Common essential oils to alleviate seasonal allergies

common essential oils benefit for allergies

‘Tis the season of- allergies! That time of the year when the air is laden with dust and pollen and all things as driving one to being all itchy and sneezy and therefore uneasy as possibly could be, with spring not yet quite setting in and prevailing instead in the sidewalks of its sightly stupor and characterised thus not by the pleasant aura of what it has forever been lauded in by poets and commoners alike, all unanimously enchanted by the vivid zest of life that necessarily accompanies this king of the seasons. It in fact is a peculiarly arid existence that the world comes to embody, albeit in all heart and spirit and in true dedication indeed to the universally passing tides of time, as a dry, flaky earth of barren being through which lives perpetuate in as much lacklustre a state of it. Inducing therefore such brash assertions across life and living as of those bothering rashes and congested nasals and prickly seizes and scratchy swathes along the length and breadth and width of the human body as also triggering even more sensitively threatening immunoresponses in some of us is this particular aspect of the universe tending to spring that unfurls a host of hostile conditions much not to our liking. But the generous geniality of nature who has borne us all as our Mother leads her also to grant us with remedies for such seasonal conditions to retreat that therefore end up providing us the much needed respite from all those annoying little agents of the allergens. To the rescue emerges therefore what are known as essential oils in common parlance to soothe our allergies across a range of diverse assertions, each striving to cater to some particular expression of this uncomfortable encounter arising out of the seasonal spectrum while also extending their own array of associated wondrous benefits.

Essentially, essential oils are compounds extracted from certain plants and are called so, of course with specific prefixes attached that allude exactly from what plant it is derived, because they capture the flavor and scent or what characterise the ‘essence’ of the plant. Spanning yet again an essence of their own by virtue of lending themselves to conjure up the alternative medicinal exploration of aromatherapy are these essential indeed oils that tend to be no less effective an alternative to common over the counter medicines when it comes to offsetting the discomfort of allergies. And while different essential oils treat differently different kinds and types of allergies as what is alluded to by their characterisation through symptoms, they mainly act in their capacity as natural antibiotics to soothe allergic reactions even when they can at times initiate allergic symptoms as well! Whatever that might be though, the potential of essential oils to cause allergy at times does not however in any way dilute their potency when it comes to being effective against such allergic conditions caused by factors outside their own. Here’s taking a look at some of the most amazing of such common essential oils that work wonders when it comes to ‘deallergyfying’-

Lavender oil

Perhaps the most common of all essential oils, the extract from the pretty looking plant of the lavender tends to be as popular a bet at beating the blues brought upon by seasonal allergies. In its essentially calming properties upon the body as well as on the mind, lavender oil helps in quelling allergic symptoms of various kinds that which makes it one of the most versatile dose against such irritants. Gentle on the skin and very certainly calming down the abrasive act of the bodily irritation is this healing oil that can be applied either directly or otherwise to the skin. Also preventing or at least inhibiting conditions of inflammation as well as anxiety while inducing sound sleep is what lavender makes even more excellent a remedy for allergies by asserting its working this time on the emotional existence that which proves to be quite a determining factor of the intensity of the allergic experience.

Potentially staving the formation of mucus by preventing the enlargement of mucous cells is yet another exemplary benefit availed out of the use of lavender essential oil that works through its possession of powerful medicinal compounds to emerge as the multi remedial wonder that it is. Quashing everything from runny noses and itchy eyes to eczema and psoriasis to also taking on other random rashes as well, while reducing swelling, redness and pain, lavender truly is one of the closest you can come to in almost medicinal notations when bothered a bit too much by the brash bravado of the allergens.

Peppermint oil

The very mention of peppermint oil strikes as zesty a dose of vitality and vigour in its evidently robust, fresh aroma of minty waftings as well as in its content of the chemical menthol in rather high concentrations that make it instantly rejuvenating and zesty. And it is this exact composition of peppermint oil that what makes it the best of all common essential oils to gain relief from such allergies that directly target your respiratory system. Immensely helpful in clearing up of the sinuses and rather well explored along this assertion as well, peppermint oil though has an wayward means of endowing upon one the benefits of a relieved throat. It is in fact by exerting a calming effect upon the muscles that the essential extract of the peppermint plant opens up the airways and eases those bouts of tiring cough to make one feel considerably better even when not delivering an exact response to reducing the allergy itself.

But availing of the benefits is what counts anyway though and peppermint oil more than makes up for this ‘drawback’ by being an effective anti inflammatory agent as well. Lessening the impact of colds and coughs and easing conditions like sinusitis and asthma and bronchitis while lending itself impeccably well to the accompanying torture of the respiratory pressure induced headache and also imparting its cooling, soothing properties to ease itches and rashes is this peppery- minty assertion of granting instant and immense relief from allergies.

Lemon oil

lemon oil
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Anti inflammatory and anti bacterial in nature, lemon oil is another commonly scouted allergy alleviator that derives on its essence as a citrus oil to deliver all the intended results of its beckoning. While clearing the sinuses and reducing nasal congestion are the typical ways in which lemon oil proves its anti allergic stance, it also works in such advanced assertions as supporting drainage of the lymphatic system and overcoming thereby a host of related issues pertaining to the respiratory tract to further proclaim its potency. Easing inflammation and reducing the build up of mucus which is what remains at the root of all related respiratory troubles is also a very lemony thing to do but no less powerful is this essential oil in its popularity as a disinfectant that therefore effectively helps ward off such pesky elements as dust mites and bacteria to ensure that you do not develop those allergic symptoms of both skin and respiration in the first place.

Tea tree oil

Another of the common essential plant oils making a world of difference for those susceptible to the intrusive imposition by the allergies is the anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal extract from the tea tree. In such characteristics of it, this makes for an oil essentially steeped in its potency while treating a range of skin allergies or even preventing them from taking over your person altogether by thwarting all those clusters of the bacteria, viruses and fungi in and around your area of living. Add to it the effects of anti inflammatory nature and pestering respiratory troubles of sinuses, stuffed noses and the like too can be kept at bay by the application of tea tree oil. Swelling is also taken care of by this essential extract while the itchiness and irritability of the skin arising on account of bites and rashes and hives too is accounted for this diversely distinguished derivative entailed out of nature.

Chamomile oil

Along the same leanings of what characterise many an other essential oils loaded with the antihistamine properties, chamomile oil too can be used to soothe irritated sinuses through clearing up of the excess mucus and relieving therefore the irritation caused by a blocked nose and constant bouts of sneezing. Particularly in combination with lemongrass and sandalwood oil, chamomile proves to be even more effective across this arena in relief while being also a relieving agent of many skin allergies and their associated symptoms. But the standout way of functioning of the chamomile essential oil is on account of its ability to calm down the nervous system and also in such drawing of its benefits through such therapeutic means of sipping on a cuppa made out of it making it indeed the ultimate agent of relaxation to ever be!