15 childhood misconceptions every 90s born can relate to

Childhood Misconceptions Every 90's Born Used To Have

Growing up as an Indian kid born in the 90s sure can generate a different league of memes altogether. Those were the days of innocent indulgences, crazy fun and a carefree, happy existence. What’s more, the best days of our lives have also given us some of our funniest memories and hilariously nostalgic recollections. Here are 15 childhood misconceptions every 90s born can relate to-

#1 Trees grow inside the tummy


If you eat fruits with the seeds then those seeds will sprout in your stomach and grow to become big fruit trees!

#2 If only the magic was real too!

Drawing things we wanted with the Shaka Laka Boom Boom magic pencils because we were naive enough to believe that they would come off as real!

#3 The myth of the tooth


A fallen tooth of the lower gums lands on the house roof while those from the upper gums needs to be thrown downwards for the tooth fairy to give it back to you!

#4 Kids from a kiss!


As hushed about sex is as a topic among Indians, it is only natural that almost all Indian kids came to believe that you can get a girl pregnant just by kissing her!

#5 Happy Christmas tales


Santa Claus will claw down to us to give us the gifts of our choice- but only if we had been a good enough child- before Christmas!

#6 Grant my wish


Wishing on eyelashes was so much guaranteed to make whatever you asked for come true.

#7 Height collapse

If we walked around with an umbrella over our heads while being indoors (for fun though), we would end up losing on our height!

#8 Hichkis!

However bothering continuous hiccups might be, they still are happy signs of someone close badly remembering you.

#9 This broke my heart


Hearts were always interpreted as such simple things, in perception and even in shape. Only growing up we realised how complicated the heart can be, in looks as also in all those emotions it encompasses.

#10 Because blue held the clue (or so we thought!)

We were so dead sure that the blue side of eraser is for erasing off pen ink, since obviously blue is the color of ink!

#11 Legs or noses, lies ain’t nice!


Telling lies would lead to a shrinking leg or an extended nose!

#12 Locking heads to not get horns!

One head bang and it’s so guaranteed to make horns spring out of your head. Making sure to bang it one more time to keep the horns at bay was such a mainstream idea for all Indian kids.

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#13 Good Mynas come in packages!

Spotting one common myna and regarding it as bad luck while spotting couple more and suddenly they weren’t bad omen anymore!

#14 Those punches ain’t real!


WWE fights were the realest thing we encountered on TV.

#15 Fingers crossed


Keeping our fingers crossed to avoid any situation that weren’t in our favour was a sure shot way to make things happen!