Blast from the Past: Junk Food from your Childhood

Junk food is a big part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Sure, some of you may steer clear from any kind of junk food but there will be times when you just crave a certain flavour or texture that only a particular snack can satisfy.

Junk food is just an easy way to appease our cravings. They’re more accessible and can be just purchased off shelves. Instead of going through the hassle of cooking something healthy, even the most strong-willed people succumb to a delightful piece of junk. It’s alright – you’re only human.

Here’s a list of chocolates, drinks and other little snacks from way back in the day.

Lay’s Chaat Steet

Source: Flickr

New flavours from Lay’s are few and far between these days but there was once a time when they actually experimented with their flavours. Chaat Street had two flavours for you to choose from, “Golguppa” and “Bindaas Bhel”. The commercial even starred the likes of Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta. If only Lay’s experimented more and came out with interesting new flavours now as well.

Pepsi CaféChino

Source: LiveInternet

Yes, that’s really how it was spelt. Many of you probably remember the ad-campaign for Pepsi CaféChino with Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. With its coffee aroma, this iteration of Pepsi was clearly inspired by cappuccino.

Cadbury Bytes

Source: Crazy Masala Food

Cadbury Bytes was a small wafer-like snack that contained melted chocolate in the middle. It was an inexpensive yet enjoyable snack to satiate your sugar cravings.

Maggi Tomato

Source: pantryforyou

Maggi has had its fair share of controversies but it remains a popular and beloved snack to this day. Nestlé once produced tomato-flavoured Maggi, which would fill up our tummies with its combination of  sweet and tangy flavours. If anything, you could forgo ketchup whenever you’d have this variant.

Cadbury Perk

Sure, Cadbury Perk still exists. In theory. On paper. But Cadbury Perk from the yesteryears no longer exists. It was once a wonderful little wafer-chocolate before it became its pathetic, present-day Glucose version. Cadbury Perk also had interesting flavours in the early 2000s, from strawberry and mango to mint.

Cheetos Tangy Loops

cheetos tangy loops
Source: Spar


All the exciting and tasty flavours that Cheetos once offered seem to have disappeared into thin air. Do you remember this variant of small tomato ketchup flavoured loops? You could put one loop through each finger and enjoy them that way. There were also multiple other flavours (remember Saucy Cheese that came shaped like x’s and o’s?)  that were equally fun and tasty that are sadly no longer available.

Vanilla Coke

Source: Konversations

This was a vanilla flavoured version of Coca-Cola. Despite the seemingly odd combination of flavour profiles, this was quite a popular drink. While it’s unavailable for retail now, you can still get an idea of how it tastes by injecting some vanilla syrup into your Coke.


Hippo chips
Source: Flickr


Hippo was a “healthy” alternative to chips from Parle Agro. It had a really adorable ad-campaign and some really unusual and interesting flavours. It was fairly popular before it was pulled off the market. Some of the flavours they offered include “Indian Chatpatta”, “Punjab da Pickle”, “Thai Chili Garlic”, “Shillong Noodle Masala” and so on.

Cadbury Chocki

Source: Quora

Do you remember these little squeezy packets of delicious, gooey chocolate? They were also quite inexpensive, making them a fast favourite among children.