Blankets of a better built


There’s nothing more accurately defining of the expectations of a good life than a nice warm blanket snuggling you all up in the ultimate comfort of warmth. And while blankets aren’t necessarily or exclusively catering to the teeth chattering characteristics of winter, they tend still to be a special privilege of that time of the year. Or the entire year indeed in regions forever under the charms or chagrins- as you might please- of the cold weather. There exists a wide many types and styles and kinds of blankets in what regards their material or pattern or weave or what not. But there still would be some specific specs of them that make certain blankets more resident in the warm vibes of any categorisation. Here’s blanket unbanning some of them more precious picks-


A very pretty looking ‘blanket’, if one might call them that, the Afghan more often than not serves as a decorative item on chairs or couches. But it also serves as effectively to deliver that essence of warmth that you would expect out of such a textile of crocheted or knitted being. With wool or some other natural material making up these sometimes shawl- like as well warmers of sort, Afghans might in fact be one of the more aesthetic elements decking up homes even in their sufficiently warming embrace.

Much curiously though, Afghans are just one of the many types of crocheted blankets that exist. The distinction of their identity is an alluding to their ‘lineage’ stemming from the country of Afghanistan, where they frequently decked up premises with their catchy colorfulness. Even then though, Afghans can embody a wide range of different styles within their single characterisation.

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Equally striking in the mention of their names as the mile-a-minute or the join-as-you-go afghans for instance, or the much distinctive graphghan instead, even as more ordinary mentions of the single piece or a motif afghan too tend to be as pretty takes on warmth, this Afghan style of the blanket surely makes for one fancy way of cosying up in winters. In their beginnings though, these Afghans tended to emerge out of the technique of joining granny squares or other motifs together evolving through the times to take on a more dynamic character.

Turkish Blanket

If nationalities are standards by which blankets assume characteristic significance, then it surely is the exoticness of all things Turkish that finds expression also in this cove or warmth. With the namesake variety of cotton making up these soft and surprisingly rather warm blankets in also a special technique of them, Turkish blankets are indeed an amazing way to jazz up those cold days. Durable and eco friendly, apart being versatile options in both decor and functionality, these lightweight picks rest in the identity of traditional tasselled fringes lining up both of its short ends.

Due to them being made from Turkish cotton that emerges as extra long and thin spins of fibre and in a tight and flat weave of them, these blankets also possesses such properties of being quick drying even when they do not get dirty as fast in the first place. As elegant and delightful presences of the trademark Turkish luxury doing up your home, these blankets have more than the physical ploy of ultimate comfort working out wonders for themselves.

Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere Blanket
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The ever so luxurious, esteemed identity of the cashmere being what does up the appeal of the namesake blanket, it is only easy to understand why this particular make of the winter essential is so precious a treasure of each bearing. Almost a wool, even when not so still, cashmere already is one of the more unique fibres to play with. Lighter than most ‘traditional’ wools yet much, much warmer than them all, cashmere makes for some of the finest blankets anywhere in the world. Their innate residing in the most esteemed alleys of quality also makes cashmere blankets as aesthetic a sensation to arouse ideas of the decorative- or of luxe decor most prominently conjuring up thus the essence of the hygge feel in its most sublime realisation.

Sherpa Blanket

Like Turkish blankets, sherpa blankets too are named after the material of their make though they do not reside in the additional element in representing an entire national identity. It instead is a particular people of Nepal that the Sherpa fabric stands for in alluding to the type of cloth of their wearing. A synthetic material is what makes up these blankets, also therefore referred to as faux sheepskin or faux shearling blankets which however is very distinct a uniquety in itself.

Sherpa blankets emerge as different in its projecting of two rather distinct sides-textured fleece on one hand and smooth suede on the other. And much like a sufficiently good blanket needs to, Sherpa blankets do indeed stand up to those ideals of being cosily warm and yet comfortably light at the same time. Low maintenance as well while being also a cheaper option in that arena is what makes sherpa blankets tick more assertively the right boxes when it comes to effectiveness. Soft and warm alright but also residing in the lesser found essence of breathability, these blankets make for a sound residing in the utter coils of comfort across every single fiber of its basis.

Sleeved Blanket

A blanket that takes after its form in name, the sleeved blanket made for a rather deserving addition to the pile of blankets when it emerged in the late 1990s. Dubbed the Slanket then as a very obvious portmanteau of the essence it incorporated, this today is defining of a body length blanket with attached sleeves that one can indeed very much ‘wear’. Only that it needs to be worn backwards but nevertheless acquiring even in its out of the ordinary character a relevance that has made it a pop culture phenomenon. Obviously functional even in its quirk, accompanied even by the additional advantage of not having to struggle to let go that cuddle of warmth, the sleeved blanket manifests today in a wide many number of brands and under as many labels accruing indeed out of its eccentric convenience.


To call a razai a blanket would not be the most accurate description of the nature of this traditional South Asian warmer. In itself, the razai classifies as a definite entity of its own. But consider the notion of its usability being adhering to that premise in covering the human body to protect it from cold- even some of the harshest experiences of them and this ethnic specimen of exquisite craftsmanship is one quite quilt like indeed.

Some cotton wool stuffed in a cover of silk or velvet or even cotton makes up the rather humble razai which however affords all luxury of warmth in considerably cold climes of what characterise winter in many a countries of the region. The maintenance of them is a considerable task though but one that is intriguing enough to have an entire seasonal ‘industry’ build up around this requirement.

Chenille Blanket

So commonly occurring is the description in decorative and warmth on the blanket horizon that it might even be mandatory for blankets to be at least as pretty as they are purposeful. And chenille blankets so adequately adheres to this steeping in dual perfection that makes them one of the more coveted picks available in the market. Named after the material of their make, the very mention of which is evocative of the soft, fuzzy feel of a caterpillar, chenille blankets are one of the softest you can chance upon.

Opulent in their velvety texture and stylish as well in their display, chenille blankets might come at quite a price. In other aspects of consideration though, they tend to be available in such options that can differently suit different fancies making them an easy choice in home decor as well. High end and luxurious and as impeccably serving of the more integral purpose expected out of them, this is a blanket option much interesting indeed.

Waffle Blanket

Perhaps the only blanket in our list to make it on the grounds of its patterned weave, the waffle blanket is a roundup of two of the finer pursuits of life- the comfort of warmth compounded by the indulgence in food, waffles for instance. A very apt name indeed backing up the slightly hollow, tiny squares characterising the visage of the blanket all over, these waffle weaves churn out the peculiarity of being a thick blanket rolled out to emerge as a thinner one. Warm enough when the weather demands yet surprisingly comfortable even in events not calling so much upon the chills to pass therefore as an all weather veteran, these striking to the look servings of much light weightedness live up indeed to all their residing in the delightful scape of the popular breakfast food.