21 brilliant pregnancy hacks every woman should know

21 Clever Pregnancy Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Pregnancy is one of those life experiences that wouldn’t obviously be anything like those stuff you have ever experienced. The delight of having a baby, the anxiety of having responsibilities to tend to, the anticipation of a life about to change forever- all these are emotions that tend to be overwhelming. Even then it’s essential that you make the best out of this one of a kind experience. Here are a few clever pregnancy hacks that will ensure that you carry off your baby bump in style!



Carrying a baby around for nine long months is no mean feat. Which means it’s your absolute privilege to be and eat whenever and wherever you like. So go on and satisfy your cravings at just about any time of the day- or night!


Pregnancy is one of those life phases where comfort matters the most. Yet most of the time you would just be trying to figure out the exact way to be comfortable.

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Sleeping during the bulky days of preparing to have a baby is specifically difficult. To make things easier, you can opt to pillow yourself up from all sides just so you get all the ‘support’ and ease to pull off a very essential considerable hours of sleep.

Sleeping with too many pillows is always one of life’s luxuries. And when you are bearing another individual inside of you, it’s all the comfort you would need. Also, try to sleep on silk during pregnancy for it helps with its slippery texture when you have to change sides.


All of those who have been through the (bliss and) struggles of pregnancy will univocally agree that morning sickness is the worst side effect of wanting to have a child. That horrible surge of nausea that takes over at just about any time of the day is a serious nightmare.

All the added weight as also the anxiety and anticipations are enough to lead you to a veritable bout of dizziness and weakness, that is seriously overwhelming. But the best way to overcoming this is sucking on some ginger candy or some citrus whenever you feel the demons settling on you.


Another demon that comes unannounced with that little bundle of angelic joy are those ugly stretch marks. Obviously as you expand beyond your skin, itches and marks are all too common.


But you can make sure that parenting does not leave you with terrible scars. Rub cocoa butter cream all over your belly and thighs every night from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Trust me, stretch marks won’t be your nemesis ever after this very essential hack!



Alternatively, adding collage powder to your morning beverage can also help avoid those nasty stretch marks. It’s easier than having to apply cream all over your body every single day. Plus the changed taste of your drink is a welcome change specially during pregnancy when you are craving for the weirdest of flavors in the world.



Do away with itchy skin by soaking yourself in a soothing luxurious oatmeal bath to unwind and undo all the scratches. Rubbing cooking oil all over your belly also can help to lend relief from all those constant pricks.



Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to pamper a pregnant woman. And what better way to be completely relaxed than lounging in one of those super enticing gliding rocking chairs that can lull you off to sleep in no time? (Acts as well for all that rocking you would need to do afterwards!)


Talking about comfort, it’s almost undeniable that the bulk of pregnancy leaves only little room to assert your convenience. Which is exactly why it’s so essential that you keep a grabber or a pair of tongs handy to ‘fetch’ all that stuff that is far away from you- say on the floor!

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Leg cramps is another discomforting issue during pregnancy. The miraculous cure for sore legs- the wonder fruit bananas! Loaded with calcium, the yellow fruit works wonders in relieving leg cramps, as does electrolyte water.



You can also lend your sore legs that much needed relief by keeping them soaked in tonic water. Trust me, your legs need all that special treatment after bearing too much weight for too long!


To relieve the soreness of other parts of your body, try putting a bag of frozen veggies to use. Not only is this a remedy to alleviate pain, it also lends the cooling effect to your body that gets too high on the temperature.


Similarly effective is the use of a belly band or a back brace that helps to minimise back and hip pain when you’re pregnant.


The discomforts of pregnancy extend well beyond nine months. Specifically labour pain is something that has to be one of the most numbing experiences. Make it a point to eat six dates every day during pregnancy to induce a less painful and natural labour.


One of the sassiest pregnancy hacks you can practise is getting the gifts of your choice on your baby shower. Ask for books instead of congratulatory cards from the people. That way you can avoid stacking up on lots of similar papers that are practically useless. But most importantly it also helps to stock in on a huge pile of books to get over those lazy days of pregnancy.


Exercise obviously is your best bet to get rid of all the laziness that has crept onto you along with those extra kilos. Pre natal yoga and some gymming definitely works wonders to keep yourself still feeling in shape during your pregnant days.



With numerous body changes taking over during the pregnancy period, it’s vital that you indulge in a pre night bed time relaxation technique. Not only it is comforting to your body and beneficial to the baby but it also helps your partner share the burden of having a baby to some extent.


Dressing up proves to be a serious problem when you are pregnant. While you might want to avoid buying all items of clothings, it’s inevitable that you would still new a few pieces of clothing specific to your needs.


Shopping in malls or supermarkets when you have a belly bursting forward is a very bad idea. Trust instead the online market to get your clothes sorted and also to avoid the trial room nightmares.


Avoiding supermarkets should be a hack to abide by during your pregnancy. But if you still have to fumble around those alleys for some reason, be resiliently adamant enough to ward of all those well meaning but unwanted pats on your tummy.


You should even exercise your right to having a pat free pregnancy (if you so wish) by being clear to all those relatives and friends who try to ‘feel’ the baby on every pretext. It might come across as rude but having all those hands caressing your belly every single time can be a serious discomfort.


As you advance through the stages of pregnancy, you will find yourself ready to burst out of your clothes. Keep quite a couple of bra extenders handy to be as comfortable as you can in those very essential woman things. Just cloth hacks!


Similarly, keep your jeans wearable by simply following the hair tie trick to slip into those even without clasping on to that all of a sudden too tight button.


Bonus hack: The most fun and cutest of all. Use your baby bump as a table to rest all of those snacks you crave so much! After all you deserve all the ‘baby space’ as you await the arrival of another miracle in your world of blissful joy!