ways that are hard to even comprehend of as availing of something so integral a part of our daily activities.

When we sit in the same position over long hours, the natural process of blood flow within the body gets seriously disrupted. This makes the formation of blood clots a greater possibility, setting therefore the stage for a wide range of health complications to follow. Also associated are such obvious consequences that can arise from too great an availing of what we consider the luxury of sitting, like lesser exertion of the muscles of the lower body that makes them weaker and more susceptible to developing injuries and infirmities. Excessive sitting, especially when we are working and therefore unconscious of the posture we are maintaining also is the reason why back and neck pains as well as hip, knee and shoulder pain are such common problematic encounters of the modern human. Not to mention the increased risk we are exposing ourselves to of that again very modern day phenomenon of obesity and the long list of potential health dangers religiously accompanying this new world demon and we should already be shunning our sitting tendencies before it is too late for us to be able to stand up and truly live life in all health and vitality. Another reason why standing needs to be pursued by deleting seating arrangements as much as possible is because the tendency to sit and slouch can potentially cancel out the effects of the many exercises that you still might rely on for health purposes.

Thus, standing is beneficial exactly because it can reverse the long term negatives of too much sitting. Particularly in the workplace where you are most likely to sit through much of your time there, which by the way makes for a significant portion of your adult life, standing at your desk is a rather rewarding way of making amends. No wonder standing desks have been quite the workplace rage for quite a while now that allows you the scope of attending to work while maintaining your healthiness. But beyond also the benefits to your body that made you swap out the chair in the first place, standing desks at work or simply standing while working is also a far better bet of improved productivity. Because in standing you are being far more conscious and focussed than when you are allowing your body to lose itself in the cushy comforts of a chair or even a recliner for that matter, your ability to concentrate is considerably boosted. Associated also is an increased experience of energy and excitement, sparked probably by the mere realisation of indulging in something more holistic that might spur therefore your zeal to work more efficiently. Also with increased blood flow aided by the activity itself, your levels of alertness and aliveness are elevated that which crucially pushes up your functional capacity.

This impact on workplace productivity is vital not just for your company and your career but also for health. Being in a workspace where you feel more efficient and energise positively affects your mood and therefore your happiness levels. This aids indeed the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction that itself can have an overwhelming impact upon health. Beyond this, other exclusively physical ways in which standing manifests itself as a greater supporter of good health is its enormous reversal of mortality proneness. By reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as other life threatening illness like diabetes and other metabolic illnesses, standing has a favourable impact on long term mortality. Cholesterol levels dip and so does your experience of the many pains that are offset on account of the ease in which the muscles come to relax in their most natural state. Standing is also known to boost bowel function while somehow burning calories as well, which however is not as significant as compared to other more exerting exercise forms. But as an activity that itself is less exerting, the weight loss and calorie burning attributes of standing still are assertive enough to count as one of its many benefits.

How standing works in such measures of good health that might seem amusing given that it doesn’t really appear to us as being an exercise enough is by simply exerting the muscles in the abdomen, legs and lower body that otherwise remain almost non utilised in seated positions. Versus the effects of sitting that is almost always accompanied by slouching and results therefore in a compressed rib cage, standing helps the lungs to expand and therefore increase its capacity. Standing has also been found to cut the risk of certain types of cancers by boosting natural antioxidants and killing free radicals through increased body movement. By also impeding the pancreatic function to such levels that count as optimum, standing can help lower insulin levels that helps avert both blood sugar and cancer causing factors. Apart from that, delaying muscle degeneration, strengthening the bones as well as the core of the body, enhancing brain functioning by promoting better circulation, slowing the aging process, enhancing overall flexibility are the many other benefits that accrue to a person more practising of the standing activity.

The definite physical benefits attributable to standing indeed are significant enough to help in the pursuit of good health. But standing also works in other socio- cultural ways to further health and happy living. Apart from increasing productivity and boosting therefore our self confidence and perception of self worth, standing also promotes greater social interaction. In such assertions of increased social participation and a more flowing vibe commensurate with the human reputation as being a species who needs the society to survive in holistic happiness and well being, standing indeed does more to help every aspect of our health and existence than what we can ever imagine.