Most effective de- stressing tips to get yourself out of anxiety

de stressing tips

Life might be a blessing but it never comes replete only with riches. Stress and pain is as much an integral part of living as any other. Be it unaccomplished life goals, hectic weekly deadlines, monotonous everyday routines, things start getting on your nerves too soon and too often. But to extract the most out of this one time opportunity called life, you need to live as heartily as possible. Driving away the stress becomes all the more essential because it sets the tone for a happy living. Here are the top 5 stress busting techniques to ensure you sail along in this colorful cruise called life-

Conscious breathing

Breathing sustains life. But the importance of letting air flow in to and out of you can be reiterated more when you understand the healing power it can exert upon you.

‘Conscious breathing’ or rather taking in air in slow deep breaths and letting them out your mouth can instantly help to calm you down. Stress is one of those life triggers that unsettles you and leaves you anxious and restless. The best way to let go of this stress is to divert your mind from the worries and concentrate it on something that is very vital to your existence. And what more than the act of respiration to turn into the saviour that perpetuates further the art of life?

Food for the mood

Eating right and healthy can also work wonders to keep your mood up and about, and all sprightly and good. But what’s the remedy when the stress already sets in by the time you were just planning on eating good? Worry not, there still is food good enough to make seem other life issues don’t matter.

While food brings about instant gratification for the most of us, the notion of comfort food that exists in this world puts us on course for more indulgence. Chocolate is one of the best known foods that is known to uplift mood while other delicious options include nuts and seeds and spicy, savoury snacks. Oranges and strawberries are other delightful and healthy options that makes the mood go good. These foods while releasing endorphins stimulate the mind and helps alleviate pain and trauma caused by stress.

But just because you are stressed does not mean that you should binge as much as you want on chocolates. Because ultimately as the endorphin effect wanes away, you will experience a further plummeting of your mind stability levels. It’s best to consume only in moderation and in small bites so that the stress is averted for long and also you become charged enough to face head on all challenges of life. Binging on junk is anyway unhealthy and when your mind is in an unhealthy state as well the feel good effcet is so shor lived that you might end up in more stress afterwards!

Laugh away

Those who have experienced the power of laughter as a therapy know full well how even the slightest hint of humour can infinitely make your life so much better. For ages, laughter has been purported to be the best medicine and it’s not without any substantial reason that the claim stands validated.

What’s more, you don’t even have to be really happy to be laughing. A short joke or a funny anecdote can elicit a few minutes of laughter in you which goes a long way in making your entire day worth it. Even deliberately induced laughs can make you feel all the more better in spite of it sounding like a farce. And the mushrooming of so many laughter clubs in every nook and corner of towns and cities is a really solid testament to just how infectious laughs, and therefore goodness, can be.

However attempting to decipher some humor in routine things can be a bit tough specially when your life is becoming so stressful. But like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so can the discomfort of stress be done away with only by allowing the light of laughs to freely flow into your lives.

Sort out the mess to sort out your life!

Clutter is one of those insignificant ‘hurdles’ of life that might not seem like it intimidates you but very often proves to be such an inconvenience that might throw your entire life off gear. It can be a very surprising yet really serious way of hampering you from living your best life.

In such cases, the stress that is caused by such clutter can be gotten rid of by removing the very cause of it. Sometimes the greatest realisation comes through getting yourself sorted and that cannot be possible without some definite organisation in even the material things of your life.

De cluttering though can be another source of stress if your organizational abilities are seriously lacking in skill. It’s therefore best to start off with your work desk- making it all organized and welcoming. It’s time to sort out the junk and dump them outright without letting procrastinating rob your resolve to get better. Not only will it manage to ease out the workload because you can reach out all you need without fuss but also because it will perk up your mind and increase your productivity manifold.

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Come cuddle!

Dogs and cats don’t come so plump and fluffy for no reason whatsoever. Though the presence of a pet in your life already acts as a means of relieving stress with that very special love you have for them, intense cuddle sessions with your favorite furry baby further offsets the toxic vibes that might be beginning to ruin your life.

Getting all mushy with your pet not only makes you feel relaxed but also helps positive energy take over your life. By promoting the production of the feel good hormone oxytocin, scratching or cuddling a pet takes away much of your stress, at least momentarily and helps you rewind from the routine worries of life. In case you don’t have a pet or are allergic to one, you can try getting cosy with a sweater or blanket or something equally strokeworthy. It works either way!