All the different types of combs to style your hair

types of combs

One of the most basic and essential tools of personal grooming, that which however does not acquire much attention, combs are indispensible to everyone. Whether you use it regularly to help your hair maintain their place or occasionally to experiment with a wide range of styles or essentially in maintaining the health of your tresses and the prim image of you, a comb is an equipment unparalleled. Ladies use them with elan to emerge as head turners, men use them also as dedicatedly to flaunt their bearded look. No wonder in their versatility, combs need to encompass much more of our attention than they already do. With a range of different types catering specifically to diverse needs, combs also can encompass a world of wonder within themselves. Here’s all you need to know about the different types of this hair styling essential to come across as the absolute hairy head-

All-Purpose Comb

The most common types of combs obviously since they tend to be all purpose, these are sturdy tools that take care of basic hair styling needs. From helping you ease out the mess your head is after you wake up or even in letting you rush out with just a few combs down the length, all purpose combs are part of our everyday essentials. Designed such that they work on all hair types, these combs also come with sections of both wide and fine teeth all in one place to ensure that they meet virtually every hair demand. Sturdy as well, all purpose combs definitely are what we have grown up with all our life before we realised the need of having specific sets of combs to cater to our specific hair styling needs.

Wooden Comb

different types of combs wooden
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A classification of combs based on the material of its make is the wooden types. Better for hair health than the more commonly used plastic ones, wooden combs therefore leave your hair naturally nourished. From easy and even distribution of natural oils throughout the scalp to gliding gently through the hair strands that thereby increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth, wooden combs work wonders if you want to style your hair naturally. Besides, in also inhibiting such hair problems as dandruff and breakages by working its natural wonders on your tresses, wooden combs might in fact be the best types to regularly comb your hair with.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Wide-Tooth Comb
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Evident in their very name, wide tooth combs are those that come with wide spaces between the teeth of them, thereby ensuring hassle free detangling of hair through combing. Specially when you need to comb your hair right out of the shower after a shampoo, a wide tooth comb is the exclusive pick since it works gently on brittle and vulnerable wet hair.

Even for folks with that pretty curly mess on their head, wide tooth combs are the types for them. In helping ease out the tangles without corresponding hair breakage, wide toothed combs also thereby end up endowing your hair with some much cherished natural bounce. Also for hair that has been subject to such chemical treatments that professional hair styling comes redolent in, the gentle strokes of a wide toothed comb can help ensure that your hair does not give away to the harsh effect of such chemicals.

Fine-Tooth Comb

Lying on the other extreme of the comb spectrum than wide tooth combs are the fine teeth ones. Exquisitely suited for styling in their finer bristles that which help manage your hair impeccably, these types of combs however are not good options for hair that has not been rendered smooth first through regular brushing. With its close set of teeth, a fine toothed comb works particularly well on straight hair and helps to keep it all in one place perfectly. It however can be quite a task to let such a comb go through the lengths of an extremely thick range of hair since its finer teeth can tend to break off under such heavy impact. Otherwise however, for an extremely neat look that makes you prim and proper in an instant, fine toothed combs really see no veritable competition.

Rake Comb

Named so because their teeth tends to resemble a rake, rake combs come with a set of really thick teeth that also are spaced extremely wide apart. An extra wide toothed comb therefore, rake combs are particularly suited for such hair that is extremely curly or utterly unmanageable or really thick. In minimising hair loss and easing the hair that combing a head full of unruly hair might cause you, rake types of combs help in straightening out your hair perfectly well before you take to further styling. Convenient and quick in their combing time as well, rake combs are a must for girls blessed with extremely long and/ or thick hair.

Rat Tail Comb

different types of combs Rat Tail
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You know those dainty combs that come equipped also with slim handles? These are what we call rat tail combs or simply tail combs and are such types that helps you nail perfect hairstyles. Specially with the handle that is as functional as it is convenient, tail combs helps achieve the professional flair of seemingly complicative hairstyles as well. The thin and long pointed handle, that which lends it the name rat tail, helps partition and section the hair flawlessly so that you end up with a sleek and stylish hairdo every time just as you desire it.

Additionally the finer teeth of the comb also makes it appropriate for backcombing of hair while parting the hair in a super straight line or a really defined zigzag path is rendered easier by the ability of the pointy handle’s minute attention to detail. What’s more, as a styling tool the rait tail comb also effectively helps you deconstruct elaborate looks. With again the versatility of the handle at work, rat tail combs can prove easy tools to pluck the numerous pins and clips that helps secure nuanced hairstyles with ease and convenience.

Pin Tail Comb

If however even the versatility of the rat tail falls short of meeting your style expectations, you have the even finer pin tail combs to your rescue. With a handle that is even thinner and finer, pin tails help in sectioning hair with even finer attention to every single strand of hair to put in place a look that is nothing short of perfect. Especially when working with intricate hairstyle where even a single stray strand can completely ruin the look, pin tail combs work wonders with their precision and perfection.

Also in helping create such hairstyles that demand the creation of volume and in such cases as well when you set out to achieve a head of colored mane, pin tails are as indispensable equipment for both. Starting with smoothing out the hair with the teeth of the comb before setting out to work with a range of styles through the slick metal handle, pin tail combs are every hair stylist’s precious possession.

Pick Comb

different types of combs Pick Comb
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Pick combs, also called hair picks are the types of styling equipments that help to create really diverse looks with your hair. Popular also as afro combs because they help achieve quite an afro look by styling your hair such, pick combs look similar to rake combs except that they come with teeth that are not as broad and as widely placed as the former. While they are used for such ends that involve lifting or separating the strands of thick or frizzy hair, hair picks also are used exclusively as styling tools to add “waves” to the hair. Flat and square shaped, pick combs also come with harder and longer teeth suited for such purposes. Also in lending volume to hair while effectively detangling it sans the damage, pick combs present themselves as rather good cases in hair styling.

Lice Comb

Lice Comb
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No matter how much we might cringe at the very mention of lices, it’s inevitable that these tiny pesky pests would have made their way to our hair at some point of time. And to drive away the nuisance that lices can prove to be, we have the lice combs to engage in one of the most effective means of driving them away- combing. The long, fine teeth of such types of combs are a custom suit to drive lices and their eggs away. By running the comb effectively from the roots of the hair to its tips after you have wet your tresses is a tried and tested method of shooing these nasty intruders away from your hair, which however clean or thin or light colored can still find place of prominence on your head.

Barber Comb

These are the types of combs that find use with barbers to cut hair without getting too close to the head. Specially for men, barber combs are handy since they help prevent cuts to the scalp even when the hair needs to be cut really short. With sections of wide and fine teeth built in along a single comb, these are used to cut hair in the clipper over hair technique to ensure not just protection to the head but also in getting a cut that is uniform throughout the length of the hair. Also available in tapered shapes that which help achieve blend and fade haircuts, barber combs are styling tools in their most basic usage.

Pocket Comb

Combs that are small enough to fit in your pocket, while being fully functional so that you can do any last minute or emergency touch ups even on the go, pocket combs are picks that help you stay put with your hairstyle irrespective of where you are. From basic combing of your hair to look as presentable as can be to making sure your meticulously done up hairstyle stays in place and looks as gorgeous as you had meant it to be, pocket combs are one of the most handy types of hair equipment you should always, absolutely carry on you.

Horn Comb

Horn Combs types

Taking their name from the material of which they find a make, horn combs are combs from the horns of some animals. Handcrafted from buffalo, sheep, or ox horns that come with a host of medicinal properties, horn combs find favor today over plastic or even metal combs. In their natural essence that which stem from animals, horn combs are almost therapy for the hair and head. Effectively therefore, combing your hair with one of these already is putting you one step forward in flaunting a well styled mane since healthy and gorgeous hair is ultimately what makes every hairstyle stand out. From helping distribute the natural oils in the scalp to the hair roots to easing out frizz and dryness because there is no static charge involved, horn combs come across as natural combing technique for beautiful hair.