Best interior designers in India to look out for

best interior designers of india

Interior designing in India is no more a matter of luxury, but rather one also as much steeped in the necessity of a contemporary existence. However, designing is an art that does not come easy to all. A bit more of the design endowment and you end up being gawky, a little less of it and you feel like you have let it undone. But the country does have such fine interior designers that can transform your place radically enough. Here are the best interior designers in India you can watch up for if you are seeking some design inspiration-

Lipika Sud

The president of The Guild of Designers & Artists and an International Executive Council Member of SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council, Lipika Sud has been one of the foremost interior designers of India. Also the Immediate Past Chairperson of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers – DRC, Sud is the Founder Director of Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Sud’s unique design sensibilities that find ample reflection in her many works has earned her several prestigious awards.

Recipient of the “FICCI FLO Outstanding Women Achievers Award”, the Udyog Ratan Award, Design Professional of the Year Award and Best Designer for Creative Excellence, Doctor B.R. Ambedkar National Award, Sud has also been part of the National Governing Body Member – FICCI FLO. A graduate in economics and holding a degree in law, Lipika Sud is the Co-Chairperson of The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (Infrastructure). Her journey as an interior designer has been quite phenomenal. From starting out without any formal academic background in designing to emerge as among the best in the country, Lipika Sud’s exemplary understanding of design trends sure sets her a class apart from others in the realm.

Sunita Kohli

A Padma Shri awardee for her contribution to national life by excellence in the field of Interior Design and Architectural Restoration, the manifestation of Sunita Kohli’s architectural inclinations needs no further validation. Yet this woman who started out as early in 1971 without, yet again, any formal education in the field, has continued to translate her innate understanding of design nuances into reality through some of the most extraordinary and celebrated projects in the history of the country. And that’s exactly where Sunita Kohli transcends from being another of the fashion designers of India to emerge as the absolute best in the country.

Having restored and decorated Rashtrapati Bhavan (the President’s House), Parliament House Colonnade (1985–1989), the Prime Minister’s Office and Hyderabad House in New Delhi, Kohli has to her credit also numerous international projects in designing. From designing the interiors of the British Council Building in New Delhi to designing the National Assembly Building in Thimpu, Bhutan, Kohli has time and again asserted her tremendous command over architectural elements. Sunita Kohli has also been a guest lecturer at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Innovations and has been on the National Advisory Board of the ‘National Museum of Women in the Arts’, Washington DC. Specialising in research based designing, Kohli serves at present as the president of K2INDIA covering a wide range of aspects as Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture, Restoration, Landscape, Construction et al.

Manit Rastogi

In being an architect who puts wholesome thrust in the incorporation of green ideas into his designs, Manit Rastogi is definitely one of the distinctive interior designers of India. A Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects and the Royal Society of Arts, UK, Rastogi is also the first Indian to win a World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award and the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Getz Award. As the founder of architectural firm Morphogenesis, his is an internationally acclaimed design venture that has won him some 75 international and national awards. With sustainability at the core of all of the projects that shapes the architecture of Morphogenesis, Rastogi has reasserted his pledge to design spaces that appeal on aesthetic grounds while still not compromising on ecological and economic viability.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan
Source: ANI News

Among the most well known of celebrity interior designers in the country is Bollywood diva Gauri Khan. With Gauri Khan Designs, Khan has been brilliantly manifesting her artistic rationale through such projects that has firmly established her as one of the leading designers in the country. A keen eye for aesthetic detailing coupled with an intense understanding of what appeals to the senses guides Khan’s many a superior reflections of the fundamentals that make her style of designing a unique aesthetic of its own.

The recipient of the prestigious Excellence in Design Award in 2018, Khan has designed a wide range of Bollywood celebrity homes while also collaborating with international designers in launching eye catching home accessories. Characterising her very inimitable designs are the definite dualities of luxe comfort and eclectic joy, that make Khan distinctly different from other celebrated designers. With neutral colors setting just the perfect tone for the most luxurious of designs to bring to life her characteristic style that is realistic yet incredibly dreamy, Gauri Khan knows how to do style best- bespoke and timeless, and with such panache for the senses that will leave you gasping for breath. 

Rajiv Saini

As the founder of the firm Rajiv Saini and Associates that was one of the Top 5 Design Studios of 2002 by the U.K. based magazine Wallpaper, Rajiv Saini is one among the absolute best when it comes to interior designers in India. Recipient of the Inside-Outside Designer of the Year and the Elle Décor International Design Award on three occasions, Saini’s many architectural manifestations invariably blend elements of contemporary design with detailed craftsmanship to deliver such design sets that cleverly rely on subtlety while playing with multiple influences. With such projects as the Marriott Hotel (Goa), Devigarh Hotel Udaipur to his credit, Rajiv Saini has established himself as an impeccable asset in the world of design and architecture.

Tanya Gyani

Tanya Gyani
Source: DelightFULL

A world famous interior designer from India is Tanya Gyani who has been phenomenal in her chosen field of art ever since she had been into it as a student. Awarded the Elite Student Award of the FDA during the course of her Masters in Interior Design from Florence, Italy, Gyani is now one of the most reputed of residential interior designers and home decorationer in India. Versatile and varied in the verve of her designing pursuit, Gyani derives her design inspiration from as diverse places. From the myriad influences of nature to the many modes of art that gleam in supreme aesthetic vibrancy, Gyani’s designs transcends the barriers of a single form of visual expression. In binding the laidback essence of everyday life to the luxe charm of life itself, Gyani’s designs are reminiscent of her elegant approach to style that renders her work so very appealing and charismatic.

Shabnam Gupta

One of the top celebrity designers in India, Shabnam Gupta weaves her tale of spirited yet delicate design through her designer studio, The Orange Lane. Among the most awarded interior designers of India, Gupta has been named among the Leading Ladies of 2004 by Elle India as well as one of the top 10 designers to watch out for by Forbes India 2010 and Elle Club 2012 and was also felicitated as one of Architects and Interiors i-Gen – India’s top 50 Interior Designers. Her designed spaces are a quirky mix of color and such textures that make them instantly inviting in their free spirited ambience. In conjuring up such visual wonders that are a result of continuous innovation and experimentation, Shabnam Gupta has successfully delivered such projects that are a treat to the senses in all their gratifying expanse.

Sussanne Khan

A widely popular name herself and the face behind the first interior fashion design store as well as the most popular design store in India The Charcoal Project, Sussanne Khan is also a prominent celebrity interior designer. Her rather unique design elements greatly characterise Khan’s image as one of the most popular interior designers across India. Working with such design and material ensembles that stem of metal, wood, natural fibres, concrete, geometric patterns embellishments, which are then all mixed together “to create what she calls quiet luxe, her signature style”, Sussanne Khan draws such designs that are of an altogether different dimension. In curating to perfection the tastes of clients, The Charcoal Project as a concept store and design studio is definitely one of its kind in the country.

Ambrish Arora

Recipient of numerous awards like the World Holiday building of the year at the World Architecture Festival & World Architecture News awards, the Creative Reuse Category Winner – INSIDE Awards at World Architecture Festival Berlin, the Grand Jury Prize at the Design for Asia Award, made up to the AD50 list for 4 consecutive years and also a nomination for the Aga Khan Awards cycle 2013 and many more, Ambrish Arora is definitely among the best interior designers of India.

Founder of the Studio Lotus, Ambrish is also a Fellow of the RSA, a design consultant to the Crafts Museum Delhi, the Mehrangarh Museum trust, and has served as visiting faculty, consultant and juror to architecture and design schools across the country and has lectured extensively at design events in India and abroad. Acknowledged as a thought leader in the country for their work in the domain of Architecture and Spatial Design, Studio Lotus definitely is one of the leaders in designing in the country and so is Ambrish Arora in his ingenious headstart in that span of an industry that is extremely exciting yet challenging.