10 divine places for the perfect destination wedding in India

destination wedding in india

The very mention of a wedding conjures up images of everything bright and beautiful, fancy and frilly. The big fat Indian wedding is an obsession that has only gained momentum over decades of evolution. With changing times and more luxurious approaches to life, the concept of destination wedding is ruling the roost in ushering in love and celebrating unions. While international destinations like Lake Como remain out of bounds for us common people, there’s no reason to despair yet. Because even our own country is home to numerous such sceneries worth raving about. Check out these 10 places where you can rejoice in the luxury of a perfect destination wedding even in India-


The go to party destination for enthusiastic revelers and holidayers, Goa resides also in a spirit that celebrates love and romance as much as it does sprite and zest. The many magnificent beaches that dot the Goan landscape makes this tourist hotspot also a popular destination wedding choice in India.

In its sparkling sands and enticingly blue waters, Goa nurtures a romance that is spirited yet endearing. Abundant with a bounty of nature’s beauty and verdancy, Goa is anyway a treat to the eyes. And with picturesque wedding setups and the fun and frolic of the celebrations, there isn’t any reason why Goa should not absolutely be the preferred choice for couples willing to tie the knot.

There’s a certain nonchalance about the Goa air that renders it instantly the best among Indian places to ring in festivities and herald new beginnings. And a look at any Goa wedding gallery will utterly convince you of the charm that this dream haven delivers to everything it fosters. Dreamy beach weddings of the kind envisioned in fantasy and in fiction are a splendid reality that comes to life in all of the love that Goa’s surreal landscape entails.

Everything about Goa is so high on verve and vibrancy that you don’t really need any fancy planning to execute the wedding of your dreams. Goa weddings are a fusion of the contemporary and the classic, which means your wedding album will be one replete in aesthetics and allure. If you want to have a wedding that you will fondly remember for your entire lifetime, then Goa is the place to be to say “I do”!


The City of Lakes and the crown jewel of the magnificent state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is many emotions in one. In its ancient castles and its sprawling modern palaces, the city is one that dwells in absolute luxury. The enchantment pervading the Udaipur splendor is one that is a refined mix of the richest elements of culture and heritage, brought together by a sheer love of being appealing to the senses.

udaipur destination wedding in India
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For all those romantic souls who seek lavishness even in love, Udaipur is the perfect pick for a destination wedding in India. Whether it be the grandeur of the royal aura or the seeping warmth of its splendid hospitality, you will fall in love with this Rajasthani havelock of opulence.

There are a number of factors that make Udaipur a hot favorite among couples ready to take the plunge. Easily accessible and uniquely exclusive, Udaipur will make you fall in love one more time! The fairly tale like charisma that inhibits the regal legacy of the city is all the sureality you need to venture into the confines of this wonderfully majestic land for the experience of a lifetime.

Kerala Backwaters

A not so obvious pick for those who want to go offbeat and venture into lands lesser wedded on is God’s very own country Kerala. More specifically, the Kerala Backwaters is exactly the place you need to visualise if you want a wedding steeped in the extravagance of simplistic indulgence.

Tranquility runs deep and divine through the scenic Kerala backwaters, lined by coconut palm trees and meandering through expanses of the most picturesque lakes and lagoons that is the ultimate indulgence for your soul. In its misty air and the most pristine of greenery, the Kerala backwaters is a sight to behold even in all its simplicity. Imagine then the stature of beauty it heralds as being a wedding destination replete with all the razzle-dazzle of ceremonies. There’s no place like Kerala to ring in a lifetime of conjugal bliss amidst its calm and contented settings. Be it some houseboat residing in otherworldy charm or just the mere enamorment of its serenity, Kerala truly is #lovegoals.


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If a wedding by the lake is on your mind, then you don’t always need to turn to Lake Como for your rendezvous. Closer home in India the picturesque Lavasa city will satiate your spirits with equal splendor. A planned hill station- in fact India’s first, Lavasa abounds in natural wonders of lakes and waterfalls, majestic mountains and attractive architecture that will make your wedding no less dreamy than any of the filmi style ones the world is forever going gaga about.

There’s a certain peace permeating this town near Pune even when it allures with all its finery and majesty. Extravagant to easy going, laidback to luxurious- Lavasa lets you lather your wedding with customisations. In its many shores or in its abundant highlands Lavasa’s lush expanse serves it well in being one of the most off- centric wedding destination in India. Lavasa might be unheard of yet it is truly deserving of all the adulation it commands.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Incredible blue skies, white sandy shorelines, entrancing waters, mesmerising views- sounds so much like Goa, right? It indeed does but in the Indian faraway trenches there exists another exotic holiday destination that doubles also as a picturesque wedding destination in India. A natural havelock nestled in some extravagance of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are your date with everything fancy. But if you want to venture out of dates and into lifelong commitment, then this Indian union territory is equally a venue to get bowled over as well.

In its ambient confines and larger than life experience, this group of islands can be your best bet to enter into wedlock with the soulmate of your dreams. A coastal paradise that nestles the most idyllic of beaches and also the most luxurious of resorts, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands encompasses romance in its heart and soul. Breezy winds, calm surroundings, turquoise waters- you can’t really go wrong with your wedding in this haven nestled along India’s Bay of Bengal.

Sun- kissed shore lines and wind grazed palms, there’s nothing understated about this place that behests exquisity in its every spot. Just the perfect picture postcard settings and the breathtaking glory of its natural endowments make Andaman and Nicobar Islands one of the most beautiful wedding destinations ever!


The erstwhile city of the Nizams, does Hyderabad need do any more assertion of its luxury? In fact ever since the Taj Falknuma Palace has been developed as a wedding destination superseding its previous title of being the private palace of the Nizam, the appeal and grandeur of this city as a destination wedding venue in India has been unparalleled.

In its history and majesty, Hyderabad is fitting to be a place celebrating the valour of love. The city of pearls, a luxurious wedding experience in this Indian city is a gleaming affair, with the glitz and glamour of the erstwhile royalty and its undying legacy. In its indulgent ease and its awe inspiring grandiose, Hyderabad nestles a spirit of unabated warmth that translates effectively into celebration relationships. No wonder tying the knot in one of the many charming avenues that dot Hyderabad is a fulfillment to cherish in all its fusion of the old and the new. Any Hyderabadi wedding is a truly regal affair, with all that splendid aura and enticing food.


Overtaking the list of destination wedding venue in India is once again the southern state of Kerala with Kovalam as the catchphrase. Steeped in peace and serenity, in sparkles and in the greens, Kovalam is an offbeat destination wedding pick even with the trademark Kerala fare. It’s indeed marvellous that the one time sleepy village is now emerging as a coveted destination for tying knots and ushering in new beginnings with grand celebrations.

The locational advantage that being nestled around the majestic Arabian Sea grants Kovalam has quite worked to the advantage of this divine retreat that is as picturesque a destination to indulge in even when you seek comfort in its verdancy. With the sea waves playing fiddle and the gentle sea breeze caressing your love seeped souls, a romantic association in Kovalam is a blessing in disguise. Extensively lined with coconut trees, the Kovalam beach is every inch a traveler’s paradise and a romantic’s fantasy.

The Arabian Sea beckoning with its limitless expanse as you seek some belonginess in the majestic coastline is an once in a lifetime affair worth lived. In the sheer simplicity of its magic and the beauty of its pristinity, Kovalam beach is the perfect destination for couples to usher in a lifetime of unadulterated happiness!


Weddings in India has been a prominently holy affair. Behind all the legions of celebrations and ceremonies rest rituals that are demanded to be carried out in extreme certainity. Appeasing the Gods and the Goddesses is of tremendous importance and what better way to seek divine blessings than in some place that is the very abode of the Gods?

In its emerging prospect as a venue for destination wedding in India, Rishikesh has seen the spurt of luxurious resorts and hotels. But even otherwise you don’t really need much arrangement to wed in this place unto which spirituality is abundantly free flowing. Whether you choose to tie the knot on the banks of the holy Ganga or under the clear blue skies with the majestic Himalayas as the backdrop, entering into wedlock in Rishikesh is a richly spiritual affair to engage in. Immensely sanctifying and equally gratifying, a Rishikesh wedding should be definitely on your cards if you are either the devout devotee or the ardent offbeater wandering on a path less treaded.


If you think decades of strife and violence have rendered this Heaven on Earth utterly unsuitable for divine unions, then you are so wrong. Kashmir is a land of unparalleled beauty and remains steeped in a certain charm that renders it no less than a heaven. What’s most enticing about choosing Kashmir as the venue for your destination wedding is that this place in India is home to perhaps the most welcoming local folks on earth. Stemming from its humble existence, Kashmir and its people are a delight to behold, both in their beauty and in their sheer magnanimity.

Everything about Kashmir is so poetic that you can wax eloquently about it over and over again. In its green meadows and greener patterns, glittering sunny ethereality or its vast snowy expanses, Kashmir will make your wedding escapade a blissfully scenic extravaganza. Abundant pretty blossoms, boatfuls of colorful flowers, ancient style architecture, rich aesthetic taste and the peace pervading the Kashmir environs will render you so at peace with yourself that you glow incandescent with nature on the most important day of your life.

Perfect weather, congenial locals, breezy aura, pretty houseboats, swaying shikaras, the overall striking scenery- Kashmir’s every element is so soaked with romanticism that nowhere on earth will you find a wedding destination as perfect as Kashmir. Add to this the authentic Kashmiri experience in its lip smacking food and the soul warming hospitality and you can bet that your wedding flourish will be the talk of the town for years and years to come.


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If you want your wedding to be the perfect visual spectacle albeit with doses of celebratory surprises and the like, then Nashik should be on your dream destination list. Nashik’s famous vineyards add all the intoxicating spectacle you would like your D day to be so resplendent in. And it isn’t just the beauty that these sprawling acres of drunken elation endow to your celebrations that make Nashik such a preferred venue for destination wedding in India. Celebrating with wine crafted right out of the backyards of these green pastures is the way to go feasting about the most important event of your life. It’s only apt that this city dubbed as the wine capital of India churns out the most refreshing brew to mark such a grand occasion in the grandest way possible. Cheers to marital bliss!