Curating the Christmas cheer


Christmas of course would never come to be without Christ and it sure wouldn’t be half the magic that it is if it weren’t for good ol’ jolly Santa. And that’s exactly what delivers a notion in the Christmassy feels being one of the most defining features of the world. So evident is Christmas in a certain some elements of it that the very mention of them conjures up a feeling of the vibes permeating the air this particularly charming time of the year. From the spirited singing of Christmas carols and the greeting culture through the cards drenched in festive cheer to the very ubiquitous Christmas tree and decorations and the Christmas lights indeed, and of course the irresistible platters laden with cookies and cakes and candies, Christmas is evocative of such images that each correspond to an exclusive emotion of their own.


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Extending the ‘season’s greetings’ through a Christmas card is just the perfect way to embody the festive feels finding their way into the world through this particularly exciting turn of time. The ‘traditional’ essence of this classic way in celebrating might not be seeping through the entire history of what Christmas identifies first as being of a religious basis. In fact the first known Christmas card dates only to the 17th century even as the commercial ones would follow a full two centuries later.

But despite such late spark of significance in which they came to be, Christmas cards are one of the most characteristic means in evoking the vibes of the season meant indeed to spread good cheer. That they might be losing out on some of their charm foresaken to the advent of the digital way in wishing is a sad affair indeed. But that they still are as delightful agents in dawning upon the true joys of the season is what makes Christmas cards a classic curation of the celebrations.


Christmas Cakes
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What’s festivals without food specifically translates to What’s Christmas without cakes. And so there you have it- the most sinfully celebratory cake to ever exist as the rich Christmas cake indeed. Essentially a fruitcake of particularly plummed prominence, and as characteristic a rum infused reputation as well in attending, the Christmas cake is one of the season’s worthiest sotreats. A definite something to look forward to all year round, and relished therefore in all definite indulgence of its dense and moist texture and spectacular flavor buoyant in all festive richness is the Christmastime cake of different variations though.

Emerging out of an English tradition that identified at the outset as a plum porridge, this quintessential requisite in digging deep into the yuletide joys is a tradition indispensable indeed. With every country and culture having their own take upon this tradition so that there exists as different assertions of its taste as the diverseness in which Christmas commands celebration, the cake itself bakes up many a Christmas tales redolent in the warmth and cheer of this wintertime extravaganza.


So devoted is Christmas a celebration of goodness that such sweetness of character finds expression also in the assortment of its goodies. And so we have a mound of Christmas cookies to bite into in a delightful discovery of the true joys of the season. Baked to perfection as sugar cookies basically- though smacking of a taste never jut basic- Christmas cookies too make for a range of delectables as wide as the many flavours through which the whole of December dawns its sweetness upon the world. Representative indeed of the seasonal exuberance in their very shapes and sizes as well, emerging in the form of everything from stars and candy canes to gingermen and Santas in assertions of sugar, spice and everything nice, Christmas cookies are another worthy reason for revering this spirited essence of the festivities.

Christmas Villages

Rendering in its every dimension the picturesque settings that Christmas paint a vision of in immense prettiness, Christmas villages occur as one of the very excited representation of this yearly celebration. Specifically arising out of the holiday traditions of the Moravian church sometime in the late 18th century, these decorations worked out as pretty miniature villages, elaborate still even in their scaled down representation of expanses that get as magical as they can, present vistas of beauty that perfectly embody the beauty through which the glow of Christmas itself radiates in all glory.

Christmas Villages
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Much like the essence of Christmas that has outgrown its religiousness to assert as a secular festival of much charm unfurled globally, the Christmas villages have evolved as well. Earlier mass produced cardboard or paper versions have been followed by ceramic or porcelain makes, replete as well with the sparkles and lights in which Christmas is so charming a rendition making these miniature villages a mainstay within the diversely magical world of Christmastime.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

One very unique tradition that Christmas explores happen to occur through a rather unlikely medium of the sock. In fact so essential are these sock like ‘decorations’ to the festival that has them identifying in a distinct dimension of appeal altogether. Christmas stockings emerge as bright red colored sock bags essentially and immediately brings to mind the jolly Santa Claus referencing. And why wouldn’t they be indeed? They are hung as pockets for Santa to drop gifts into, beginning as an European custom in putting out any ordinary sock to evolve into this whole discrete item of the Christmas identity. Today manifesting as a definite presence in their otherwise unencountered reputation as socks, Christmas stockings tend also to take upon other Christmastime cues of the green for instance as well as waiting for their ‘fill’ in other very Christmas specific portrayal of the elements.

Candy canes

Resident once again in the evident Christmassy colors of the reds and the whites and delighting yet again as well in its joyful sweetness, candy canes are another attractive feature of this span of the festive season. Even in their traditional prevailing upon a peppermint essence, candy canes wouldn’t be a historical marker of the festival itself. In their origins that do not date any earlier than the 17th century, these sweet sticks of a greater flavor characterisation in present day context might not be a long continuing necessity in deciphering the taste of the season. But consider the extravagance that their pretty sight lends upon every aesthetic occurrence of Christmastime and this indeed makes for a non- traditional tradition that is the yardstick even for gauging the merriment of every 25th December occasion.


Immensely festive in the feel, vibrant in the gleam and shine, fascinating indeed in their very assertion as pretty trinkets and baubles and ornaments, it is the widely appealing fore of Christmas ornaments that elevates the charm of the occasion enough to exalt it as one of the defining moments in every happening. Not just in constructing and curating the festive atmosphere though, hanging up of Christmas ornaments as part of the entire scheme in decor is a tradition that revives and reinstils the core values in which Christmas finds expression in all popularity.

Baubles are essentially molded and made such so as to evoke the very feel of Christmas. With everything from twinkling stars and pretty snow to happy snowmen and beautiful angels worked out in all artistry as glittering images in glass and silver or even in equally alluring makes of plastic and thermocol, these ornaments are what endow upon Christmas that image of aesthetic impeccability. Of course, a Christmas devoid of this characteristic expression as ornate celebrations of Jesus Christ in particular and His virtues in general wouldn’t span to be the carnival like identity that it is in all its amassing of the awe of the world.


Tinsel might not be residing in an exclusive Christmas character but it sure is one of the predominant strips of what makes up the entire glittering length of its festive identity. The origins of it as a metallic garland meant for decking up Christmas trees has since been overtaken by its current plasticised unfurling but the essence and allure of that necessity in wrapping around not just trees has withstood the test of time. Say Christmas and you couldn’t really be that far off from your ultimate ‘seeking’ of some tinsel.

Christmas Star

A heavenly premise upon which it unfolds in immaculate beauty, permeated as well by the profoundness of a narrative as divinely ‘consecrated’, Christmas of course could not do without some element of cosmic magic as well. And so there it is, the ever bright and shining Christmas star that stands out as being the ultimate symbol of Christmas. Right from its smiling atop Christmas trees to its ordinary hanging as decor of a beauty illuminated, the star is an omnipresent necessity of this festival in every aspect of its celebration.

This consideration in beautifying though is not the only strand along which the specific Christmas star comes to embody its starry significance. Much integral to the entire Christmas spirit in true observance of godliness is the much prominent Christmas star or what is in fact the star of Bethlehem. As the guiding light that showed the way to Jesus’ birthplace, the Christmas star has been a favorite element finding representation in every arena through which the festivities flow. Much prominent as well is the popular depiction of it as a very discernible 5 pointed star, very pronounced in all pointiness as well, evoking in its very image an experience of absolute devotion to the good Lord Jesus Christ.