Bouquets of many beauties

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There is a certain waft of charm emanating from the very elegance in which the bouquet connotation makes itself known. Bearing within its sightly allure a grace that is what makes them a versatile token of expression pertaining to virtually every emotion there can be and that which therefore explains their serving of a vast range of purposes outside the scope of the ordinary, bouquets really are a delightful presentation of whatever it is that emerges from the core of the human heart.

But while the very mention of bouquets invariably reminisces that sweet smelling sensation of the pretty perennials and the beautiful blooms, and very aptly as well in alluding to the etymology of it originating as it does from the Old French term meaning ‘clump of trees’, bouquets need not be always just about the flowers. Pertaining still to the natural realm in their assertion as clusters of the veggies and the fruits or taking an altogether different essence altogether in such modern presentations of them loaded with the sinfulness of many a delicious cookies of indulgence would be such bouquets striking indeed both in the idea and in their appearance.

Needless to say though, it still are floral bouquets that largely sum up the premise of what this particular mention in delightful display alludes to- whether it be of affection or in the aesthetics. Making therefore for quite a sight to gush over whether it be at weddings or celebrations and passing off just as well as revering in fond remembrance of someone at funerals and mournings, it would be bouquets of flowers and foliage indeed that cater to our conjuring up of a vision of them in all universalness. And this distinctiveness of their nature as being biased in exploring the fancies of the floral also lends itself to the categorising of bouquets in types and styles that stand out in all their dramatic distinction in dwelling. Mostly adhering to the wedding scheme of things but not exclusive to them are such presentations of these blossoming beauties that entice and allure in all their trademark grace and fragrant essence.

Discovering (with definite delight) some of the most exquisite renditions of these bunches of all things immensely and diversely significant-


Source: Flora Queen

Small and round a traditional form of the flower bouquet, posies have been popular since at least the medieval times. Bound as a tight bunch of flowers uniformly cut are these pretty and petite bouquets that once were worn around the head or bodice. Today typically presented as a gift and a really sweet smelling one at that, it is this very essence of the posy that has also brought upon it the alternative identity of the nosegay. A fifteenth century combination of the word nose with the term gay that referred then to an ornament, nosegays present indeed as ornaments to the nose in reference to their typical bringing up to the nose for taking in the sweet sensation of their aroma.

Another interesting name alluding to this same style of the bouquet is what asserts as a tussie- mussie drawing from the times of Queen Victoria when they had been popular as a fashion accessory. Harbouring definite wedding vibes in their current parlance, posies make for a classic bouquet choice for brides to sport and be presented as well as a wish for their new journey to be as sweetly smelling a case in happy lovingness.


Of course there’s no mistaking what vegebouquets are- bunch of vegetables shaped into a bouquet even when they might also account for their fruitier counterparts. More versatile a bouquet choice though in a manner that differs from the versatile element that floral bouquets encompass as well in all universality, vegetable and fruit bouquets provide the additional ‘scope’ of eatability. No wonder they are all the rage today, what with the no waste idea gaining greater ground in the societal context. And while it might sound somewhat whimsical a prospect in presentation and therefore more likely to pass of as an idea in amusement, vegetable and fruit bouquets have started scouting out mainstream importance as well.

Mistaking this modern day fad in rising social conscience as an arising in novelty might be what governs our interpretation of this diverse mode in bouquet arrangement. But this is a style of edible art dating back to at least the 2nd century Rome and finding particular prominence much later during the 15th and 16th centuries. Advancing even further on the presentation trail since the 20th century are these as pretty bouquets of a different identity deriving somewhat on the principle of food being eaten first by the eyes. A not very peculiar choice today even at occasions as aesthetically appropriate as weddings these bouquets of vegetable or fruits or a combination of them is indeed a wonderful alternative to the conventional flower bouquets. And don’t dismiss them yet as being just catering to the devouring instinct; vegebouquets can be as stunningly beautiful as well!


Very structured and therefore defined in its manner of presenting the flowers that make it up is the Biedermeier bouquet asserting as a striking show in style. The types and colors of flowers embodied by this shape of the bouquet might be dynamic but the resultant vision is one that presents as a very neat, symmetrical design in concentric circles. Made up of tight a bunch of flowers uniformly cut is this drawing upon a host of European influences that pursues indeed the perfection of the geometrical in its blooming bevy. Nice and even and undoubtedly attractive in conforming to the universal beauty ideal of the symmetries would be the Biedermeier bouquets that shine through also in their distinct impact brought upon by a striped effect.

Presentation Bouquet

Presentation Bouquet
Source: One Fab Day

Another not exclusively wedding style bouquet but still as much popular a bridal choice is what is called the presentation or pageant bouquet. Easily discernible in its essence of harbouring most often a long stemmed bud as well in its manner of carrying not by the stems but cradled instead in the arms of the bride, these are also aptly known as arm sheath bouquets. Another area of expression where these bouquets are presented and whereupon indeed they derive their name are beauty pageants where they grace the arms of the beauty queens. A very elegant option in sporting the vintage look redolent with classic vibes that can be as modest or as extravagant as one fancies them to be is what makes presentation bouquets stand out in their very simplistic relaying of the dramatic.


Pomander bouquet
Source: Hitched

Oh so cute a ball created out of flowers and meant to be worn by the wrist whether by brides or by little girls alike, the pomander is for sure one of the uniquest styles of bouquet not necessarily weddingly in nature. A small round ball of generally a single type of flower or otherwise types closely related and perfectly coordinated suspended from a ribbon or twine, they are immensely adorable arrangements of the floral kind that make for an unusual accessory accentuating the bridal aura. Often adorned with beads and jewels that only make for even irresistible visions in prettiness are these compact, cute and charming pomander bouquets dangling in all the definite delight of them.

Cookie Bouquet

Another bouquet of the edible kind and one that is more delicious as well would be the ‘artificial’ span of what categorise as cookie bouquets. These understandably are bouquets fashioned out of cookies instead of flowers, or even vegetables or fruits for that matter, to make for a gift gratifying indeed in its catering to the senses of both taste and vision. Don’t expect to encounter them though at weddings or the like as they indulge more the attributes of the moreish rather than honoring the principles of marriage. That however does not make cookie bouquets any less delightful a presentation of the enticing sort, decked up as they are by ribbons and sparkling transparent film and even accompanied often by a small gift.

Styled to custom preferences and in pretty much any shape and form and type, cookie bouquets make for gourmet gifts that are sure to cheer up every adorable Cookie Monster! Why just cookies though, every single stuff of such sweetness that manifest as also as appealing identities in appearance like chocolates and cupcakes and donuts and macarons and also even the unconventional savories of fries and fast food and the like find more than popular flourish today as bouquets worth gobbling up.

Composite Bouquet

By far the most standout assertion of the floral bouquet and one that demands as much meticulousness in its crafting of the aesthetics, composite bouquets deliver a striking impression not just in beauty but also in the deftness of its arrangement. With buds and petals and small flowers impeccably making up what seems like one splendid bloom, they embody to perfection the exemplary allure of the artistic extravagance that is what makes for dazzling visions from the most ordinary of elements. One of the most luxurious looks when it comes to floral bouquets is undoubtedly portrayed by these composites of smaller blooms into a giant one dramatically upping the very intensity of the bride carrying this coveted show in ultimate spectacularity.