Childhood memories of summer vacations


With summer vacations having kickstarted, children are now having a whale of time finding innocent and fun ways of passing time happily. Being free from all the tensions and responsibilities that come with the setting of adulthood, childhood is indeed the spring of a human being’s lifetime where wild imaginations, cute banters, joyful shrilling literally constitutes a picture of a colourful garden replete with bright flowers and beautiful butterflies that only has the capacity to spread cheer. As a beautiful garden soothes the mind, a child can also spread happiness with their innocent talks and mischievous antics. While the tradition of having to do holiday homework might act as a barrier to have a joyful summer vacation, no child lets it dampen their eager spirit of having fun and making the whole of school free days a glorious time to remember as a sweet memory in their later years of life.

As an adult, we do miss our carefree childhood days a lot and sometimes the inner child in us longs dearly to have those sweetest moments back again. However, we can’t help it and have to take care by surrendering in those blissful memories and taking joy from past flashes somewhere occurring vividly in the depths of the mind. Although all of us somehow try to make a point to take a break from our busy work schedules by going for a long distance trip to somewhere on Earth, we cannot enjoy the holiday like we used to do once as a child. The costs of the trip and the loom of the burden that we have to handle once we go back to our homes linger somewhere in the back of our mind. Therefore, the holidays that we ourselves take as an adult cannot be compared at all with the ones that we used to enjoy as a child. One of the biggest differences between holidays of childhood and adulthood is that the former one comprised of a month long free period set by some higher authority of educational institutions while the latter is the self-decided one imposed by ourselves and basically consists of a week at the most.

Let us travel back to the joys of childhood that aroused when summer vacations drew near-

Enjoying secret thoughts of getting to visit places which are full of fun

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When the half-yearly examinations drew near, the longing thoughts for the time when the summer vacation will come used to ring constantly in our minds. As soon as that dreaded time period gets over, the mind gets automatically switched from a fear induced one to a renewed vigour where an enthusiasm of going to have all sorts of daring fun of innocent kind springs up in the childish thoughts. If we hear our peers planning to go away to a place far from the hometowns, we eagerly made up our minds of pestering our parents to plan for a long holiday somewhere in a far corner of Earth. Meanwhile, there are the desi summer vacation traditions of getting to go to relatives’ house, spend time galore with cousins and siblings conjuring and participating in new and old kinds of innocent games, lazying around the house with favourite ice-creams and candies, watching TV all day, indulging in the pleasure of the much loved hobbies that spark a joy in the minds as soon the school holidays approaches

Soaking in the selfless love that can be got only at grandparents’ house

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Summer vacations are the only time of the year when we get to go the mamaghar , mahighar, pehighar, kokaghar….for a maximum number of days. Among the long list of homes that we used to visit almost everyday during the period of summer vacations, there is nothing which can beat the joy and freedom that we can feel at our grandparents’ houses. From enjoying thoroughly their obsessive pampering and relishing wide varieties of delicacies every now and then to getting a chance of loading almost a truckload of our favourite candies and living the childhood we have always imagined, grandparents’ houses were a sort of heaven in childhood days. Meanwhile, the uncomplicated period of our lives back then made us look forward to eagerly visit the houses of our relatives. While the visit to some unknown relative’s house might make us hesitant and shy to talk, we can be at our wild selves when we go to the dwellings of our dear cousins. With secret childish gossips, participating in fun games, concentrating fully on forming new effective hobbies, the number of joyful things that can be done with cousins is endless and it can make summer vacations pass by too soon.

Lazying around the house as per our likes

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With a month long holiday lying bare ahead of us, the golden opportunity of getting to sleep soundly for a few hours than the usual time of alarm to wake up happens only during the summer vacations. As there were no angry shouts from mom or dad ordering us to hurry up and get ready for school during the period of summer vacations, we could lay snuggly in our comfy beds dreaming of the shows we had recently watched or making up own versions of the characters and the stories associated with them from the books we have read. The TV room was the favourite lounging spot during the carefree days of the summer vacation. With the maximum time period spend in front of the TV during those days, we can binge watch our favourite shows all day by scrolling from one channel to another with the remote. Meanwhile, the frequent hunger pangs that always used to arise almost every hour can be fulfilled with a heap of every favourite snack from the kitchen.

The best staycation period was the summer vacation days of childhood

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As summer vacations were the only time period when friends or cousins would come over to our house or it may be the other way around, so the days of mellowness would pass by enjoying indoor and outdoor games, watching favourite cartoons on TV, munching on chocolates and ice-creams, taking trips to places of local interest and gorging on yummy food from the nearby street vendors or the fancy restaurants. With holiday homework being the only tension, summer vacations allowed us to pass our free time happily by strolling carelessly in the parks and enjoying rides on the swings, slides and see-saws, enjoy every bite of the cold yet delicious ice-creams and savour the hotness of the masalas of the chaats back in those days. As summer vacations seem to bring out a newfound love for everything local, it can be termed as the best staycation period ever.

Holidaying in real sense without any worries of bills to be payed

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If a surprise family trip was suddenly announced, we as kids were the ones who would get extremely thrilled mainly because of the fact that there weren’t any worries for bills to be paid. From daydreaming about how the holidays would turn out to enjoying every minute of the trip in reality as a whole, childhood days were the only time when holidays would meant an extra dose of freedom and thereby we would get super thrilled. Meanwhile, summer camps were the best types of trips in those days as we get to meet people of our age and have more fun there with the exciting activities on offer.

Ah! How good were those carefree days. Let us derive happiness by reminiscing those days of nostalgia once again.