Feelings Each One of Us Associate With Navaratri

Navaratri,  or as popularly known The Nine Divine Nights, is a nine day long festival dedicated to worshipping the nine forms of Goddess Shakti . Songs and dances are a perfect accompaniment of the nine days of worship and fun. Navaratri are of two types- Chaitra Navaratri and Sharad Navaratri. The former one is celebrated in the months of March and April and the later one is celebrated in the months of September and October. However, Sharad Navaratri is one which is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur. People keep fasts and eat light meals during those nine days as a mark of respect towards the Goddess. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that once the demon Mahisasura asked Goddess Durga to marry her after being awestruck with her divine beauty. The Goddess challenged him to fight with her and agreed that if the demon is able to defeat Her, She will heed his wishes. So, the fight went on for nine days and Goddess Durga killed Mahisasura on the tenth day which came to be known as Vijaya Dashami.

We are all engulfed with these five kinds of feelings during the nine day long festival-

Do Women Even Earn Such Respect in India As Portrayed During Navaratri?

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Yes, I am sure , every lady would surely be feeling whether the role of a female has ever been appreciated as it should have been. Everyday when we scroll through the newsfeeds or listen to the daily news on TV, we come across reports of some kind of harassment faced by some lady in a corner of the country. We are also requested to keep fasts and follow certain rituals to pray to each of the nine forms of Goddess Shakti during each of those nine days. It only makes us question the irony of the actual situations prevailing with women in the country today. If the Female Power is really worshipped with so many complex kinds of rituals, why some people regret the birth of a girl child in our country? Why are they subject to so much ignorance and harassment in society? The overall significance of Navaratri is about respecting the role of women in society. In order to show devotion towards the Supreme Mother Goddess, we should first due appreciation and respect to the women in this planet.

What To Wear During the Nine Festive Days?

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Another of our daily mind battles becomes much fiercer though during the nine days of Navaratri. In a literal sense , our wardrobe seems to be in a period of malfunction during those days. We are like, “I will look best with this garment than that other guy/girl in the dance venue” or “What if I am the worst dressed in the entire dance venue?”  We are bombarded by questions on the ways to fix our hairdos, finding suitable kinds of accessories in accordance with our garments and the list might seem to go on and on …. Sometimes , it so happens that the expensive clothes we brought solely for Navaratri becomes boring and out-of-fashion.But fret not, just slip into garments signifying each colour code of Navaratri for each of the nine days.  (The colour code for first day is red, second day is blue, third day is yellow, fourth day is green, fifth day is grey, sixth day is orange, seventh day is white, eighth day is pink and ninth day is light blue). Clothes, accessories and make up should be donned according to your choices. After all, fashion is all about bringing our creative choices into life. It should be something of our own wishes and should not be done in a way that forcefully enables us to fit into the rule books of others.

Will I Become a Laughing Stock If I Cannot Dance Properly?

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Relax guys. Navaratri is a festival and not a dance competition. So certainly it should be celebrated with the festive spirit- merrily and freely. Festivals are after all a time to let our hair down and mingle with our loved ones when we get some time off our hectic work schedules. So you should not take the ’totally unnecessary’ tension of whether you will become a laughing stock among the Navaratri dance crowd. After all, not every person in the crowd is a dance expert and has just come to enjoy the festival of Navaratri with their loved ones. Just let the roaring music seep into your veins and dance away the night as you please.

How Longer To Feel Those Attacking Hunger Pangs?

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During the nine days of Navaratri, our mouth waters so badly when we feel the delicious smell of chicken wafting from a nearby food stall or restaurant and would like to devour the chocolate cake we came across while scrolling through Instagram.  Apart from religious reasons, it has been scientifically proven that our immunity is low during this period and our body is more prone to sickness . So fasting is a good way of detoxifying our body. However, you can relish the goodness of fruits , vegetables , dairy products, legumes and pulses , dry fruits, fox nuts , buckwheat flour and sago during this period.

How Blissful Are The Festivities?

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Navaratri is a time when our surroundings becomes alive with unimaginable lights like a starry wonder and the streets dispels away every kind of negative vibes with the sounds of music. Moreover, the sights of autumn season along with the festive vibes simply make this festival worth a fun-filled one. Navaratri also make us doubled with joy because of the approach of Diwali, the festival of lights.

Happy Navaratri, folks. Enjoy!