Long-awaited Vacation: How to Choose a Hotel That Won’t Disappoint You

How to Choose a Hotel That Won't Disappoint You

Choosing a hotel so that you won’t regret it isn’t an easy task. Look at photos on the web and reviews – it’s good, but, unfortunately, not enough. It’s much more important to consider the following criteria. Then you can have a proper rest and take home only good impressions, not a lot of frustration and disappointment. 

Location of the Hotel

Much depends on the location of the hotel. If you are planning a secluded relaxing vacation and a couple of trips to sights, you can safely choose a hotel away from major cities.  

However, if you prefer the rhythm of a big city and want quick access to the major attractions, which are in the city limits, look for a hotel closer to the center. Hardly anyone wants to waste precious vacation time on endless transfers.


“We’ll figure it out on the spot” is a bad idea. After all, you may find that you were counting on a rich table with access 24 hours a day, and the hotel actually offers only a modest breakfast of “coffee and croissant. The mismatch between expectations and reality can be very disappointing, although it’s not the hotel’s fault.

Moreover, we all have different taste preferences and limitations on the menu. It may very well be that the local cuisine doesn’t suit you because it consists primarily of meat products, and you follow a vegetarian diet.

For some people, the availability of food doesn’t play a role at all, but it’s important to have access to the kitchen because even on vacation you want to cook for yourself.

Entertainment in the Hotel

Of course, gambling at a live casino or watching Netflix while being on a journey is fun, but after a few days it starts being boring. That’s why it’s worth finding out in advance what entertainment is available at the hotel. This way you can plan your vacation, and even if you have a large number of trips to interesting places in your plans, in case it rains, you will always know what to do.

Guests of large hotels can enjoy the sea, sunbathing, steaming in the sauna, barbecue, and relaxing in the restaurant and bar. These hotels have a rich enough infrastructure so that guests do not get bored.


Even if you plan only to sleep in the room, most likely in reality you will use it much more often. For example, to rest in the midday heat after a morning swim, or on your return from a busy excursion.

In large hotels, you can book a standard room, a suite, or a family room. Some rooms may have a luxurious view of the sea.

Additional Services

If traveling by car or planning to rent a car, check if the hotel has parking and if it’s free. Those who take with them work or do not imagine life without social networks, it will be important to have wifi – it’s worth clarifying in advance whether there is internet in the rooms, or only in the lobby. It’s better to plan such moments in advance, and then the vacation will go as smoothly as possible.