Reasons to stick by the chewing gum

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A certain charm of the insouciance that one craves for in specific some accounts in derivation is entailed only out of some rather unexpected instances of living. In many a lifestyle quirks or even some such regularities of the whistling and the trilling or perhaps in such descriptions of the happy go lucky, this trait in charming carefreeness plays through in much ordinariness through the many expressions routinely encountered almost in life. One such trope exuding a charm casual indeed in its display of the characteristic ‘easy’ manner in living is that of an image presented through the chewing upon the oozing charisma of the chewing gum.

As furthering of the fulfilment of the instinctual desire in mastication, chewing upon gums, even if not the classic chewing gum type as we know it to be, has been an early enough human behavior in what is viewed today in some assertion of unapproval. And not without any reason as well since chewing upon gum is widely known to be an easy, fun almost way in availing of a range of benefits. The significance of these goods might not be so essential so as to say in their manner of revealing as not exactly crucial and the basis of this vouching for the wonders might also be a case much disputed in itself but none of these less than desirable traits of the character of the chewing gum makes them any less alluring in the prospect of a nonstop chomping upon these ‘elastics’ of flavor.

The non attentive act in gum chewing might be one fairly common in all its encounter the world over and not just in the current context. The historical evidence in gum chewing demonstrates commonplace occurrence albeit upon exclusively natural such gummy substances. And it had been also in such effects healthfully inclined that this universal human experience draws from. The modern day evocation of the chewing gum ‘necessity’ though dwells obviously in the fore of substances commercially produced which is part of the reason why the benefits of it are often contended a consideration in contrary. But a portion of that whole range of actual goodnesses might still be more or less availed out of what today is more likely to emerge as a popular cultural phenomenon than the attending to an innate almost human urge. And that’s all the validation one needs to still swear by this mode of lifestyle that is also a pretty convenient mode in whiling away one’s time in conforming indeed to the prevalent worldview of it.

Despite the not largely favourable perception of its undertaking, though not so profusely disdained upon as well meaning that it dwells in a fairly balanced space of its own nature, chewing gum do indeed end up imparting a host of benefits. That relates mainly to such assertions of the gum that tends to be devoid of any sugar content and even when that might not be so much of the larger reality in the commercial basis of it, the general notion still prevails of chewing upon gum being a rather untaxing way to health in whatever mannerism of it.

As an exercise involving first and foremost the exertion of the teeth, the very aware benefit of chewing gum is one that pertains to human oral health. And that too in a whole dynamic range of its working in both healthy and hygienic connotation of what it prescribes. For chewing upon gum after meals has been found to be an effective enough in preventing tooth decay and cavities that it does by essentially helping remove the food debris stuck here and somewhere there inside the mouth.

But the more ‘technical’ characteristic that has chewing gum doing such wonders relates to the all important function in helping induce the secretion of saliva. Saliva being a strengthener of teeth enamel in its phosphate and calcium component as well as in helping wash away sugars and acids that build up around teeth after the eating pursuit is what makes the whole act of chewing upon gum a worthwhile trope to further. This chewing gum does in its primary residing upon the chewing function that leads the jaw muscles to pressurise the salivary gland in secreting more of that liquid so crucial to the happening of all that dominates the insides of the mouth.

Of course also associated would be the notion, though more occurring as pertaining to the hygiene factor, of endowing one with a pleasant breath that is more than just a factor in cleanliness. Chewing upon gum renders an instant fresh feel to the mouth that can be so very important a factor in wellness not just physically but also in the confidence and feel good vibes that it imparts. Additionally any after breath of some strong smelling foods can be efficiently masked and driven away by chewing gums by killing bacteria and accentuating the flow of saliva. Chewing upon gums therefore makes for happy gummy faces as well and helps offset the uneasiness of such conditions as dry mouth and the like.

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Another mouthed still scope of exploration in benefit that chewing gum helps attain rather surprisingly is the substantial essence of digestion. As a mechanism that begins in the mouth, it is now wonder that the digestive process can be kickstarted almost by chewing upon some of this rubbery substance in all global acceptance of it. While one might be more likely to chew gum after a meal or in between eating periods, it helps also to chew on one beforehand. That again dwells in the saliva producing mavericks of what chewing gum is so capable of. But it also helps the stomach to release certain acids necessary for the digestive process to follow. In fact so effective is chewing gum in this whole digestive span of functioning that even leads it to be an oft prescribed medical aid in digestive stimulation following major bowel surgeries.

By making it easier for the mouth to swallow the food due to its optimum aid in lubricating courtesy saliva as well as by prepping up the stomach for the digestive motion to assert, chewing gum does indeed manifest more than efficiently in this context as well. That however is not the end of its job since the after meal chewing further stimulates the process to steer clearer ahead of major issues of indigestion and discomfort.

The acidic spur that chewing gum leads the stomach to experience also is what helps with the immensely uncomfortable experience of acid reflux in most people. In helping neutralise these acids that travel up the oesophagus and also making the swallowing effort less exerting on it all thanks again to the saliva it leads to be secreted, chewing gum works considerably well in relieving that familiar burning sensation of the throat and chest. But to read into such wonders of its functioning as a cure would be too much of a burden for the humble chewing gum to aspire to emulate. This is at best a remedy for instant relief that can be temporarily relied upon for not having to battle with the unpleasantness of such health conditions.

Sticking with its essence as one alluding to the munching moods of the world is such benefit of the chewing gum that ekes out its status as an agent in weight management and loss. The shedding of the extra kilos by burning calories through the ‘exercise’ in chewing tends to be a well circulated revelation propelling the popular chewing gum craze. But what is lesser known a way of working in the same context is the method through which cravings are reduced for desired results in a healthy body.

An optimal functioning of the digestive process is indeed what helps so much with the weight management concern. But beyond this aspect, chewing gums also help in its occurring as an option for something to keep the mouth engaged instead of resorting to the weight gain recipes in mindless munching on junk and stuff. A sugar free but acceptably sweetened still chewing gum goes even a step further by being almost a treat capable of satiating the sweet cravings.

The saliva inducing properties of chewing gum is what tends to be the most standout though in establishing its versatility as an agent of awe. It is in this capacity of it that chewing upon gum has been found to reduce thirst discomfort in adults. In an unrelated vein but drawing still upon the same premise in increased salivation is also such identity of the gum that dawns upon it another fore of functionality as a teeth whitening agent as well. Beyond relying upon the salivary gland, the very act of chewing upon gum is known to be relieving of the pressure that the human ears experience in course of a flight. Equally exemplary is chewing gum in helping drain water out of clogged ears by pushing the sinus cavities to clear out all such intrusion of the external fluids.

Myriad might be the many bodily areas that chewing gums work upon but even more maverick a manifestation of their amazingness is the array of psychological benefits availed out of them. The most significant of them perhaps would be its efficiency in helping the brain to dwell in a level of alertness assertive indeed in its realisation. By extension therefore, chewing upon gums tends to have an improved effect on cognitive functioning as well as in retaining memory- possibly an outcome of the increased oxygen flow to the brain triggered by an increased blood circulation by virtue of a pumped up heart.

The achievement of an enhanced level of alertness can be attributed to the considerable jaw movement that chewing calls for, stimulating thus such nerves that result in a better blood flow and reduced sleepiness. Not just that drowsy, lethargic feel though, chewing gums is also as impeccable in potentially driving away the uneasiness of stress and anxiety out of the chewer. This is done of course by somehow reducing the stimulation of the stress hormone cortisol, lowering thereby levels of mental fatigue and nervousness and many such determining factors of these debilitating almost awarenesses of the mind.

With so many benefits to account for from the mere casual act in chewing gum, it seems that this not exactly lauded behavior deserves a whole more claps and chews and chimes than what it already commands as a definite element of charm as well. To believe that something as simplistic as a stretchy piece of chewiness can be bearing of so much substance as well sure is a surprise pleasantly stimulating enough of this already universal human inclination of the teeth grind kind.